The Numbers – S/T E.P. 7″

First published on April the 5th 2006. Added more scans and high quality rips of all the songs.

Their first and best release. Not to be confused with The Numbers that later became The Riptides. Look at the sleeve!!!! I just love those typography rich sleeves and add to that a nice textured paper. The things I’ve heard post this release is a little too soft and the energy is gone. Too bad cause this 7″ is a KILLER record and promised a lot. From Sydney/Australia.

Country: Australia
Year: 1979
Label: Local Label
Format: 7″
Govt. Boy.mp3
Private Eyes.mp3

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  1. urs says:

    great powerpop song,from this unknow aussie band,thanx for this song for my ipod,also great you guys made a great job with this blog,all the best from switzerland,urs

  2. Wow, awesome riffing and guitar sound!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael says:

    I heard Govt. Boy on a comp. a while ago. I didn’t know they did anything else and the other two songs are surprisingly good. Thanks

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Great, great, great!

  5. ian says:

    Great post – nice to get a bit of Aussie content happening here! Any chance of posting the seemstwice 7″? I can’t find my tape of it & would love a listen…The Numbers went onto become a pretty dull pop band…have heard a rumour that their guitarist lives only a few kms away from me here in northern NSW. Hmmm – after much deliberation I will be a pedantic bastard & point out that its Sydney, not Sidney…sorry couldn’t help it!

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    The Seems Twice 7″ is already posted.

  7. Thanks Ian I’ll correct the spelling. I have no problems with people being anal about it ;).

    And as Jay sez. The Seems Twice 7″ has been posted here a couple of months ago. Just do a search for it.

  8. behjan says:

    the SEEMS TWICE 7″ep still remains one of my fave´s
    from Oceania (beside a few of the already BigName collector-approved ones from Down Under).If someone has the BLACK CHROME 7″ from OZ,a posting would be great though it may be “too soft” to some to appear here ?!
    These THE NUMBERS remind me a bit to Californian
    THE NERVES 1976 single w/ Paul Collins.
    BTW,I was lucky to get a CD-R with one live-show of SEEMS TWICE with almost all their 7″ep songs and others (22x songs in total,”Rockgarden 16 May 1980) -The cover oddly states SEEMS TWICE (&JMM).

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah Behjan, I found that Seems Twice live too on some blog awhile ago. I think it’s taken down since I can’t find the link anymore :(.

    Nothing is too soft for me as long as it’s good. I’ve posted Hormones in action so… ;).

  10. Steve says:

    Nice one from Orstralia! My favorite is ‘private eyes’.

  11. Kenny Nonymous says:

    Superior! What a great record…

  12. MAFFISH says:

    Holy……I freaking love this 7″. I’ve downloaded it from here a long while ago, but it just came up on random on my computer listening device at work, and it’s great! The warehouse guys are enjoying it as well (I supply the music cause I’m in charge and there’s tons of KBD stuff they get exposed to.) I direct them to this site for more info on bands too. Take care…

  13. Nathan.G says:

    Wow! That’s awesome Maffish! Keep up the good work!!

  14. B says:

    So that Private Eyes riff… borrowed by the Hives 20 years later for their biggest hit?

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