The Innocents – One Way Love 7″

Totally blast beat powerpop out of UK. Perfect music for a sunny friday like this when the economy is going to hell and all we want to do is grab another beer(or ass). The sleeve and the press kit is snatched off from some website that I can’t remember the name of. 

How many bands where called The Innocents by the way? I know Australia had one(who released the killer single Sooner or Later that was blatantly ripped of by Swedens Secret Service) and now this UK outfit.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Kingdom
Format: 7″
One Way Love.mp3
Every Wednesday Night At Eight.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Innocents – One Way Love 7″

  1. Too bad the singer’s got absolutely no voice and sings like shit and out of key. Otherwise I’d have liked it.

  2. Senap says:

    Yes, I agree with Erich that she sings like a russian karaoke-stripper. But she looks as one too so that makes it okay!

  3. Collin says:

    Too bad they see fit to piss on the Blondie/Photos pop parade with a LAME Police reggae break-down. TANTRIC SUCK!

    • nathan.G says:

      The reggae party is a very brief one and a thousand times less tedious than anything that Stink has belched out over the years.

      This record is very enjoyable and I am both grateful for its existence and hungering for more.

  4. Jay Thurston says:


  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Don´t worry guys. I feel sorry for you too.

  6. roman (czech republic says:

    hi,i wanted many singles,please,help me,so this is big list:)

    Adrenalin-TV Violence/No Love (In The Modern World)/Don’t Tell Your Parents
    The Axidents-Life’s Too Short’
    Bullets-Girl On Page 3 / Grammar School Girls (Big Bear 1978)
    Defiant-Social Climber
    Fruit Eating Bears-Chevy Heavy’ / ‘Fifties Cowboy
    Grinder-Spider Man / Furry Dice / Other People (Wax Records 1979)
    Intravein-Speed Of The City
    The K9’s-Idi Amin / Sweeney Todd
    Matt Vinyl & The Decorators- Punky Xmas
    Predator- Punk Man / Paperboy Song
    Red Letters-Sacred Voices / Shot In The Dark / Science Has The Answer
    Stage B-Recall to life / Light On The Hillside
    The Surprises – Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent / Flying Attack / Little Sir Echo (Dead Dog Discs 1978)
    The Addix-Too Blind To See / No Such Thing As A Bad Boy
    Drug Squad-Operation Julie / Switchcleaner (nebo album perversion st.)
    Arctic Frost-Nothing Left/Seen a lot of People/Tight Strings
    The Atrix-The Moon Is Puce/Wendy’s In Amsterdam (Mulligan 1979 and produced by Phil Chevron)
    Avant Gardener-Gotta turn back/Strange gurl in clothes/Back door/ Bloodclad Boogie
    Belsen Horrors-Car Crash Victim/Pin-Up Boy/On The Beach/Bride Of Frankenstein/Chant/Premonition
    Cane-Suburban Guerrilla / Dice/ DK Dance (Lightning 1978)
    Darlex-“Terrorist/Sod The Jubilee/I Hate Work/Born To Rule
    Dave Goodman & Friends-The Friendly Hopeful’s Tribute To The Punks
    Demolition-No Feelings/Gangrene/Living In England Today
    Demon Preacher-Royal Northern / Laughing At Me / Steal Your Love / Dead End Kids (Illegal records 1977)
    Demon Preacher-Action By Example / I Wish I was a Dog
    The Skunks-Good from the Bad / Back Street Fighting (Eel Pie 1978)
    The Innocents-So they said yes!
    The Lazers-Incest is best/Try so hard/Misfit/Light houses in the bath/Strike shortage/Even love songs like Bitter Thoughts
    The Meat-Pints Of Lager/A Packet Of Crisps
    The Mistakes-Iguana/Boredom
    Open Sore-Vertigo/Eyes on You/ Open Sore
    Plastix-Tough On You/9-5
    The Ripchords-Ringing in The Streets’ (Cells Records 1979)
    Security Risk-Action Man/Deep Freeze/Sign Us Up/Hypocrite
    SOS!-No Time/Brainwashed/Noise/Live Wire/Nineen
    The Spurts- Keep On Coming/Sexperience/Wild Thing
    Stage B-Recall to life / Light On The Hillside (1979)
    Studio Sweethearts-I Believe /It Isn’t Me (DJM Records 1979)
    The Sussed-I’ve Got Me Parka
    Tax Exiles-Rough in the Valley/Miracles/Attack and Destroy
    The Zips- Radioactivity/I’m Not Impressed (1980)
    The Zips- I’m In Love/Over and Over/Take Me Down/Don’t Be Pushed Around

  7. hairy palm says:

    There is a brazilian band called Inocentes (Innocents in english)

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    That’s right hairy! Used to have their first 7″ but sold it. Remember that Goran from Swedens SOD like it pretty much.

  9. Martin says:

    Is this site an online version of Ring så spelar vi, but called Skriv så spelar vi?

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I’m wondering too. Senaps cry for TT Garderobert and now this list!

  11. MTS says:

    Am I the only person who actually loves the warbled, out of tune nature of the singer? Come sit at my table if you feel the same way.

  12. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Nope the guy who posted it loves it too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    holy shit this is great you guys are gay

  14. Anonymous says:

    Josephine Buchan is now producer.

  15. Keith Chalmers says:

    I may be able to help anyone who is looking for Red Letters (Science has all the answers, a shot in the dark)

  16. Alex says:

    well, I liked it.

  17. Alex says:

    Anyone have the sleeve for this 45??? I only have the disc….

  18. anonymous says:

    Check out The Innocents on punk 77 they toured with the Clash.

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