Sonic Rendezvous Band – S/T 7″


I’m more into good songs based around melody, arrangement(that dosen’t include a guitar god wanking around for 5 minutes), chord patterns etc then guitar riffs but sometimes they grab me. Here’s one example. City Slang is, hold your breath, 5:23!! One of the few rock(I don’t include symphonic rock or progg rock here since that’s a whole other thing) songs that I can sit through despite it’s Operatic length. Yeah it’s magic. Pure magic and I can understand why Swedens The Hellacopters based their whole catalog around City Slang. They did? You ask. Yes they did. 

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Orchide
Format: 7″
City Slang(stereo).mp3
City Slang(mono).mp3

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  1. Laszlo says:

    yes, this is a PERFECT song. anyway The Hellacopters did a pretty good job on this song!!!

  2. chris says:

    I cannot BELIEVE you posted this record… I’ve had the song going through my head all weekend wondering where I can get hold of it!!! AMAZING!!

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Glad I could help :). It’s hard to get out of your head once you heard it.

  4. Great post Peter! Now I got something to hum on for a couple of hours.

  5. Is this the original pressing pictured? The ones I have seen has a different label (blue I think?)

  6. Btw, why is the cover so beat up?

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I’m not sure but I’ve read that the blue label with blue lettering is a boot:”Later pressings have a fold over sleeve and plain blue labels and are disputably bootlegs.”. And why is the sleeve so beat up? Ha ha well I don’t care too much about the condition of sleeves(though I take good care of ’em as soon as they land in my lap) as long as the vinyl is playable. You have to ask the previous owner ;).

    • Flying G says:

      There seems to have been blue text with blue Orchide label versions not numbered that were original aswell as the version you show above.
      Don’t think I have seen one numbered higher than 500, so maybe the “Limited to a 1000″ on the back refers to 500 of each.

      There was another boot 7” with red writing and pic labels that came out before the blue fold over sleeve version of a couple of years ago(from Germany I think), that you mention.

  8. Martin says:

    Mr Flakes, you can’t say “You have to ask the previous owner” without including contact information to him/ her.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Osp sorry here´s his email address:

  10. The Barman says:

    Best Single Ever Recorded.

  11. malfeitor says:

    5:23??? This lies WAY outside of the KBD labs determination of ideal song length. You guys haven’t been fudging your data have you???

  12. Fiddlestixx says:

    Hey great stuff. I have no problem with long songs of any kind (assuming they’re good) and this one is pretty damn kick ass. Thanks!

  13. joe says:

    this is actually the best song ever written.

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Funny to post a more well known bands 7″ and then see die hard fans come in and drops:”best song ever written” etc. Have you checked Hammer Damage, Village Pistols, Cardiac Kidz plus 100 of other unknowns out?

  15. 10 minutes ago, I took down some old posters cause I’m re-arranging my apartment. One of them was a repro of a poster announcing the first Motörhead LP. In the bottom line of it, a few more new releases were presented, one of them the Sonic Rendezvous Band 7″ (the cover was inverted, white on black).
    Just wanted to share this with the group.

  16. Jay Thurston says:

    DV8 blows this away. I don’t care who died that was in this band. The song is okay, but great?? I think not.

  17. hairy palm says:

    This is pure Hellacopters, including the bass riff intro!!!

  18. For me, this song has always just sounded OK. And I have tried many times over the years to get into it but it still just always sounds OK. Some people completely cream themselves over it, tho. No need to argue over personal taste, that’s a waste of time when we’re all grown men here- leave that shit to the 18 year olds (does anyone under 30 or 35 post comments on here really?). Jesus, looks like someone was eating their morning toast and spilled some grape jam on the picture sleeve. I bought a new copy about 7 years ago with the thicker sleeve with blue lettering and blue labels and, yes, that one is a boot. Some Sonic Rendezvous Band official reissue came out a few years back but I have heard that it’s filled with a bunch of crap.

  19. OK, I listened to these Sonic Rendezvous Band mp3’s on a nice stereo system (instead of my crummy built-in laptop speakers) and, WOW, the original pressing is so LOUD on the Stereo side especially. My vinyl copy of this record is a blue-label boot, so I guess for all these years I have been listening to this 7″ with inferior muffled sound. So maybe that made me not like it much. The song is too long for me still and those piano breaks are still annoying, but overall I have to admit that I like it much better with the loud sound. Nice rips as always!

  20. big chuff says:

    This song is pure rock-n-roll all the way. Punk in attitude me thinks. But man this is some catchy & rocking scuzz to these ears. Love every minute of it. I can’t think of anything that sounds remotely like it from that time period either. Anybody, can someone please rip & post the East Coast Angels “punk rockin” 7″ to hear pleeez???? One of you fellow nerds has to have or know someone that has this??? Yeh? Noh? Pleez help the chuff!

  21. Weblo says:

    I’m trying to buy the 7″ with the blue lettering for 75 usd.
    On the cover it’s written “special preview edition” without number like this one.
    Is this a real one or a fake or reissue ?
    Flying G says that the blue cover with blue orchid label is the original ?
    Thanx for the answers.

  22. no.ambition says:

    After the Hellacopters made it famous several blue reissue appeared, but there was also a blue original pressing.
    I have posted this at discogs (incl. images) a while ago:
    The labels of the reissues look different.

    And there are original with at least three different sleeve colors: black, blue & red script

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, i looked at the link, i bought the same edition, blue print with no number on the back.
      Thanx to no.ambition.
      It seems that i have real one…yeeesssssssssss.

  23. Frank Contempt says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’ll save wear and tear on my copy ( # 356, purchased at School Kids Records in Ann Arbor in 1981 ). I have played the hell out his record!!! FYI, the one pictured above looks just like mine ( except the condition ).

  24. elliott says:

    i don’t get the fact that the b side is another version of the same song. though the song is great! haha guitar god. peter are you bad-mouthing metal again? i’m gonna have to talk to tbe guitar god about this. great 7.

  25. Nelubino says:

    Hi everybody!:) I’m from Russia, Siberia and my friends and I are big fans of SRB. Could anyone help us and give the lyrics of City Slang and Goin’ Bye. please? I have found only this, but there is a lot of mistakes and a part of lyrics is absent…

    Got dirt in my hand – Part of the land – City Slang communication
    Know Downtown Street’s – They measure the beat – To understand situation
    Taste of the tongue – There no place to run – And all chances to be taken
    Screaming by – Angels should fly – My Heart is open like nation

    I got nothing to kick at night – Just see that, hey! That’s allright
    Mamma crying, sister thinking
    Yeah, I know, it just City Slang

    See I get trough, going to blue – Time is ticking, so get it in
    Talking to B, sis coming teen – Say “kÃ¥ka luni” I think i am
    Time on the life, she’s all mine – Got the butchers in American.
    Tick! Insane, they’re coming for me – Then I wait, I’m alone again

    When you feel, hell above you – Pack weeds and be left out
    And no reason to call any names
    When you know it just City Slang


    See, It’s allright, time in your life – Cos I refusal to take you
    Messiah it’s kind, treasure to find – Gonna be civil who shake you
    And all of the low, there’s no echo – This gyu’s fellow gonna follow me
    Satan it take, inside of break – C’mon baby let us premiere in

    Keep a talkin those city dreams
    Well you know allright you know what I mean
    Detroit, Chicago, Now New York to L.A. –
    They all been talkin bout City Slang

  26. Nathan G says:

    This one really grew on me!

  27. gene says:

    when i first heard city slang i really didnt know if it was just cheesy or too cheesy – sort of razor foam commercial surf soundtrack – however, one reason srb didnt continue to record songs for an album or so was, afaik, that they backed iggy on a us(?) tour then. you guys know about that?? i came across a couple of iggy late 1970s bootlegs, never have seen one w/ srb as backing band. cheers.

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