Career Suicide – Cherry Beach E.P. 7″

You´ve got mail! with Tom Hanks is a fantastic movie. Shows spot on what can happen in the modern era with new ways of communication. This is what happened to me boys and girls. Couple of weeks ago I got an email from Dave Brown the drummer of Career Suicide, best band out of Canada since Rush, asking about an obscure swedish band he read about in Peter Jandreus book The Encylopedia of Swedish Punk 1977-1987. He asked about Framfor Flotet which I´ve never heard so I couldn´t help Dave out. I saw my chance to kiss some ass since I absolutely love CS. First time I heard ém I got so excited I posted their split LP with Jade Whitey without even thinking if it was ok or not. So this time(after turning brown after the ass kissing) I asked if it was ok to publish the new tracks they have up from their latest release on the KBD blog since I thought they where totally amazing. Dave was kind enough to send me the vinyl in favor of me giving him a link to pick up Lamas first 7″. 

So here´s a vinyl rip of Cherry Beach which dosen´t sound really as good as the tracks on the CS site. Mostly cause digital recordings dosen´t transfer that well to vinyl. It really has to be an analog recording to get the full potential. You can hear it get´s a bit too distorted on the vinyl compared to the digital to digital rips on the CS site. Some may even thinks it sounds a lot better with the added distortion. Cherry Beach is really fucking fantastic. The track roars and oases from start to finish. I think I´ve not heard such intense vocals since Get It Away with SSD. I would call this a classic to be. Really. Double Life is good but feels like it goes on routine a little bit and the cover is a nice addition though I would’ve preferred an original.

Career Suicide is one of them bands that manage to make great songs no matter if it´s mid paced or in traditional HC speed. I´ve said it before but I strongly believe it has to do with their wide taste in music. These guys sure plays Hardcore but their musical influences comes from all over. 

NOTE! The a-side is actually the test press of Vicious Visions!!! YES! All the way from Canada. 

Country: Canada
Year: 2008
Label: Sewercide
Format: 7″
Cherry Beach.mp3
Double Life.mp3
Your Body, Not Your Soul.mp3

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  1. Definitely as dull, boring and unsexy as Meg Ryan in “You’ve got mail”. :-)

  2. Not bad, not bad at all. The vocals makes me think of Outlast even if Henke don’t really sound like this guy at all. The same kind of aggression in the vocal deliverance maybe? The C+B cover is pretty unnecessary thou as the original version is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.

  3. dewey decimal says:

    The best out of Canada since Rush? I bet a few Subhumans fans would like to put that comment before the Firing Squad, yell Fuck You, Death to the Sickoids and, after your Inquisition Day, a hearty Death Was Too Kind! Seriously, Cherry Beach is pretty damn good but way too long and will ultimately be forgotten with all the other hardcore revival stuff out these days. The other two songs are completely forgettable. Still WAY better than 99.9% of new music these days.

  4. Jay Thurston says:

    This band has given me back my love for “hardcore”. They are to me, as great as Jerry’s Kids (Boston). Thank you for this.

  5. Adamski says:

    I met the drummer, Dave, when they played Glasgow back in August in front of the usual lame Glasgow audience. A nice guy & he gave me a free record, too, as I was one of only 2 people making any effort to dance.
    Maybe not as good as their other stuff (their last 12″ was mind-blowing!), but still great. Did Erich wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or something?!

  6. What makes you think so, Adamski? I just hink ALL these post-post-post HC bands are total rubbish and a disgrace. Nothing more conservative than that. Imagine we had Beatles cover bands in the 80s. Horrible.

  7. These bands are not like having a Beatles cover band in the 80’s, they’re like having a Beatle-esque power pop band in the 80’s. Which is fine in my book, as long as it’s aurally pleasant.
    Not as inspiring as the original thing, not as historically relevant, but not everything that’s not absolutely phenomenal has to be horrible.
    There are lots of musical genres that aren’t about originality at all and still are still functional in whatever way they’re supposed to function.
    Conservatism is not doing something that doesn’t involve creating new forms of music, but defending that music shouldn’t be changed and that there’s one single particular way to do things as defined by the people in a certain era. Which is indeed common in some punk and metal circles, but I don’t think is what Career Suicide stands for. They probably just play what’s fun to them, even if it’s not terribly exciting for people who’s original taste for hardcore was strongly motivated by it’s freshness and originality at the time. Which I can also understand. Too much of anything is tedious. But at the same time, the idea that certain forms of music have a due date is seems arbitrary to me.

  8. Levi Johnston says:

    Erich shops for records at Wallmart.

  9. Rusty James says:

    I like most of the CS records, but they are TERRIBLE on stage!

  10. Radial_X says:

    Agreed. On stage they seem to be aping 80’s HC bands that they watched on Youtube.

  11. Adamski says:

    Well, I thought they were energetic when I saw them. So now when a band plays they have to think “Oh, I better not dance in this way or people will think I’m just aping classic 80’s bands!”? Ridiculous! Both Erich (who I respect a lot with his great writing, by the way) & Radial_X sound like a couple of old farts with their “It was so much better back in the day” talk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 38 years old & my enthusiasm for hardcore is not the same as it was when I was 15 or 16, but I still get a kick out of it when bands like CS, Wasted Time, Socialcide, etc come along.

  12. But Adamksi – it WAS so much better back then and there’s nothing, really – nothing worse than re-enactment of any kind.

  13. What about re-enactement of current things? The difference is that when they re-enact something from the past, it’s a revival, and when they re-enact something new, it’s called a movement.
    One could argue that the latter option is even worse, because it involves doing something fashionable.
    Personally, I just wanna rock. The problem is that when it’s too derivative, it’s unrockable, whether it’s an old or new genre, and for mathematical reasons it’s harder to not be derivative after so many bands playing the same style.
    But it can be done.

  14. stinky82 says:

    I love this band a lot, but this record is really poor. Where are times when they did “SARS” 7″ and “Invisible Eyes” 12″??? But I am gonna buy this record anyway :D

  15. Adamski says:

    I think we’ll agree to disagree, Erich:) But think of the kids who are just getting into hardcore at the moment, who think that bands like Career Suicide are mind-blowing. When I got into hardcore in 86 or so, all the old bands had either split or went metal, but there were newer bands & some older bands, like BGK & Inferno, who blew me away. New (not “nu”!) hardcore bands may not float yer boat like the OG bands, but that’s not to say that hardcore is dead. Maybe it is for you, but not to me & others.

  16. dewey decimal says:

    Better to be listening to Career Suicide than My Morning Jacket. If I was 18 instead of 43, what the hell would I be listening to? There HAS been some good HC revival stuff recently (Direct Control!). I say keep it coming–but of course it will never be as good as the original, or even original for that matter–but I’m just another old fart with my ears ringing from cranking Jerry’s Kids.

  17. Well, Adamski – I beg to differ but I agree to disagree. Your argument could be used by any “historical” re-enactment group in order to prove that the middle ages are still hot because they’re re-anacting. Or D-Day groups. Or how about some stoneageing? ….

  18. Jay Thurston says:

    I love early “hardcore” and I still love to listen to Career Suicide. There are not too many “hardcore” bands that sound as great.

  19. Simon says:

    I’m 38, in Toronto and got into hardcore nearly a quarter century ago too, but Erich’s critiques here are totally misguided. I remember when these kids first showed up, totally stoked about old punk rock and ’80’s hardcore, and when they got their own band together, it was a huge breath of fresh air. Some perspective it required here– CS were around before the ’80’s hardcore revival really blew up, and all that music was new and fresh for them. Toronto was ruled by all the emo, moshmetal, mallpop-punk and senile mohawk dreck as everywhere at the time, so just blasting out wild, raging hardcore was immediately mandatory and elemental in a way that transcends whatever opinions jaded old men like us hold.

    For what it’s worth, Dave also plays in another very different-sounding band, while Jonah is in Fucked Up, who are one of the most original and creative (for better or for worse) ’80’s-hardcore-rooted bands ever, so they’re hardly living in the past– they’re just playing music they enjoy, and that’s all that matters. Anyone who thinks that these guys walk around fantasizing about ’82 and trying to recreate it now is seriously mistaken.

  20. Some people just don’t get it. They can’t differ between “I like” and “it is”. So be it.

  21. readgeorgesbataille says:

    i fuckin agree with you erich
    post post post hardcore no time for

  22. Michel Leiris says:

    I don’t get what the big problem is. This is just a hardcore band, just a punk band. Just a “just” band. People seem to get really up in arms about whether or not they are infringing on some microscopic level of, what, fascination? obsession? fancy? with 80s punk. This band was around before every half head had an Urban Waste patch on their jean jacket, and long after they’ve all replaced them with “Chrome” badges and striped t shirts. Could their intentions be any clearer? Or transparent if you want to be negative…
    Certainly you can’t grab on to them if you’re over 40 as something that should define your life, nor should you. Obviously whatever corner you turned in liking music whizzed by decades ago. I can think of things that are worse…

  23. No, this is neither Hardcore nor Punk. It’s Re-enactment Comedy Pop of the most boring and dull sort.

  24. Michel Leiris says:

    No it’s not. It’s maybe derivative, or ‘uninspired’ but there’s no re-enactment. Re-enactment of what? Who in this band has ever played “punk-blackface” and pretended to be from another era (other than their music but honestly these tracks could not be LESS offensive in relation to that criticism). Anyways. This band is not without faults or problems, but whichever they are aren’t to the point of repulsion. These songs are good. not even that offensive with your criticisms in mind. One song sounds like the Partisans kinda. I don’t see any glue bags or liberty spikes on their record…

  25. Simon says:

    It’s all perspective. In North America, rock’n’roll (garage, punk, hardcore, whatever) isn’t something that comes out of a vacuum and then goes away forever, it’s an inherent cultural impulse. No one’s playing dress up or trying to live in the past, they’re just playing music that is the inheritance of their age and location. I guess for somewhere far removed from that impulse, like Switzerland, there’s a tendency to see all of this in some ultimately irrelevant sociological context that imposes all sorts of cultural and political baggage that really has nothing to do with anything outside the mind of the distant observer. None of Erich’s assumptions about CS’s motivations and intentions are even applicable to the discussion here.

  26. And what might be your response to these last comments Erich? Do you like any new bands at all? I’m starting to get a bit curious;)

  27. Some of you people just don’t seem to be capable of understanding that when talking about “art”, you should never talk about the “artists” motivations. Hardcore and Punk is long over. Don’t cry – I wish I had lived in the 60s, but I’ve never been desperate enough to re-enact them.

  28. Simon says:

    That’s exactly my point, Erich. You’re assuming that their motivation is to re-enact the hardcore of 25 years ago like some Frankenstein’s monster in a Ramones t-shirt. I’m saying that they’re just playing fast punk rock because it’s elemental fun, and that all the baggage of social/cultural upheaval you assume to be part of everyone’s experience of hardcore is 100 irrelevant to them, just as it was to me when I was going to see bands like this the first time around. You see your interest in the ’60’s as parallel to their perceived interest in ’80’s hardcore because from your background, hardcore was a social movement based around squats, vegan diets, riots and a European radical tradition that stretches back much further than the ’60’s anyway (in fact, I’d argue that your version of hardcore was in fact MUCH more an attempt to revist 1968 than CS’s version is an attempt to revisit 1982). It’s not. They’re just normal enough guys that enjoy the simple pleasure of playing fast rock’n’roll, just as the Sonics did in ’65, the Stooges in ’70, the Ramones in ’75, Circle Jerks in ’80, Accused in ’85 etc. It’s in the water here, and it has nothing to do with reliving the past or making any statements.

    Christ, man, I really enjoy and appreciate your blog/writing and, uh….appreciate your own attempt at making new music, so no disrespect, but sometimes you need to just accept that you don’t know everything and we’re all wrong sometimes. Applying a cultural dialectic to the lives and art of people you’ve never met is just so ’60’s, maaaaaan.

  29. Damn, how dumb are you guys? I’m talking about motivation. The game’s over. Just like Disco. Fini. Terminé. I’m sure these people are nice chaps and they all own Urban Waste records and stuff and don’t shave their armpits and hate the system to some point. Just like those medieval times re-enactors.

  30. oops “I’m NT talking about (…)”.

    And yes: I know pretty much everything. It’s sad but true.

  31. Damn Erich, you sure know it all! Someday I hope I’ll know as much as you:)

  32. Adamski says:

    This has been a pretty cool debate, but Erich’s coming across as a “father”, in the sense of a father who lays down the law to his kids – “I know best, you dumb kids!” Erich doesn’t like modern day punk bands. That’s his prerogative, of course, but these bands ARE relative to others, like myself. I don’t know what the big problem is, it’s only bloody music at the end of the day!

  33. Just call these dull shitbands “post-hardcore” o “pop-hardcore” or “re-enactment core” and you’re historically on the green side. And no, I’m not a father. Just watch the last couple minutes of “Hardcore USA”. There you’ll see father figures. “It’s over over. Go home now”.

  34. lester says:

    there´s no such thing as one view when it comes to history. pretty sure there´s others that has the same view on 80s hc contra 70s punk that erich has on todays punk. jeans are out don´t wear them. they where hot at the end of 19th century. are you trying to re-enact the cowboy era?

  35. Davis says:

    Whoopsy doodle! What a hum bugger of a debate! I just wanted to set the record straight on a few things. I can only speak for myself on such pressing matters but yes, i like to think of myself as a nice enough young gent. Though i do currently own the 87 repress of the Urban Waste record on 12″, i’d much rather have the first 7″, but surely that day will certainly not come my way. I have never shaved my armpits nor had any real desire to and though i still have a bit of distaste for the system, it’s been replaced with my greater distaste for olives. Overall, i’m really sad that i’ve let so many people down and will try harder in the future with my futuristic anarchist techno death pop band that will be not only the first of it’s kind but will also lead the new rebellion against the empire along with Luke Skywalker and a ROCK band of WOOKIES. Cut off your mohawks and lets get FUNKY! I love you ALL.

    One Love

  36. Michael says:

    ‘re-enactment core’?

    It’s not like they were bootlegging old demos of bands from different continents.

  37. LHOOQtius says:

    Career Suicide are pretty great in my book, and I’m not swayed by arguments that I’m a dumbass for liking them. People are free to whinge that they’re just rehashing something from the past, and in a sense they’re right, but hell, all of rock music is just rehashing the 1950s. And there are plenty of Beatles style bands still working today (both pop era and psych era), and if you’re into that sort of thing, I bet some sound really good to you and some are just boring retreads. It’s so funny that nowadays we call an entire style of music “over” in a few years. Some people still compose and perform orchestral music, or Baroque style chamber music. And some of it is really good.

    I guess folks like Erich are hardcore Futurists. Marinetti would be proud. :-)

  38. Tim says:

    C.S is alright , Anybody heard the Automatix in canada?
    the put out a demo and broke up i guess but they had some good shit
    one of my favorite canadian bands

  39. roman says:

    times are changing. so does motivation to play. there’s barely any “political” band today, that could be taken seriously (is there anyone these days, who really thinks the punks are gonna overthrow the system and establish anarchy??). there’s most likely not gonna be another crass, or mdc, but i’d say that’s a different story. does every hardcore band have to be politically motivated?? where’s the big difference between cs, and jerry’s kids or gang green? ok, jerry’s kids and gang green did it in ’82-83, and cs are doing it since 2000 or so, but i’d say that basic motivation is just the same – to play music they like, and have some fun along the way (neither jk, nor gg seem “political” to me). who really gives a shit if they borrow a riff here and there as long as they do it good? should we ban all re-enactors? should we force them to shave their armpits? maybe whole punk/hc movement should be dismissed, and records released after 1989 should be destroyed, so we can only listen to the originators… but how original were the originators?? by the way – cs are evolving much better than most of the originators that ended up playing unlistenable attempts to play heavy/speed metal/indie rock… i’m not trying to say that everyone should be running around dressed like he (she?) just stepped out of “decline of western civilization”, and ape old bands he’s seen on youtube, but then again – if that’s what they really want to do, it’s their decision.

  40. zach says:

    in my mind this is their weakest release. i much prefer the SARS 7″. this record already goes for over $50, wow. they’re making a re-issue of this record soon.

  41. MARYmaryMARY says:

    Hey, the automatix are still alive, now a 3 piece band with a new album, production stopped, their drummer is now in jail and they cancelled a bunch of shows because of that. They always kept working on their new material

  42. zach says:

    this is finally getting re-issued by Dirtnap sometime this month. new artwork and new track listing. it really isn’t a re-issue, cause the 2 songs that are included on the new 7″ are re-recordings of the first two songs on this 7″, plus two new tracks. the cover song at the end of this 7″ is not included on the new re-issue.
    like i said before, their SARS 7″ (amazing) is definitely there best stuff so when you buy this “re-issue” buy the SARS 7″ along with it.

    Dirtnap Records (to see when it officially comes out):

    Green Noise Records (to buy when it comes out):

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