Meat Puppets – S/T E.P. 7″

If I have to choose one Hardcore record to bring with me to an abandon squat this is the one. It represent everything I used to like about the faster version of punk rock: inventiveness, speed and for that matter some rawness. And there’s plenty of rawness. So much I first thought the recording volume was too high when I ripped it. Why this 7″ haven’t been voted into the hall of fame of those classic HC 7″ like Koro, DRI, Minor Threat or Rebel Truth is a complete mystery. Or maybe it isn’t considering the look of the sleeve and the original take on HC found in the grooves.

Knocked on the first round by In A Car. Cool. Next. Big House starts with an umpa umpa beat that makes you believe you’re in for another knock out. You are but not in the way you thought. The wacky guitar melody on Out In The Gardener puzzled me as hell when I tried to play it myself. It was before I’ve gotten into bands like Yes, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant and Univers Zero. 

Later Meat Puppets wasn’t this fun though their first LP is recommended. 

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Meat Puppets

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: World Imitation
Format: 7″
In A Car.mp3
Big House.mp3
Dolphin Field.mp3
Out In The Gardener.mp3
Foreign Lawns.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Fucking classic record! They were a wild bunch back then…crazy as fuck live.

  2. hdvns says:

    Your description of this record is right on. An absolute killer from start to finish! I think most people forget about it because they went on to different things later in their career. Arizona produced plenty of weird and interesting bands.

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    Arizona had Mighty Sphincter…that was weird shit. I suppose I would have been in a weird band if my brain was melted in the hot desert sun! Hahahaha

  4. I don’t know how many times I saw this slab and / or tried to get into it. Never could. Why oh why?

  5. justin says:

    Wow, Peter on of the few records you have posted that I actually own. I posted it a while back, and really agree with what you’ve said. At the same time I don’t think I could limit it to just one record to take to my “abandoned squat”, but this is definately one of my favorites in my collections. You know it’s funny because to my ears there is a little bit of the Meat Puppets in the Raped Teenagers. Am I dreaming? My next post after the MP’s was RT’s, Thanx for the post sir.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Justin, you’re comment got stuck among the spam. The filter can be a bit tuff sometimes when there’s links in them.

    No you’re absolutely right that you can hear some MP influences in Raped T. Both I and Packe(TV Eye // Drummer) loved this record.

    Sure I have a hard time limit myself to one record too :).

    I didn’t knew you’ve posted it. I’ll put a link to your post into this one!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    You have to make up your mind Erich! From the Mustard Relics MP post:”Love it. Love you all, in an obscene way.” ha ha.

  8. justin says:

    I have the same problem with my filter, I forget about putting in too many links. You didn’t have to link me up, now that I think about it, it was kind of shameless to link myself up. In case people didn’t want to come check my shit out, I did want to pass on this link, , to some early (and later) Meat Puppets live recordings. Thanx for your time.

  9. “You have to make up your mind Erich! From the Mustard Relics MP post:”Love it. Love you all, in an obscene way.” ha ha.”

    Haha, guess the emphasis here was in the obscene love I felt at the moment.
    Seriously: The mp3 files shred, but I must own it first on vinyl, let it acclimate a bit and then I’m sure I’ll love it in a true sense. And yes, the RT comparison sounds good! Right on Justin!

  10. behjan says:

    the “abandoned squat” thing would be a nice future discussion,maybe someone would start a blog named “One record for your abandoned squat”
    For as a start I would declare mine the one of THE NOTHING from NYC-too bad I do not have this…

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Fair enough Bejhan but what HARDCORE record would you bring with you to the squat :)?

    If had to choose a punk record I think I’ll go with Nasty Nasty by 999.

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    I would bring Heart Attack “God is Dead” 7″…I still play the shit out of it. Off to the squat I go.

  13. jimichirri says:

    this is one of the greatest hardcore records ever!!!!!. i’ve got a copy with a hand drawned picture, probably by one of the meat puppets. the first album is really good too.

  14. Paul C says:

    I 1st heard this on John Peel in late ’81. He played In A Car and Big House. I was 14 and drop jawed. I bought it from Bullet Records via mailorder. In the same package I got In God We Trust, Making Room For The Youth and I think, Dead Cities!!! Nothing sounds like In A Car, I especially love the last chord of Foreign Lawns where the distortion gets turned off. How many of these were pressed? A copy went on ebay for £15 recently which sounds a bargain to me. Chuck Dukowski cites it as the 1st true hardcore record. There was a youtube Meat Puppets practice session including In A Car, it was, as you can imagine…insane. They never played those early tracks the same twice! Truly unique, up there with the 1st Peni EP.

  15. Micah says:

    Love this record!! That distortionless chord at the end of Foreign Lawns sounds very similar to the end of Pay To Cum,wonder if it was intentional?

  16. Nathan G says:

    This the best HC 7″ I have ever heard!!!!

  17. Chano says:

    This is one of the true classics of USHC. I remember when i got the first 12″ at age 12. I had a real hard time to get into it. It took me a couple of years but then i realized how crazy and far out this band was. Then, several years later, i got a copy of this little piece of insanity (it’s the reissue on SST, though) and it got me totally floored! I mean: This is so crazy and out of this world it defies the principles of music. I guess that they were REALLY zonked out, otherwise i can’t understand how a human being could conceive such a barrage of lysergic fury. Some selected copies came with a hand drawn insert. I know an italian guy who owns one.

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