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Modernettes – Teen City E.P. 12″

Some punky powerpop now and then is exactly what we all need to be able to coop with life. Canadas Modernettes does everything right, up till the title track. It’s catchy, it’s intense, it’s great, it’s awesome. Hell(paradise?) yeah, they … Continue reading

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You wanna know what punx is?

Sure you do! The singer of Total Chaos will teach you and then watch him get beaten up. After that he tells you what a fascist are. Fuck, this is some high class comedy LOL :D!! Found this through a … Continue reading

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TT Garderob 100 – S/T 7″

The only person who can write something that makes this record justice is the almighty Senap/Mustard from the hometown of TT Garderob 100 the front cunt(framstjärt) of Sweden: Gothenburg. How he’ve been waiting! Been nagging about it in each and … Continue reading

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Epidemics – Wake Up The Dead L.P. 12″

I feel guilty for telling Rickard(Guitar) to send me this for review. I will get beaten up and hated I guess but don’t take it personally. Rickard and Emma played in Disconvenience before Epidemics a band which I dug. But … Continue reading

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The Killers – Edge City/Punchout 7″

Even though I´m not in the mood to write anything at all I still have to post a record. It´s my duty to you. And as the responsible person I am I here give you The Killers from Cleveland, Ohio. … Continue reading

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