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Disco Zombies – Drums over London 7″

Aaah! The artwork for Disco Zombies second release is one of the best, if not THE best artworks done in the history of punk rock. The scanning don’t do it justice, but no matter what, this is the way to … Continue reading

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Hangover – Goodbye/Sick society 7″

How is it even possible that these youngsters managed to write such a dreadful piece of shit as Goodbye when they were capable of writing killers as Sick Society? And what the hell were they thinking of when they paired … Continue reading

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The Shades – Ward And June Never Understood… E.P. 12″

Thank you Chris Renna! Without you I would never known how great this forgotten gem is. Chris had Nova Lust as a mystery track at his trading site: Nova Lust well words can hardly describe what a total blaster, killer … Continue reading

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Cyklon B – Kris/ En grogg till 7″

Two amazing tracks with loads of fuck you attitude and more venom in the lyrics than a Death Adder makes this a killer among killers. The singer sounds like a pissed off member from the steel union and the lyrics … Continue reading

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New forum!

The old forum wasn´t used at all so now I´ll try another round with PhpBB instead to see if there´s any interest. I´ll give it some months then it will be removed if there´s no activity. The link can be … Continue reading

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