M.O.T.O. – Blast Of Silence E.P. 7″

The first release from Swedens Radio Obligato Records is USA’s own Masters Of The Obvious. Paul Caporino who’s been going since 1981 IS M.O.T.O. and he change band members as often as I change fluids with my boyfriend.

I’ve heard a lot about M.O.T.O. but never cared to check him out as I often tend to be disappointed with new bands that get the talk of the town. Last friday I had the chance to experience Mr. Capriano IRL(for you non geeks that’s In Real Life). Fuck it wasn’t that bad at all! He’s in his 50’s and looks like something from a Jean M Auels book. Total neanderthal punker. Quiet entertaining and with a huge and awesome guitar sound the band went through a one hour set with a loads of hits. At home I was even more surprised as soon as Blast Of Silence poped out of my speakers. Fuck me it’s great! A true hit. Driving, tight and yeah I just love Caporinos voice. It’s something dark. I know he’s hiding something. I hear it. He’s not that happy. And I love it. Four songs. One left over: I Used to tell the Truth. But the rest is solid stuff. Very simple but with a twist that get you hooked.

Here’s a 2 song treat for you which will make you wanna head over to: www.radioobligato.com and get yourself a copy. Don’t forget to check out Johans very own podcast while you’re there!

Country: USA
Year: 2007
Label: Savage/Radio Obligato
Format: 7″
Blast Of Silence.mp3
Rock And Roll All Day
I Used To Tell The Truth
Ain’t No Modern Day Robin Hood.mp3

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  1. I visit this site regularity… Is great!
    Thanks for the music

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah and you also download music from here to upload on your own blog. Sweeeet.

  3. JJ says:

    Wow, a record I actually played on featured on KBD Records. It’s a Halloween dream come true.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Blast of Silence is great….

  5. I’m somebody from Chile, I was born in 1983 and my main interest is to spread the hardcore punk music in South America.
    Is almost impossible to find this material in Records Shops here.
    …we all have a right to listen these music shit!

    This site is great, and thanks for SHARE the music.

    pd: thanks 4 visit my blog, and Kriminella Gitarrer is the only vinyl that I’ve downloaded here and uploaded on my humble blog :)

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And Really Red and Psycho and Nukketeatteri and a couple of others. Nothing wrong with spreading rare music but at least you can tell your downloaders WHERE you got it from. Loads of time goes down in ripping, scanning and get it up here you know.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    You´re welcome JJ. Great bass sound!

  8. S Pean says:

    Awesome post Peter!

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thank you Mustard ;).

  10. Erich says:

    this is HORRIBLE! and this was my first iphone comment ever. Peter you need one too, believe!

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ha ha it’s Halloween it’s supposed to be horrible! As a mac fan boy I sure need an iPhone too.

  12. Why does your page display correctly on the iphone and mine doesn’t? Do you have a special plugin installed?

  13. Jay Thurston says:

    “we all have a right to listen these shit music!!”

  14. I’ve download the complete discography of subhumans here


    I’ve download nukketeatteri in this foro:

    I’ve download kriminella gitarrer here
    http://damagingnoise.blogspot.com/ (I don’t remember in what post)

    Psycho I’ve download here:

    not all the music comes from this blog right?

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry comments with links often get caught by the spam filter.

    Not your fault then that these other blogs have found them here and then uploaded them to their blogs. Typically they also remove the mp3s tag that show where the original rips are from. Kind of stupid since it would be fun if more people found this blog.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No Erich I don’t have a special plug in.

  17. mrpoopy says:

    One of those bands you need to see live to truly “get” IMO and, happily, I got to see them a bunch of times back in the good old days when they had no fans whatsoever. Started to lose interest after they started drawing more of a crowd. The best thing they ever did was the “Eternal Standby” 7″ and, of course, there are lots of good songs burried in those early tapes. The track offered here is pretty typical M.O.T.O and I can totally see why some folks don’t like ’em but, like I said: you need to see them live!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I need someone to recommend me some essential Swedish kangcore, I’m really addicted to it! (Anti Cimex, Mob 47, Shitlickers, Disarm, Totalitar…)

  19. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    How someone can be addicted to such a generic and watered down genre is beyond me.

    Anyway here’s the only swedish d-beat stuff I need: First and second Anti Cimex, Shitlickers.

  20. Erich says:

    And the ABSURD 7″ is charming too. And the first Raped Teenagers demo :-)

  21. And don’t forget Razzia! The best d-beat ever recorded! https://kbdrecords.com/2008/03/15/razzia-for-var-frihet-7/

    I wish Identity played d-beat, but nope;)

    I really like Massgrav as a matter of fact. Hard to be much faster and more pissed off. Hellnation up yours!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Checking out Erich’s blog right now ;). Keep the good stuff coming Peter!

  23. First Raped T. demo ha ha nahh ;). Yeah Absurd and Razzia! I’ve posted those how could I forgot :D.

    No Identity didn’t play d-beat but Horse Laugh did ;).

  24. onychotillomaniac says:

    Not “USA’s own Masters of the Obvious”, CHICAGO’S own Masters of the Obvious!

  25. Barry says:

    I’ve known Paul since ’84, back in our hometown of New Orleans; he’s got some unreleased stuff with the orig. band from ’83 that I’ve been bugging him to release…if he does, snap it up!!

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