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Klan – S/T 7″

Pushin Too Hard is, as most of you may know, a great cover of the Seeds classic done in that typical So. Cal. punk rock way. Strange that you can directly hear that it´s an old 80´s Cali band yet … Continue reading

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Badboll – S/T E.P. 7″

Here’s a little gem that I judged by the cover, and expected some we-just-bought-our-instruments-and-they-sound-like-this-punk by a bunch of snotty teenagers. Well, as you can hear by yourself this is not as snotty and amateurish as it looks, and I would … Continue reading

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Sonic Rendezvous Band – S/T 7″

I’m more into good songs based around melody, arrangement(that dosen’t include a guitar god wanking around for 5 minutes), chord patterns etc then guitar riffs but sometimes they grab me. Here’s one example. City Slang is, hold your breath, 5:23!! … Continue reading

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Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell – S/T E.P. 7″

Demented vocals fucking around with chainsaw guitars, you know you need it. Destry Hampton sounds even more demented then the singer of Mentally Ill, that should tell you something. Yet a band I know nothing about except that their one … Continue reading

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Ravjunk – Bohman, Bohman / All Along The Watchtower 7″

Here’s a timeless Swedish classic  7″ with some great punk for all us lovers of harmonica! Did I just make you throw up? All I can say about it is: never mind the harmonica, here’s Ravjunk! The b-side is a … Continue reading

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