Chronic Sick – Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. 12″

I´m sick and I´m bored. Can´t fell more punk then that eh. Only thing that can sheer me up right now is staring at the sleeve of the Chronic Sick 12″. What the hell where they thinking? We just want to offend as many people as possible including all the punks. Those lads could play and make catchy songs and look as if they wanted to get beaten up a lot. A drag queen, a Sid Vicious wannabe with a nicely done swastika on his forehead and bad skin complex, a headbanger with a german/pub band mustache and your average punk. 

Cutest band in Hardcore for sure but to be honest it´s not much HC in here. More on the melodic side of punk and it´s good really good even great. CS lyrics have stirred up some confusion and especially There Goes The Neighborhood. Read it! It´s a piss take at the racist not the other way around as far as I´m concerned.

Don´t forget to take a look at all the extras I´ve scanned. Who wouldn´t like to hire these guys for a family dispute?

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Mutha
Format: 12″
There Goes The Neighborhood.mp3
Dress Code.mp3
Public Suicide.mp3
Man-Rape Blues.mp3
Mucho Macho.mp3
Pain For Profit.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Chronic Sick – Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. 12″

  1. Finally quality rips. Thanks Peter!!! And fuck you Peter for having this. One of my biggest failures as a longtime collector. Just never took the chance. Fuck me too.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Fuck you for commenting Erich!

  3. Martin says:

    DAMN DAMN DAMN! This is so damn good! If you wanna buy my spare copy you’ll have to have loads of cash Erich…

  4. Daz says:

    Phenomenal lyrics! A band that wasn’t afraid to provoke a reaction. Pure punk in the truest sense.

  5. Ape Mummy says:

    I just read about this record on LDoMoE. That is a badass record cover. Really looking forward to a listen or two.

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    I never bought this because of the record cover. I mean, come on. How could I have actually walked up to the counter with that picture of that retard with the backwards swastica on it??? That would have made me feel really stupid. It was like when I bought the Leaving Trains album…you know the one that says “FUCK” across the front…hahahahaha.

  7. Geoff S says:

    You are great for giving us a good rip of this, AND scans of the inserts. Do you have any other Mutha releases you can rip at this quality, the Fatal Rage record in particular?

  8. dewey decimal says:

    Yeah, post the FATAL RAGE!!!! Killer post, but can’t believe nobody seems to have posted Fatal Rage anywhere. That record breaks skulls.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry lads I don´t have the Fatal Rage LP. Maybe Erich can help us out?

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Next Mutha rip will be the Parners In Crime 12″. Awesome stuff!

  11. Yepp, I will rip Fatal Rage in the near future. Killer record!

  12. malfeitor says:

    I would have been fine with taking it up to a record counter. Getting it in my house would have been the hard part. My parents REALLY hated the punk rock. Good rips of this, Fatal Rage, and Partners In Crime?? Much too kind.

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    I was lucky, I got kicked out of the house when I was 16 for singing “I’m so bored with the USA”. I lived in a garage for 2 years and did whatever I wanted to!! It was “punk rock” mayhem!!

  14. Geoff S says:

    Erich, you rule. The only rip I can find of it SUCKS. Partners in Crime rule

  15. Really great post!
    This band is very good ;)

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    boya comere cho cho ;)

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Una papay coconut

  18. chano says:

    FUCK YEAH ! Listen to this punk rock scorcher , you poor little politically correct jerks !!! :-D

  19. Steve says:

    I’m surprised the “PC” crowd didn’t accuse these guys of being in the Waffen SS.

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    Vamos a la tienda para una comida. Tengo hambre, hombre. Me gusta la piche disco, y tu??? Yo quiero cuatro tacos de carne asada con cilantro. No me gusta pinche frijoles porque yo tengo muchos pedos cuando yo come…viva el punk rock!!!

  21. Ryan says:

    Awesome.. this collection was compiled by myself. I bought the record from Ryan Richardson 5 or so years ago. Then collected the business card and flyers from a former studio tech that worked with Greg Gory on a later recording for a different band. I left the best flyer out of the set before I sold the collection to a friend who placed it on ebay. Here it is.

  22. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks for the additional info Ryan! Send me that flyer please ;).

  23. LHOOQtius says:

    They were from Long Branch, NJ? Holy crap, that explains pretty much everything about this record. Awesome, in that “what the f**k were they thinking” kind of way.

  24. vile76 says:

    This is a great MUTHA RECORDS release, but don’t forget SEND HELP, CHILD ABUSE, THE WORST, THE BURNT, FATAL RAGE, WILD HAIRS and PUBLIC DISTURBANCE… By the way, thanks also for the flyers. Do you have any recordings by THE FAST LANE, SUBURBICIDE, SOCIAL FEAR and CHANGE ??

    Check my blog :

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The Worst 7″ has been posted. Sorry don´t have any of the Fast Lane, Suburbicide, Social Fear or Change.

  26. CS Manager says:

    regarding Chronic Sick, obviously this forum doesn’t really know the band. knows the band. There’s so many rumors about them being great, infamous & not great. No one knows the truth, just gossiping & mental speculation. I’ll answer your questions. Best to ask someone who knows them, then you will know the band. Nice score on the flyers :)

  27. Jay Thurston says:

    My mental speculation would assume that maybe you would tell us about the band. Are they all dead?? Are they members of a church?? Are they drug addicts living on the streets?? Did they realize that they wanted to be rock stars and become a hair metal band?? Just a few questions I had to ask.

  28. CS manager says:

    Thanx Jay for your questions…they are still alive & have recorded their upcoming LP 5 yrs ago…the LP was finally mixed last year & it Rocks!! will be available next month…& they will be performing a 27 yr reunion show this month in the states…

    members of a church? perhaps.

    they all have homes & live thru out the states…& are clean.

    self realization? om rock star om


  29. discoscheissser says:

    Hello Martin,

    I would be interested in buying your (or anyone else that has one for sale or trade)spare copy of the Chronic Sick 12″ , so please write to me ( ) and we can talk about money .
    Thanks .

  30. Eric says:

    Great band.Great songs.Thanks x10,000.

  31. Aaron says:

    Is the reunion show for real? Anyone with any info PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post it. I’ll be your new BFF.

  32. Aaron says:

    I forgot to mention that this is without a doubt the greatest record of all time.

    There isn’t now and won’t ever be anything released by anyone, anywhere, that could possibly even come close to this. If you don’t agree, I recommend you that you stop listening to music altogether because you have no taste.

  33. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I don’t agree so now I stopped listening to music :(.

    Yes the reunions is happening. I’ve promised to do to a post about it the same week the gig takes off together with Kraut.

  34. junkie says:

    The Reunion Show is for real and is TONIGHT!!!

  35. I don’t want reunions, I want a time machine!

    • Jay Thurston says:

      You want reunions…don’t lie. Nothing better than seeing a bunch of old men with ponytails acting like they did 30 years ago. You know you love it, Erich….

  36. jake paranoia says:

    FUCK! someone should boot this so everyone does’nt have to pay $900 to have it on vinyl.

  37. killme says:

    wonder where they´ve gotten the material to do this “fan club” release:

  38. Oeb MadSkull says:

    Great stuff!! A band i have never heard of, finally some “new” stuff to listen to…. Thanx!

  39. CS Manager says:

    Chronic Sick is on a Summer Tour starting August 1st, original lineup…

    • Johnny says:

      What we need is a repress of the records, not reunion shows!

    • Indigesto says:

      Well yes, why not an official rerelease of those impossible to find stuff, perhaps with liner notes and all what the band want include.
      I could be interested in releasing that.
      ps-there´s a guy in italy selling the original 7″ for 450€….

  40. George says:

    I got totally impressed how they are playing solid nowadays.

    Some label should repress the 12″EP and the 7″Ep too.

  41. 1234 says:

    I picked up a copy of the new 12″ at the Gilman Record Swap Sunday. Cool stuff with 12″,7″ and rehearsal tracks.

  42. Chooch says:

    Just saw them in Pittsburgh last night! they were really good.

  43. sicksociety says:

    Definitely an amazing band! I have two extra new unplayed copies of the now out of press white vinyl re-issue. Send me an email if you are interested. I read online that there were 100 pressed on white. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate?

  44. Kenny Nonymous says:

    Excellent stuff!

  45. Richard says:

    I dont know but in my opinion this guys are great…I cant stop listen to this rip…FLAKES brother, thank you so much for this post.
    I really appreciate it.

  46. ari says:

    i have a “chronic sick” that fan club edition…

    chronic sick very very SICK…!!!!!!

  47. Dirk says:

    Great Record. Most demented looking band ever! Had never heard of them when I found the 12″ in Cheap Thrills, Montreal, in the early 90’s. Has a mm size $4 written on one corner. I hate it when people write on records. Their fingers should fall off. Good $4 investment though.

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