Bad Brains – Pay To Cum! 7″

“Earl has been playing drums since he was a kid and gives an accurate interpretation of new wave percussion.” Yes kids this is NEW WAVE so stop rambling about this being the first Hardcore record. Fast New Wave but still New Wave. Obvious influences from Adam And The Antz-Dirk Wears White Sox era comes through in Stay Close To Me. Head in to 1.37 and you could just as well been listening to Never Trust a Man with an Egg on his Face. Brilliant. 

What’s even more amazing then the fast interpretation of New Wave done in 1979 on this one is the rehearsal demo from 1978 that I’ve found online somewhere. If Middle Class where the forerunners of the D-Beat New Wave, Bad Brains is the forerunners of the fast New Wave coming out of D.C. in 1981. Another Damn Song…I mean if that was released in 1978… don’t know what to say.

Hardcore never was and never will be. Long live New Wave!

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Bad Brain
Format: 7″
Pay To Cum.mp3
Stay Close To Me.mp3 

Bonus. Rehearsal demo from 1978

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Internet
Format: MP3
Pay To Cum.mp3
Red Bone In The City.mp3
How Low Can A Punk Get.mp3
Another Damn Song.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    I love the New Wave!! I just bought a skinny tie to wear to the next Bad Brains gig!! I even bought some pointy boots. Oh…the demo sounds fucking incredible, thanks!

  2. Senap says:

    Holy makrill!
    What a great frontcover! The copy I owned didn’t have a P/S so I have actually never seen that before. And the rehearsaltape; fucking brilliant!! Love the Disney-vocals on Red Bone in the City.

  3. justin says:

    Peter sorry about that mix up with those COC tunes, I hope that didn’t bum you out. Got the pay to cum somewhere else but the demo tracks are really cool. Thanx for your time.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No problem Justin :). As I said I thinks it’s quiet annoying when people remove the mp3 tags. Other then that I don’t care where it gets posted. Just give credit!

    Compare your rips with these rips taken from the original vinyl. I’ve compared it with some boots and the sounds is quiet different and in favor of the original of course ;).

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah Senap and you gotta love the Rotten “Rrrrr”s on the cover too :).

  6. The old japanese counterfeit I posted not too long ago actually sounds a bit better. Haha

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If it was a fact I would agree since it’s not I disagree ha ha!

  8. BS says:

    I never saw the insert before.
    “…an altogether fine performance by a tight group.”
    That’s one way to put it!
    Thanks for the demos

  9. Anonymous says:

    great post

  10. jeff b. says:

    I’m pretty sure these ‘rehearsal demo’ tracks are the same as tracks off of ‘black dots’ which I believe was recorded in 1979, not 1978. Black dots sound quality is much better.

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I have Black Dots and it´s not the same as the ones here. Listen for example on How Low Can A Punk Get around 0.32 you can hear the Black Dot version don´t have HR making that high pitched thing with his voice. The vocals has an echo effect on it too here which the Black Dot versions don´t have.

    And yes Black Dots is from 1979 but until proven otherwise I wan´t to believe these tracks are from 1978 :).

  12. Jay Thurston says:

    It takes me back to 1978…:)

  13. jeff b. says:

    this is so ‘black dots’ I listened to ‘how low can a punk get’ 50 times and every vocal tick is the same. Yes, the bad reverb has been removed, but it was done on a four track (i think) so they used better effects, lots of eq for black dots- you should see what they did with ‘can’t close my eyes’ by youth of today remixing the 7″ for the 12″ version. SAME RECORDING SESSION!

    The clincher which proves it beyond a reasonable doubt is at the end of ‘redbone in the city’ (on both versions) someone yells ‘can you hold it for a second’ I doubt someone yelled that exactly the same both times.

    Now someone gave me some rehearsal demos from 1978, I have no way to verify the date, but they are sloooowww. here’s a link to two of the songs:

    pretty cool, huh?

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Jeff your comment got stuck among the spam cause of the links.

    Still if you compare the two versions of How… every vocal tick aren’t the same. Around 0.32(on the version here) and listen how “mine” is sung in two completely different ways(0.34 Black Dot version). But as you’ve pointed out the end of Red bone makes it doubtful that this is a different session. But HR must’ve done another take for How long… then.

    Now when it comes to the files you have. Someone must’ve altered the speed. This is closer to how it should sound:
    Still it would be cool it that’s really a 1978 rehearsal demo.

  15. jeff b. says:

    thanks for the reply. First, I want to let you know how much I love and appreciate your blog. It rules. Second, I know nothing about the source of those versions I put up. It would be lame if someone deliberately slowed them down, though it does sound plausible as they are so slow. The variation you put up sounds more realistic. You are probably right. Third, I listened to the word ‘mine’ on both versions over and over and they sound like the same take. It does sound like the speed of the tape is slightly different so the pitch is a bit different. It also sound like black dots took the high end out of his voice so it doesn’t have that squeal and also mutes some of the breath out at the end. Listen for yourself:
    Now I will drop it, I promise.
    ps: I used to have these songs on a 7″ bootleg back in the ’80s called ‘cum to play’ or some play on ‘pay to cum’
    thank you.

  16. 19.000.000 NERVOUS BREAKDOWN says:

    your blog really rules, but “new wave sucks”…

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Jeff b. I stand corrected. Since the versions here are speeded up 0.32 is not the same as on the Black Dot. Ha ha I got fooled! Thanks Jeff for the investigation.

    19.000.000 NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: you don’t like Bad Brains?

  18. If it’s of any help in solving the mystery: I have the “Cum to play” bootleg. Want me to rip it?

  19. Geez Louise, that was an interesting discussion. Too bad it wasn’t previously unheard demos thou. Maybe I should post some of mine Bad Brains bootlegs as well so that you guys can discuss the year on those as well:)
    Bad Brains are one of the greatest bands ever and I have to confess that I’ve even listened to the horrible album God of Love and I & I survived (dub) more than a few times just because it’s Da Brains and therefor should have some kind of quality. I bought the Build a nation 7″ box set not to long ago as it had a song that wasn’t on the 12″ version of that album… It makes me feel ashamed sometimes, but I think I can forgive the bad brains for all the crap they’ve done over the years, including their canceled show in Sweden in the early/ mid 90s just because they were so amazing once upon a time.

  20. jeff b. says:

    Dear faintest ideas,
    Is the extra song on the 7″ box set of ‘build a nation’ a fast song, or is it a a dub, reggae, whatever track? thanks… ’cause I was thinking of picking it up myself. I’m a big bad brains fan.

  21. ridiculous nickolas says:

    I just saw this 7″ for sale today… Mayhap I’ll go back and pick it up on Friday after the thanksgiving silliness is through… anyone recommend against? I beleive it was under 10 bucks… don’t recall, I looked at a lot of records, but ended up finally finding KBD #1 and #2 on vinyl and bought them…

  22. Hi Jeff,
    the extra song on the 7″ box set is unfortunately a very slow and boring reggae song and not worth buying the box for I’m afraid.

  23. otto parts says:

    uh oh, the bad brains were influenced by
    adam & the antz…somewhere some hardcore dweeb like Henry Garfield is crying. Just like when all the metal dweebs found out that the Judas Priest guys were gay…duh!

  24. Jay Thurston says:

    “hell bent, hell bent for leather…”

  25. ridiculous nickolas says:

    so, picked it up. Looks to be in great condition, has the insert and cover fold and they look great. The record has a white label, though. Is it a boot?

  26. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yes that’s the boot.

  27. Martha Fokker says:

    support the scene, buy available records.

  28. Martha Fokker says:

    nothing beats the real thing, mp3’s are for wannabee collectors and/or digital corrupted retards.

  29. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Mp3s is an easy way of spreading rare records that most people can´t afford. Och jisses Martha vi använder ju båda Comhem.

  30. Support which scene? Hahaha

  31. Chuck Foster says:

    No, Martha, MP3s are for idiots like me who own over 4000 CDs, countless records and a few hundred DVDs. After a while you run out of space. Besides, is paying $400 to some dipshit record collector “supporting the scene?” Supporting their wallet is more like it.

  32. Chuck Foster says:

    Oh yeah, no one’s mentioned this, so…”Redbone in the City” = “God Save the Queen.” My powers of observation are astounding, I know.

  33. mike says:

    if you compare the black dots PTC version to this one, they’re very noticeably different.

    78 version:

    BD version (ignore the video, some kid dancing):

    according to this german guy, “how” is written about sid vicious’s death, so he says it had to be from 79. not sure where he heard that. however, it could be just about sid’s arrest and public attention after nancy’s death, which was in october 78, making it possibly from around then. that is, if it’s even about sid:

    i still think it’s from 78, probably later in the year, which might be why there’s so much confusion.

  34. jozef says:

    hi, great 7″. does anyone know how many bootlegs with the white label on the record there are. i just bought one. thanks.

  35. zach says:

    i have the white bootleg. at the beginning of “pay to cum” it makes the weirdest ass noise. it seems to be a bit faster too. i’ll rip it tonight.

  36. Mo'pig says:

    Thanks for a fantastic site! Been browsing around, and Bad Brains, in particular, we’re a smasher… whatever versions they made. Never heard the demos before… so thanks.

  37. the live in tiajuana 7″ kills me and the “pay to come” single is the birth of punk rock,who cares how they dressed.Also,the Bad Brains did’nt play more shows than any band because they were/are total scammers.Thats the truth…Brian

  38. Jim says:

    First time I heard Pay to Cum, I was stunned, and it still makes me smile hugely. Love it, but only that original version. It was so out of context that it can’t be ‘hardcore’–many hardcore bands (with obvious exceptions) were conservative, musically limited, and fascistic, but not Bad Brains. My copy of the song came from Let Them Eat Jellybeans. Not that crappy live version that was on a gold 45 or whatever. Martha Fokker is apparently living in a basement or closet somewhere, how wanky.

  39. zach says:

    look at this. the guy says he doesn’t know if it’s the original. it looks like the bootleg to me. what do you think?

  40. Nathan G says:

    Pay To Cum – one of the best songs ever!! I heard a story about How Low in a book I got for my last birthday – Going Underground – (American Punk 1979-1992). On page 137, HR is described as a homophobic pig because of his behaviour towards Randy from The Big Boys at a gig in Austin. It is so sad how religion screws people up.

  41. anna at ROIR says:

    Bad Brains just re-issued the Pay to Cum 7″ for Record Store Day 2011. Limited Edition colors available

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