Sabotage 81 – Hall kaft E.P. 7″



Back in 1982 these guys sang about the horrors of 8 million computers in Sweden, and I guess we’re almost there now. Feels pretty scary to say the least, and I can feel how my computer is affecting my way of thinking 24/7 as it keeps telling me to go online and search for records from my want list. I still have a hope that one day I’ll be strong enough to ignore what my computer tells me, and that day I’ll be really free.

So what about Sabotage 81 then? They are a surprisingly well known band considering that this 7″ is their only release apart from a few songs on some Rosa Honung compilations. Maybe it’s because Rosa Honung re-released this E.P. 2 years later in a different cover, and that that version is one of the easiest punk records to find in Sweden? Or maybe it’s just because Staffan looks so damn happy on the cover that it’s impossible not to fall in love with him? He looks way too happy for being in a band with so aggressive lyrics about killing cops at least. And how come the only two punk bands from Halmstad, Vicious Visions and these guys, were so hateful when the city’s most famous guy Per Gödsel seemed so happy and wrote catchy songs about girls on TV and about fishing? Maybe I should go online and see if I can find any info on the subject as that’s what my computer tells me to do now.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Label: Pang
Format: 7″
Hall kaft.mp3
8 miljoner datorer.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Another great Svedish punk band. When I am President of the United States of America, I will make everyone learn Svedish, so we can understand the lyrical content of these great records! Long live the Hives!!

  2. Senap says:

    They were a good live band. We played with them on a number of gigs back in the daze. They even said in a fanzine that we were their faveband. So I love ’em!
    And Terror Pop are/were also from the city of Halm.

  3. Thanks Senap, I actually thought Terror Pop were from the paradise on earth, Töreboda.

  4. sid snot says:

    don´t mess with the bozic barmy army

  5. Farbror Punk says:

    Dont forget that the band wrote a song “Gyllene divor” about Per G´s band. I´ve also got a very good soundboard recording of the band when they played in Jönköping -82.
    And finally talking about Halmstad. Neither of you have mentioned Sydkraft and their superb Ramones-punk. And Aagren Band did afucking great cover of “The harder they come” which kicked Wayne Kramer / Johnny Thunders version way up the ass.

  6. Senap says:

    No Jocke, I didn’t mention Sydkraft because I totally forgot about them. But seriously, were they really a punkband? Anyhow, it’s so good so who cares….?
    Since you didn’t give a link to your Sydkraftpost from last year I’ll throw it in for ya:

  7. Divine says:

    Terror pop was from laholm not halmstad !!!
    But they moved to halmstad later on.
    Where was a lot of punkband in the 80 but we didn’t have time to record anything rather get drunk all the time !!!I have one song on myspace “Remember boy” live with Bad boys whom i played with.
    Other bands from thet era was Kaos-rock,DHD(Anarkids),Skit samma,Negative zon,GFE + more
    but i don’t think any other band ever recorded anything !!!!!!!

  8. Nathan G says:

    We need awesome bands such as these to tell us about the dangers of computers and technology….

  9. Martin says:

    Got a spare copy of this one up on ebay right now.

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