New forum!

The old forum wasn´t used at all so now I´ll try another round with PhpBB instead to see if there´s any interest. I´ll give it some months then it will be removed if there´s no activity. The link can be found on the left. Click it! Designed a new header too. Sorry Chronic Sick if I made you uglier then you really where :(.

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  1. “I won’t pay for Punk records” – yo sure, Peter ;-)

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    That´s me in a nutshell!

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The Windows users of this site must’ve been confused about the new header image since they haven’t been able to see it until now.

  4. Anadæ says:

    Julien Hechtinger from The Mad! Please say, “Hey, Eric! I remember you!”, and you’ll’ve made my day, week, maybe even month. How goes it? ( :-)}

  5. Anadæ says:

    Erm, uhm, I had meant “Hechtlinger”, sorry. I’m not so nimble as Jack is. ( :-)}

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