GG Allin – You Hate Me + I Hate You E.P. 7″


Listen to GG here. Fuck he really had some great talent. What a voice! And though all songs are great You Hate Me is just MIND BLOWING!! It SOUNDS so fast thanks to the fantastic playing by The Jabbers. I think this 7″ has to be one of the 10 most rotated records on my turntable during the last 28 years. I don’t know what else to say this record speaks pretty much for itself. 

Now let’s hope this shitty blog don’t go down again anytime soon. You love me and I hate you!

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Orange
Format: 7″
You Hate Me And I Hate You.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Fucking fabulous record!

  2. fred says:

    Back in the early ’80s when I erroneously thought I was the only one in LA tracking down rare punk 45s, I landed most of GG’s coolest records at Rhino. Those funny magic marker artwork records were sitting unbought in the bins for a year or two, until I gave them a try! I was so jazzed, I even nabbed the original copy of Eat My F*ck which became my favorite punk album for many years!

    I was bummed later to find out that when he did play LA back then, he played with the Omlits and Naughty Women, two bands that, again, I thought I was the only one who consistently went to see these types of bands! How did I miss that one show? Everyone else had “moved on” to bad hardcore!

    Finally in ’93, about a month before GG died, he played in Denver (where I had moved years before), actually it was Littleton, CO, in a rented out empty store in a nothing strip mall. And what a show! It was mostly high school age kids yelling “Why don’t you kill yourself?!?!”. He beat them with folding chairs while they panicked, screaming, clambering over each other through the one exit available, all the while yelling “Maybe you won’t think it’s so f*cking funny anymore!” Ah, memories… (queue sad music)

    • Stanford says:

      Posted on Your are not worthless. You mean the world to soenmoe. You just need to find out who. And don’t ever try to take your life ever you are loved by more people than you think.

  3. Mucky Pup says:

    thanks a lot for this awesome stuff

  4. I’ve been proudly defending GG Allin’s music since 19987 and it never gets old! I still get a thrill when people tell me how lame, and bad GG was. Oh well, there’s no accounting for taste. I’ve got a comic book chronicling my years of devotion to Public Animal #1. It’s called, Slap In The Face: My Obsession With GG Allin. contact me at if you want one. For some time I was writing the official GG bio with Merle, but…well, you can read about THAT and so much more in my comic.

    • Dinesh says:

      Oh how I love GG!If you ever want a fun night, get a bunch of your best bros together, drink a LOT of hard aocholl, watch Hated and then go out to a bar/party. Somebody is getting punched and most likely everyone will get kicked out of wherever you go. Good times!!As ridiculous as his live shows were (it is funny a guy with micro penis that can’t throw a punch would constantly be getting into fights naked) his recorded music wasn’t that bad. It was catchy garage pop-punk, plain and simple. Sluts in the City is maybe my all time fave

  5. hdvns says:

    Never heard this… Fuck Yeah! Some high energy snotty shit! Thanks! And Fred you’re talking about Robt. Omlit’s Omlits, yes?

  6. fred says:

    Yeah, yeah, crazy Robert Omlit. I have an aged cassette of their recordings that I ripped and cleaned up and posted to Usenet awhile back. If you find a rip of the Omlits, that is from me. Once when I saw the Omlits they had a hot topless girl playing bass!

    There is a cassette demo somewhere of the amazing Naughty Women, but someone borrowed it back in ’82 or so, so now it’s gone. Someone should rleases that, it was a great tape! I saw that one tune from the demo made it on a comp “F*ck Yourself”, plus they had two rerecorded tunes on a Smoke Seven comp. They played Doll/Stooges style, covered the stage in aluminum foil strips, pornography (like Fear, eh!?) and mannequin heads made to look like decapatited new wave chicks! I remember the singer getting head onstage from an enthusiastic slutty girl at one show! I used to see the Mentors alot too, back at the ol’ Cathey! Nig-Hiest… Mau Maus… is the Cathey torn down? must be…

  7. Eric says:

    ah, this is awesome.
    GG sounds – well – coherent, maybe?
    I’ve heard some stuff from “Troubled Troubadour” and a couple of other compilations and it’s not near as energetic or as good (in most cases) as this. I don’t know the timeline off the top of my head, but if this was earlier, maybe later on he was just going for the shock value, i.e. “Expose Yourself to Kids.”
    I dunno…

  8. Jay Thurston says:

    Cathay is still there, it is some sort of business now. I loved that place. I saw many, many, bands there. Best gigs at Cathay were Plain Wrap, N.O.T.A, Lazy Cowgirls, V.O.A…shit, every show was great!

  9. Ian says:

    All punks who grow up in New Hampshire, GG’s home state, love this man and we spend our whole lives defending him to people once we move away. We take great pride in GG Allin where I come from and are always pointing people towards his great recordings with the Jabbers. Thanks for posting this!

  10. dewey decimal says:

    Awfully simple, but still GREAT. So much better than what came after, though I love my copy of the drink, fight & fuck 7 inch–coupla nasty classics on that one.

  11. Francisco says:

    Awesome to see GG getting some respect. Some great Punk Rock n’ Roll in those early days. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  12. Renik says:

    Some people here in Portland, Oregon these days, that don’t quite know what’s going on, have the misconception that if GG Allin ever played here back in the day, nobody would have gone to see him. That is so far from the truth, because when he did play here in 1993, he had the Roseland Theater packed, and the Roseland Theater is a pretty big venue. After GG died, his brother Merle told one of my friends over here that GG thought Portland was one of the best towns that he ever played in and he wanted to come back. He was going to play at a Punk Fest here, but he died about 2 or 3 weeks before the fest. So there was only one time he ever played in Portland or Seattle.

    • Otto says:

      Dude you rock, I saw the Roseland video. I’m tryin’ to move to Portland, what’s it like?

      • Renik says:

        I’ve been hanging out in Germany for awhile, but I’ll be moving back to Portland in a few months. Portland’s cool. It’s changed a bit over the years though. Lately it’s getting a bit yuppified. It’s a fairly big city, but it doesn’t have any massive skyscrapers. It kind of looks like downtown Cleveland or Indianapolis, but it has more of a Seattle kind of vibe.

        I need to get a copy of the video from the Roseland show when I return to Portland. Merle is still selling all kinds of GG Allin videos. I think he has a video that has the show in Portland and the show in Seattle from the night before that was at Under the Rail.

        Portland has became a bit PC over the years which has led some people to mistakenly beleive that if GG Allin ever played in Portland nobody would have gone to see him. The video of the show at the Roseland is proof that those people are very mistaken. Portland was a bit different in 93 when GG came there.

  13. Alan says:

    Fuck yes. Thanks for posting.

  14. Rubbish says:

    GG IS THE KING OF PUNK…even if he is dead
    i bought this 7″ for $20 about 13 or so years ago,gave it to a friend who takes better care of his records then i do…you cant find his vinyl for sale anywhere now,not that i’d pay out the butt for a damn record!

    gg had REAL talent,anyone who knows his story knows this as a fact
    his subject matter is another issue,perfect for pissed off 15 year olds

  15. Ian Lawrence says:

    A little known fact about all these Jabbers recordings is that GG played the drums on all the studio recordings! not only was he a great singer/ frontman but a killer drummer as well!

  16. ey ian, not only did he play drums on some of the older stuff but during the eighties (some of my fav stuff) he did vocals – drums and even bass on some recordings, ones hardcore fans know and didn’t know he’s doing 75% off all the work. his lyrics and intensity are unmatched in music period. WAR IN MY FUCKING HEAD!! he’s my god, the Rock’n’roll Terrorist – God of Fire in Hell – The Gypsy Mother Fucker – Faggot Freak – Antisocial MastErbator – what you’d get if you satan raped the virgin mary.

  17. Mark Spiders says:

    Long live GG! I played the Seattle show mid 1993 at Under the Rail with GG. My band Willard “The Sound of Fuck”, opened for him. Before the show after soundcheck GG says to me “nice Marshalls” (referring to our amplifiers and cabinets) “can we use ’em”? he asked. I though to my self FUCK NO and said to GG “Sorry man I just don’t like the idea of shit in my grill cloth”. GG laughed and said he understood. During his show he shit on our record (yes we still sold vinyl albums), would whip the microphone around violently and then relase it straight into a guys face in the crowd some 20 feet away with absolute perfection. BOOM you would hear over the sound system as it smacked the unsuspecting fan. He spit on people, pissed on people, broke bottles and cut himself with them, jumped offstage and fought all the skinheads at once (HE LOST). This guy was on fucking fire! After the show we were getting high waiting to get paid and I asked his brother Merle how he liked touring with GG? He replied “Its cool except for when he tries to fuck me”. “Oh he fucks you over sometimes huh” I replied. “NO” Merle said, “sometimes I wakr up in the van and he is trying to fuck Me”! We took GG’s shit covered garden glove and night gown back to our rehersal space. WHAT A SHOW, I’LL NEVER FORGET IT! Mark Spiders

  18. elliott says:

    hey mark i have that tour shirt and was wondering what that sound of fuck thing was about. didn’t know it was a band. thanks for clearing that up.

  19. zach says:

    great record!! thanks!

  20. Hell Bent says:

    Thanks for publishing(,) Assface! What a ditry, deplorable, dirty, dirty guitar sound on that stinky bitch. Yeah!

  21. Urrke T says:

    Back in 1982 when I was 15, I discovered & bought the “Gimme some head” 7″. It was so good that when I was in Stockholm that same year, I went into Woolfies Impossible record store and bought everything he had with GG. Which was this “You hate me..” 7″, a 7″ with the scumfucs, the “always was..” LP + a great live-cassette tape with the astounding last words “thank you & goodnight I hope you all get killed on your way home”. Early GG rocks as much as early Skrewdriver & early Hitler if you get me ;-P ha ha!

  22. Urrke T says:

    Ps. I´d LOVE if anybody could post the Mal Practice Band – Love Tunnel / Devil’s Triangle (7-inch) here!!! (?)
    Dying to hear it! (GG & Merle in 1977)

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Since we’re only two persons posting our record collections here I doubt it. I don’t have it and I don’t think Martin has it either.

      • Nathan G says:

        Please DON’T post it. Leave it to people who post bad bar band crap. Maybe the guy who runs Glorify The Turd could help?

  23. Rubberman says:

    If you don’t like GG….you are a pussy!

  24. Justin Destruction says:

    Does anybody know if any of these early GG songs were recorded on video? There are tonz of videos of the 90s performances, but I can’t find a video recording of “I Jate You and You Hate Me.”

  25. d.rock says:

    i just found a red vinyl 7” of u h8 me (gg)love the jabbers.didn’t know gg also did drums and sum bass,really wish jabbers woulda lasted longer with gg.honestly suprised lasted as long as they did,even in his early dayz.when i learn how i will post my collection asd well but im a lill tech loser,still learning how to use this m,achine every day

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