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The Innocents – One Way Love 7″

Totally blast beat powerpop out of UK. Perfect music for a sunny friday like this when the economy is going to hell and all we want to do is grab another beer(or ass). The sleeve and the press kit is … Continue reading

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Knugen’s Haf – Alla Kan Inte Alska 7″

It’s been almost 9 months since we last posted a band from Gothenburg here, and that is way too long as the city had a great punk scene with tons of bands, including these cute boys. Knugen’s Haf was actually … Continue reading

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Public Zone – Naive 7″

You can have all my other records but I’m keeping this. The flip is totally rubbish but who cares when you can play Naive all day long. Stewart Copeland behind the drums. I say no more. It’s pure science that Naive … Continue reading

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Anti-Avans – Med Sverige I Tiden E.P. 7″

Fucking hell, I don’t know if it’s wordpress, dreamhost or if it’s my computer(probably your connection ed.note)that is slow today, but it took almost 2 hours to upload this 7″! Luckily I had a funny school book about marketing to … Continue reading

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Career Suicide – Cherry Beach E.P. 7″

You´ve got mail! with Tom Hanks is a fantastic movie. Shows spot on what can happen in the modern era with new ways of communication. This is what happened to me boys and girls. Couple of weeks ago I got … Continue reading

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