The Algebra Mothers – Strawberry Cheesecake 7″

You got an ass so let’s shake it to the A-Moms. I like short posts.

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Aftertaste
Format: 7″
Strawberry Cheesecake.mp3
Modern Noise.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Algebra Mothers – Strawberry Cheesecake 7″

  1. dewey decimal says:

    Cool how the B-side tricks you into thinking the record is skipping. Cool sleeve. OK, I thought of two nice things to say about this record!

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    I will never eat cheesecake again.

    • bernard elias says:

      Strawberry cheesecake was a term used to describe a sexy beautiful desirable woman I think mt was used by seedier people in the fifties conservative Eisenhower era

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks dewey. This is how it can work. I provide some music from my collection and you make the comments. A win win situation.

  4. LHOOQtius says:

    This rocks.
    I guess this band sadly only did this one single, as bassist Kirsten “Cranky” Rogoff’s site also only has this single shown. Damn.

    • Dave Davis says:

      Gerald Collins, the writer of Strawberry Cheesecake is about to release to his first full length album ever out of Detroit (to which he has returned after many years in NY)…and we are thrilled to have him back. Dave Rice of the original Detroit’s L7 (circa1980) played bass on this 45 with Gerald and then went on to The Blind. But Geralds new stuff is phenomenal, something to look forward to in a mass of crap out there these day’s, HE RULES STILL!

  5. Martin says:

    Ha, this one makes me think of Left Banke and I can’t really make up my mind if it’s great or if it’s shit! I guess that makes it great…
    Yeah, I’ll go for great!

    • Martin says:

      Since the first time I commented on this I’ve learned that it’s truly great of course. And Erich, I’m sure you’ve already picked it up, but if not, you can find mint copies of it on ebay for $9.99 all the time. What a bargin!

  6. Always wanted to hear this – and it’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the tinitus-guitar!!! KILLER!!!!

  7. dewey decimal says:

    Hello Flakes//drummer–no question this is the best blog out there and I’m very appreciative of ALL your posts (even the records like this one that make me wanna run immediately to my turntable and crank Poison Idea at full volume to wipe all traces of it out of my head!).

  8. Artifix says:

    Cool single. When I was working on the GERMS movie, some young fanatical KBD punks turned me on to this. I couldn’t believe that I never heard of this before. It’s cheap on eBay too! Go find one. By the way, it was the drummer from the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS that told me about it. Check out his bands new EP. They’ve got a good MIDDLE CLASS, RHINO 39 kind of sound.

  9. Mick K. says:

    I really liked this single for some years now. If they would have been from the NYC/NJ area and released this in ’79, they would have been as popular as the darlings of the New York Rocker.

    It’s a shame that still in 2008 the most promoted music in the USA is still from the yuppie-hells of the NYC area and L.A., times definitely did not change.

  10. GaryM says:

    Actually saw the A-Moms at Bookies in Detroit, opening for The Pagans (back when I was working with The Pagans). I remember the farfisa (?) player was really cute & I was chatting her up. They had done a decent cover of a Kinks tune (Where Have All The Good Times Gone, I think) – she had no idea it was a cover, thought the guitarist wrote it

  11. malfeitor says:

    Believe it or not, out of the 100 posts I did on my shitty blog this was the most downloaded record. And that was with only 6 months to go before the last post.

    • mike kostka says:

      Dude, the A Moms were the shit I had their 45 and must have lost it in one of my many moves throughout the years. MK

  12. mike kostka says:

    The A Moms were one of best things going in Detroit in the late 70’s. We saw them at Bookies one night with The Cubes. I had a chance to talk with Gerald Collins that night and remember how cool of a dude he was. RIP Gerald… MK

  13. jame says:

    Like this a lot. Sounds like an amphetamine fuelled Stranglers to me. Better though.

  14. Mike Danger says:

    So great, Just picked a copy up on ebay.(available always for 9.99, look it up) Really dig the b side, reminds me of the active ingredients, with a touch of Devo

    • cherry garcia says:

      (real name Kirsten Rogoff)
      I remember passing out trying to sing the damn B side while simultaneously doing whippets ,ETOH and inhaling whatever pot was floating around the studio. Amazing I could remember the words to any song at the time. Gerald is quite alive and is in Detroit. I left for Los Angeles, playing in The Box Stompers now.

  15. Jim Thompson says:

    Saw the A-Moms at the Latino Ballroom in what was then Pontiac Twp. MI. Really great. Very arty-urban strange, and they rocked. I would give big thaanks for any other A-Moms material, as I’ve played Strawberry Cheesecake dozens of times in my life.

  16. Susan says:

    I started out listening to this band, and now I’m intrigued by all the other goodies you have here. Thanks for your comments and the music you post. I’m really enjoying it.

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