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Goteborg Sound – 1978/Jag Har Fatt Nog 7″

A few days ago Swedish television aired the Louis Theroux documentary about America’s favourite family, the Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church fame. Unfortunately I missed most of it, but I’ll be sure to watch the rerun this weekend as … Continue reading

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Missbrukarna – Krigets gentlemen Cassette

Acklet was the first track I heard from this now classic tape by Swedens Missbrukarna. It was aired on the swedish state controlled channel P3 and the show was Ny Vag. They played a couple of more tracks like Brinnande kors, Energi … Continue reading

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Headache – Can’t Stand Still/No Reason For Your Call 7″

  Yeah, Headache’s “Can’t Stand Still” sounds good…then I can find it on Ebay for around 1 million dollars!!! Hooray!! Jay Thurston’s comment on Anti Social October 6th, 2008. OK Jay, here you go! Now go spend that 1 million … Continue reading

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Declino – S/T E.P. 7″

First published on April the 9th 2006. Added more scans and high quality rips of all the songs. I’m always thinking of Goran Lind the singer from Swedens S.O.D. when I listen to old Italian Hardcore. Maybe cause he was … Continue reading

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The Descendents – Fat E.P. 7″

There’s many bands that I really like then there’s bands that I really really love. Descendents have always been one of them. Just listen to my old HC band Raped Teenagers and you can hear I ripped off a lot … Continue reading

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