Klan – S/T 7″

Pushin Too Hard is, as most of you may know, a great cover of the Seeds classic done in that typical So. Cal. punk rock way. Strange that you can directly hear that it´s an old 80´s Cali band yet it has a sound all of their own often marked by great a vocalist and enthusiastic instrumentation.

This was later reissued with a sleeve. Why didn´t the first press have one?

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Posh Boy
Format: 7″
Pushin’ Too Hard.mp3
Cover Girl.mp3

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  1. Jughead says:

    This is the precursor to the Simpletones. They were from Downey California. Isn’t there a demo with early versions of Cardboard Crotch and the like? Thank you for this!!! Here’s the front of the cover http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/252/799335.jpg

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yeah that front cover is for the 90s reissue. I think there where only one of them moving on to the Simpletones right?

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    RIP Snickers!

  4. Didn’t know the cover came for from the 90s repress. Great, kinda forgotten release.

  5. stinky82 says:

    how about posting 1st Controllers EP? Someday? :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    great record. i have it on greyish vinyl with p/s and this is the repress from the 90’s.

  7. Tony says:

    Fact checking- “…the Seers classic…”- that would the Seeds with a D. Unless of course you meant Sears, the American department store ;) I have a Klan rehearsal tape from 1979 with a bunch of unreleased songs on it, I need to post that on my blog one of these years. I know I haven’t posted many comments lately, but lots of nice posts as always! I have a copy of the 90’s repress of the Klan 7″ with the thin, fragile, semi-glossy sleeve. Mine’s on red vinyl. Posh Boy did a bunch of 7″ reissues in like 1991 of 1992 and most of them had picture sleeves– Youth Gone Mad EP, Adolescents “Amoeba” 7″, Klan 7″, Rik L Rik 7″, etc, etc.

  8. This KLAN cover kicks the hell out of Seeds, Seers and Sears any day! The definitive version!

  9. fred says:

    I thought it was Simpletones first, then the Klan and the Chiefs?

    I wanna hear that demo, I have only ever heard one tune from it, Chicks and Politics.

    Posh Boy never did much with record artwork, look at those ugly 12″ “new wave birthday party” ep sleeves. The only stuff he did that looks good, was when he had Bomp’s artist do the artwork. It is still unbelievable to me today, that LA labels had NO money.

  10. hey man, you never got to me about those records. drop me a line, i’d really like to get some out there!

    -Mat DaFuc

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Fred, you might be right. Anyone know the facts about the order of the bands.

    Ha ha I meant Sears the US store of course. Thanks Tony for the spell checking :D.

    By the way I haven´t comment on your blog lately either and I just saw that you got the OPUS 7″ up there. Holy shit! Must take a listen later on.

    Punk N Rocker: yeah you wanted to send over some 7inches to Sweden. I´ll check my inbox to see if I can find your mail. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. dewey decimal says:

    Just based on record release dates and Flex Book, Simpletones was before Klan. Love this, almost as good as Bloodstains.

  13. Jughead says:

    Dewey thanx you’re right…If anyone is interested The Simpletones fly under the moniker ‘Simpletones A.D.'(RIP Snikers) and have a myspace page. Clicky on the pics button for some great old flyers and misc. ephemera,including a pre-Simpletones cover with the trax like cardboard crotch and We are the one!>>>. Oh, they were from Rosemead California…Thanx again Peter

  14. Tony says:

    Simpletones came first, then the Klan, then the Cheifs. Two members from the Simpletones- Rabit and Jerry Koskie- went on to the almighty Cheifs- Rabit pounded the drums while Jerry sang for them. They definitely hardened their approach after the poppier and fluffier Simpletones- damn, the Cheifs were so loud and great- Rabit’s drumming on songs like “Blues” or “Hollywest Crisis” is such great bashing. And Koskie’s vocals are so good. Another member of the Cheifs, the bassist Bob Glassey, sang for a Portland band The Rubbers who were on the “10-29-79” comp LP with the song “Riot Squad” (which the Cheifs later did in a much punkier version on the great “Who Cares” comp LP in 81). Snickers from the Simpletones went on to the Klan, and- according to the liner notes for “Everything Went Black”- apparently was “guest vocalist” for Black Flag at one show in the post-Chavo/pre-Dez phase when they played shows with no singer (wish tapes/videos of some of those shows existed). I feel like a computer sometimes with all this trivia I keep stored up in my head…

  15. joe says:

    Tony, you ought to put all that trivia to text, and put it up somewhere on the net.

  16. fred says:

    I always post this in comments somewhere or other about once a year, but LA bands that someone out there should track down:

    * The Schizos (with Ricky and Micky Retardo, they were friends of the Rotters. Ricky Retardo became LAs first death rocker Dave Grave and is now in LA band Frankenstein, someone has a tape and photos, I am sure, ask him!)
    * The Strap-on Dicks!! what happened to them?
    * The Oziehares (with Emil, also in Twisted Roots, they had a cool tune, Mr Potatohead)
    * The Scoundrelz (with Tony Alva, some songs are on skateboard comps)
    * The Sacred Cows (with crazy Craig Weatherwax, he always dresses like his cousin Pugsly from the Adams Family!, he was later in Scratch Bongowax)
    * Gumby Riot (dwarf singer named Boris!)

    • Layne Oosthuizen says:

      Saw your post when I was bored and googled my old band’s name (Oziehares). If you want to know what happened to us let me know. I can fill you in on what happened to me, but, I don’t know how the other’s have done with their lives.



  17. fred says:

    Sorry one more:

    * The Barf (a Damned/Johnny Moped style band who played under the name Static Cling on the Gong Show, don’t pee yourself while watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VufLdzIIfZ0)

    • Tommy Rojo says:

      Hi there. This is Tommy Rojo, Bassist from the Punk Band “The Barf” aka “Static Cling” which aired on the Gong Show from 1978-1979. We hail from The Inland Empire, So Cal. We were chosen personally by Chuck Baris for our song ” I Want To Be Your Sausage” to be a gag act which tuned into a surprise large Fanbase following.

  18. Chuck Foster says:

    Yeah, great cover song and great B-side. I first heard this version of “Pushin’ Too Hard” on the first Rodney on the Roq comp that I downloaded from Good Bad Music (I’ll leave comments on your blog one of these days Erich – the Italian hardcore was especially a great find). I didn’t realize they were connected to The Chiefs. Pretty cool!
    As for Stinky 82’s request, I urge you NOT to post The Controllers’ stuff as I’m pretty good friends with Chris Ashford of What? Records and he licenses his old releases out for reissue. You can buy The Controllers CD with everything they recorded from Bacchus/Dionysus (it’s really good) or, if you want just the 7″, it’s on the What? Records comp, which is now available on Bomp and has a lot of great stuff on it.
    Fred, I’ll be talking to Chris sometime tonight. I’ll ask him about those bands. He tends to know everybody.

  19. Artifix Records says:

    Oziehares stuff supposed to be on CD soon…not by Artifix though…Scoundrelz stuff may be out within a year or so…maybe out by Artifix…maybe not…

  20. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey Fred, I remember the Strap-on Dicks! What did happen to them??? How about the Rippers?? I used to see there name spray painted by Poobahs records in Pasadena. Long live the Oziehares!!!!

  21. I just ripped some Scoundrelz for one of my next posts. Stay tuned!

  22. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Chuck, no Controllers stuff will be posted. I think the 7″ has been reissued too or is it a boot?

  23. Chuck Foster says:

    Peter! Which 7″? Neutron Bomb? I asked Chris Ashford and he wasn’t wasn’t aware of any, at least he didn’t license any. Please let me know which one and I’ll verify it with him. And thanks for not posting Controllers stuff. He seemed relieved when I told him that.

    Fred, no luck with the bands. Sorry!

  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I checked the Flex site and it’s a boot:

  25. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And just to be clear I remove anything that bands don’t want to be here like: Zero Boys-History… or Hated-Seize… etc.

  26. Doctor Bomb says:

    Someone should post the one Neighborhood Watch record. I loved that Delicious Vomit song back in the late 90’s…

  27. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It won’t be posted here but you can listen to it:

  28. Aimee says:

    I have a couple of clips up of the Oziehares when they played the Vex in 1981. Go to the “photo” tab at http://www.punkrockmemoir.com, and then to “video”.

  29. zach says:

    great, short 7″. thanks.

  30. Sac says:

    Well I’d say the New Bomb Turks were definitely influenced by this song…you should definitely check out “So Long Silver Lining” from their At Ropes End album. Dead ringer if you ask me.

  31. Phoenix says:

    I used to go see the simpletones at the hong kong cafe. I knew snickers pretty well. Remember his leopard hat?

    Phoenix (aka jade)

  32. DamagedDamon says:

    Awesome Man Cant Wait to hear this one.. I Loved the garage sound Of The Seeds Version of this song Just a Classic..

  33. Nathan G says:

    Great 7″!! I think the Seeds cover is just about equal to the original even though noone could match the unique charisma of Sky Saxon..fuck I am turning into a hippy!!!!

  34. My apologies that it has taken me 2 years to find this entry. Thankfully, Tony and others have corrected some of the glaring errors in band history.

    The Klan were a “joke” party band in Huntington Beach that existed at the same time as the Simpletones. In the summer of 1979, both Snickers and I were hanging out a lot at the beach with The Crowd and their associated friends, one of whom was Steve Houston whose band was The Klan. Snickers filled in on vocals for them. They played backyard parties to get drunk, their songwriting skills were extremely limited, exemplified by the “B” side, “Cover Girls”.

    I had booked studio time to record The Fly Boys (who later opted for Frontier Records). The Fly Boys cancelled so I told Jay Lansford he was welcome to use the 4 hour recording block. He got busy and he took The Klan into the studio.

    On first listen, I was not impressed with the 2 recordings. It was only after mainstream writer Gene Sculatti had somehow heard of The Klan and called them “boss” that I decided to press 100 singles on black vinyl as a kind of joke, the label bearing the legend “By Demand of Gene Sculatti”. There was no picture sleeve as there was no demand for a Klan record. Nonetheless as it was a Seeds cover, Rodney Bingenheimer liked its rawness and we subsequently added it a year later to the first Rodney On The Roq album.

    But The Klan never struck me as a viable band. If they had applied themselves to any degree I would have eagerly done a “real” record for them. After all, I was signing up everybody else in O.C. at the time.

    Fred in his comment above almost had it right!

    Posh Boy never did much with record artwork, look at those ugly 12″ “new wave
    birthday party” ep sleeves. The only stuff he did that looks good, was when he had
    Bomp’s artist do the artwork. It is still unbelievable to me today, that LA labels had
    NO money.

    The conclusion is absolutely right as far as my label was concerned. Every picture sleeve was a huge financial commitment unless you knew you could sell a minimum of 2000 units during the first year of release. 5000 units was optimum.

    TSOL only sold 2000 in 1981. Agent Orange’s Living In Darkness would not have sold more than that in its first year of release.

    Fred, you’ve insulted a lot of great illustrators who did covers for me, from Ginger Canzoneri (Simpletones, Beach Blvd.) to Keven J. Walker (TSOL, CH 3 e.p.s.). Of course there were turkeys, the disco sleeve being the most notable. I did a few covers with Diane Zincavage who worked freelance out of Bomp but her work has not escaped criticism, either.

    We did not have the luxury of being able to scrap an album cover if I or the group did not like its design, the fault(s) only appearing at the film or printed stage.

    At other labels, it was standard practice to junk covers. I saw it first hand.

    So, Fred, you were not impressed by the 1981 series of Posh Boy singles sleeves, viz. Agent Orange, Black Flag, Social Distortion, Shattered Faith, Los Microwaves?

  35. ryan says:

    What happened to the skoundrelz and oziehares rereleases mentioned above? Coming out anytime soon? And info about these bands would be great!

  36. Giovanni says:

    If anyone is interested in speaking with my brother Tony from the Santa Barbara punk band Strap-on Dicks, let me know.

    • Stewart says:

      My Dad was the drummer, Nick Anger. I don’t know if they’re still in touch, but I’d love to try and get a hold of him.

    • Dean says:

      Tony and I were in Affliction in 1982-3 with Mark Weagant drums, and Lynn Rousseau, vocals(hell, I never knew how he spelled his name!), I played bass, Tony, guitar. We stayed friends for a long while, then I lost track of him some where in about 1990. Is he OK? Ask him to find me on Facebook “Dean Steele”

    • Dean Steele says:

      YES! Tell Tony Dean has been searchin’ fer that boi for decades…We played together in Affliction in 1981(?) or so and remained friends until I finally moved back to L.A. I the pizza and beers. Dean

  37. Danny Ruiz says:

    Hey, it’s Danny from the Simpletones. Robby Fields aka Posh Boy is wrong once again. The Klan emerged after the end of the Simpletones.
    R.I.P. Snick

  38. JC says:

    Simpletones was before the Klan Dopes !!!

  39. Jason "Misfit" Fluharty says:

    Tony PLEASE post that KLAN DEMO! I sent away for the Klan 45 from Posh Boy years aho….love that beach punk sound! HATED,CROWD,TSOL,DETOURS,ETC..When I was playing bass for the STAINS,we covered Pushin Too Hard at the Frontier Records 30th Anniversary gig as an homage to Snickers who also sang for the STAINS and lived with Robert the guitarist for years…LA PUNK RULES…

  40. Lauri Strain says:

    The Barf aka Static Cling had nothing to do with The Klan.

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