Goteborg Sound – 1978/Jag Har Fatt Nog 7″

A few days ago Swedish television aired the Louis Theroux documentary about America’s favourite family, the Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church fame. Unfortunately I missed most of it, but I’ll be sure to watch the rerun this weekend as the church have a message that really speaks to me. Anyway, in the short part I saw some of the members talked about their feelings for Sweden, and to no surprise they hate this godawful country like everyone else. What really surprised me thou was when I went to their Swe-info website was why they hate us and our country so much. Sure, they do mention our sodomite king Goofy who threatens to sue WBC, our fag kissing government, our bestality and other whoredoms, and not to forget the way Swedish media and our injustice system treated poor old pastor Green. These are all obvious reasons, but underneath it all I can see the real reason why they hate us, and it’s not our racial superiority that I’m quite sure a lot of you would guess, but our magnificent punk scene! And to prove it I give you the second 7″ from Gothenburg’s grumpiest old men, Goteborg Sound.

If you wanna hear more of them (which you do), just do a search for them on this site and you’ll find their third and forth 7″. I’m sure Peter will post their first one as well sooner or later as that’s another nice slab of boogie punk that everyone deserves to hear.

This one came with a different sleeve as well, but if you buy that one, you can’t laugh at the similarities between the guy in the left corner and everyone’s dream guy, Tomas Brolin.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: GBG
Format: 7″
Jag har fatt nog.mp3

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  1. Charlie M says:

    The Phelps family Theroux doc is a ‘must see’. They chortle at his suggestion of a “charismatic leader” as per other cults but the sad truth is there to see. As always, poor kids – they end up fucked up by their parents insanity.

    I suspect as with all things homophobic that the truth lies nearer to home(o)……they’re actually an enormous lesbian/gay gang-bang community shagadelic cover scam. Or something.

  2. Charlie M says:

    I might listen to the mp3s now I’ve got that off my chest…………….

  3. hairy palm says:

    This band is very good. Bjorn Borg is my non-english spoken favourite punk song.

  4. malfeitor says:

    Didn’t Goteborg Sound do a cover of “God Hates The World”? I think their take was a little edgier than the Phelps version.

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Killer rock!

  6. roman (czech rep. says:

    hi boys and girls,i wanted one band from UK,this band name is zeros,myspace- ,,this band have album Zero Impact (1989)please,some info or some sing,songs i remember and chelsea girl is fucking great,thanks for help

  7. dewey decimal says:

    The Westboro Baptists were just here in Portland, Oregon last week, to protest outside the Swedish Consulate. Those brilliant folks found out that the Swedish Consulate closed down June 1. So they found some other nifty people to hate instead–Germans and college kids.

  8. malfeitor says:

    I should have been there, I also hate Germans and college kids. But German college kids??? Shit, don’t even get me started!

  9. Tony says:

    And the farright catholic neonazi polish movement is boycotting ikea because of an pro-gay advert showing 2 guys in the same sofa, fyfan allsa no meatballs for polskinaziyouth, GBG SOUNDS = skitbra

  10. beav says:

    Do you know what record these Goteborg Sound songs are from?

    När Jag Var Liten

    I downloaded some sort of discography called SnedsÃ¥gad Skethusgavel that had these songs along with some others that aren’t from any of the records you have posted. Any info would be great.

  11. Martin says:

    Beav, the songs you asked about are only available on the Snedsågad Skethusgavel compilation CD.
    The first 7 songs on that comp are from their 4 7inces, the song Göteborg is from GBG Punk vol 1 comp LP and the other song are from unreleased demos/ archives.

  12. Tornis says:

    “SnedsÃ¥gad Skethusgavel” must be one of the best titles of a punk comp I ever heard in my sweet ole lifetime.
    I mean there’s some competition in that field and “Complete Discography” and “Total Recall” are not the ones that are in the top ranking, I don’t remember any good titles now that I start thinking…Crap! The competition isn’t that tough in this field after all, I mean: “Fatal Farts”(Rövsvett); “Total Asocial”(Hm, that’s either very good or extremely bad); “Everything Falls Apart and More”(Hüsker Dü) and the favourite: “The Movie”(KRAUT). What’s with that title, surley they jest?!

  13. Fungi says:

    Do u guys know where i find the whole album?

    • Martin says:

      GBG sound never did an album while they were aroud, and the only compilation that I know of is the one mentioned above in the comments, but I remeber it to be a homemade cd-r one of the members did some years ago.

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