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Punishment Of Luxury – Puppet Life 7″

You’re not too used with the more well known bands here. It’s called KBD for a reason. Still there are bands that where on quiet big labels that’s still criminally overlooked. Punishment Of Luxury is one of them. They didn’t … Continue reading

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Bad Brains – Pay To Cum! 7″

“Earl has been playing drums since he was a kid and gives an accurate interpretation of new wave percussion.” Yes kids this is NEW WAVE so stop rambling about this being the first Hardcore record. Fast New Wave but still … Continue reading

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Alternative TV – S/T 7″

“How much longer will people wear nazi armbands? And dye their hair? Safety pins and spray their clothes? Talk about anarchy, fascism and boredom. When you don’t know nothing. But you don’t really care. ” First verse in How Much … Continue reading

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Reklamation – Namnlos E.P. 7″

I doubt it can be said enough times so I say it again. This is one of my favorite records ever! Very snotty, funny and with a hint of hard rock in the drums and guitar solos which usually makes … Continue reading

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Vote McCain!!!

  Imagine what a great era of American punk and hardcore bands this could bring. Obama=pop McCain=punx. So vote vote McCain!!

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