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Four Mandarines – Silver son Johnnie/Ease my pain 7″

OK, I don’t think this is the greatest record ever released, but it’s THE FIRST SWEDISH PUNK RECORD so I thought it might as well be worth a post no matter what. In my opinion it’s a bit too much … Continue reading

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Frantix – S/T E.P. 7″

Been on the re-post list for a long time so at last here it is. First published on March the 25th 2006. Added new scans and high quality rips of all the songs. More famous for their “My Dad’s A … Continue reading

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Horrorcomic – S/T 7″

You may’ve seen sleeves with kids wearing leather jackets with studs on. Pet your dick/pussy if someone told you a punk is someone with a mohawk. All this is so wrong. The REAL punx(note: it’s spelled PUNX not PUNKS) looked … Continue reading

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Epidemi – Haftig brud/ AB Svensson 7″

Oh yes! Dig that groovy organ, the sweet melodies and the catchy hand claps! With this post you can make your own 6 songs mix tape of the best Swedish pop punk 7 inches ever. The 2 previously posted are … Continue reading

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