Chronic Sick – Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. 12″

I´m sick and I´m bored. Can´t fell more punk then that eh. Only thing that can sheer me up right now is staring at the sleeve of the Chronic Sick 12″. What the hell where they thinking? We just want to offend as many people as possible including all the punks. Those lads could play and make catchy songs and look as if they wanted to get beaten up a lot. A drag queen, a Sid Vicious wannabe with a nicely done swastika on his forehead and bad skin complex, a headbanger with a german/pub band mustache and your average punk. 

Cutest band in Hardcore for sure but to be honest it´s not much HC in here. More on the melodic side of punk and it´s good really good even great. CS lyrics have stirred up some confusion and especially There Goes The Neighborhood. Read it! It´s a piss take at the racist not the other way around as far as I´m concerned.

Don´t forget to take a look at all the extras I´ve scanned. Who wouldn´t like to hire these guys for a family dispute?

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Mutha
Format: 12″
There Goes The Neighborhood.mp3
Dress Code.mp3
Public Suicide.mp3
Man-Rape Blues.mp3
Mucho Macho.mp3
Pain For Profit.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Chronic Sick – Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. 12″

  1. george says:

    simply amazing – fatal rage is great as well

  2. john y says:

    Any chance of the Partners In Crime 12″ being posted?ive looked on the net and cant find it.cheers.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hi John y! Yeah how long have I talked about it? Too long. Along with a trillions of other records/tapes I need to post that one too. Just hold on. Someday it will show up here ha ha.

  4. Christian says:

    Any chance you can re-upload the one chronic sick newspaper article “chronicsick_cutest_press2.jpg” ? It doesn’t work on the site anymore and i’d love to read it.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      It does work Christian. I’m pretty sure you came to the article through some other site trying to “hotlink” which doesn’t work. So now you have to clear your webcache and delete the cookies and then go here again.

  5. punked by GGTG says:

    whatever became of.. ill tell you, busted my amp, stole my bass and kicked me out for being straight. jojo and mikey were bobs bitches cause he was the mad talent. it was fun, though.

  6. Nathan G says:

    Imagine if we had a band with the looks of Chronic Sick and the sounds of The Accused (of Mell Square Musick fame)!!!

  7. RH Bruce says:

    This guys are friends of mine actually, know all of the early Mutha shore core guys – fatal rage – the worst – public disturbance and the guys from “Shrapnel” was a crazy scene back then, I remember the first mosh pit in NJ at “Big Man’s West” in Red Bank – the Worst – Fatal rage and Chronic Sick played (I think was pretty drunk) got shut down by the cops – was hanging out with Mark :mutha” chesney last week – those were crazy days

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