HS Art – Skrytpryl ’80 E.P. 7″


Here’s something for Erich as this is yet another Swedish social democratic piece of well used oil. The song Vattenplask was included in TV EYE// Drummer’s new years post 2 years ago, so if you missed it back then you’ll get a new chance to enjoy the great drumming in that song before the vocals kicks in. Very amusing in my opinion, so I guess no one else here will agree.

HS Art took their name from the Swell Maps song and I guess they had a huge bug problem at home in Sandviken as both songs on the a-side deals with bug related problems. Maybe Anti-Cimex could have helped them if they were around (or Black Flag if the band had been based in USA), but instead they put their trust in Nippon. I guess you can always rely on the Japanese when it comes to insecticide. Maybe I should mention Roach Motel as well just for the variety.

Damn it, I’m tired as a wildebeest and feel as beaten as the sofa in Gavle’s Ljudstudio. You’ve all heard the story right? If not, here it is. The singer had some problems with the vocals on the first song, so to help him add some attitude during the recording the sound guy started hitting a sofa with a baseball bat while screaming “This is what it should sound like! Come on! More attitude!” I don’t know if it really worked, but at least it resulted in a great E.P. with some kick ass guitar solos.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Akut Debut
Format: 7″
Den kvarblivna myran.mp3
Jag vill inte.mp3
Tv alskarens bon.mp3

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  1. discoscheissser says:

    !00% top quality punk..Genius – really one of the best…nice snow too.
    Beat that vocalist all day long if this is the result..and further proof that Sweden was the cradle of european punk civilisation .
    Many thanks for posting all these glorious tracks – now i must find a copy of my own..(er..hint hint !)
    Stupendous..scintillating..divine afflatus!

  2. Hi discoscheissser,

    glad you liked it, and as a matter of fact I have an extra copy of this fine record…

  3. Jay Thurston says:

    This is a superb punk rock record. Thanks.

  4. discoscheissser says:

    Hello Mr.Faintest Ideas//Drummer..

    Well , thanks for your reply – that extra copy sounds like good luck for me !
    Please could you reply to my email address and we can work out a trade – (what do you give the man who has everything ?! haha.. ), or agree on a price ..

    If only every day was this productive !

    ( jjsimpson77@yahoo.co.uk )

  5. “Attitude, you got some fucking attitude
    I cant believe what you said to me
    You got some attitude

    Inside your feeble brain theres probably a whore
    If you dont shut your mouth youre gonna feel the floor

    Attitude, the one you got, oh baby
    Attitude, the one you got, oh baby
    Attitude, attitude

    Inside your feeble brain theres probably a whore
    If you dont shut your mouth youre gonna feel the floor

    Attitude, you got some fucking attitude
    (attitude) I cant believe what you said to me
    You got some attitude

    Attitude, you got some fucking attitude
    (attitude) I cant believe what you said to me
    You got some attitude.”

    Well, the first track is okay, actually, though you’re right Martin, it breathes the swedish townhall atmosphere of elderly socialdemocrats taking off their shoes for a little dance (“careful”, the leader said, “don’t scratch the floor!”).

  6. Martin says:

    I wish we’ll meet some day Erich, you got the right attitude and you’re funny as hell.

  7. Martin says:

    Sorry Erich, just like Per and Marie sang, you got the look as well. I can’t believe I forgot to mention that in the previous comment.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Holy Shit. I just realized I can download rare Punk singles off this site & I just wanna say You Guys ROCK!!!!!!!

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Vattenplask and TV alskarens bon are really good. Should’ve been a 2 track 7″.

  10. Martin says:

    I have a copy of this records + more stuff (including the very rare and great The End 7″ up up for sale on Tradera.com right now, so check them out and see if you find something you miss.

  11. I have never heard this entire HS Art EP before so thanks much for posting it! It is always exciting to hear Swedish stuff that I am not already familiar with. Great guitar sound, especially on Vattenplask. That End 7″ you’re selling on Tradera is so great, it’s amazing how fast “Krossa” was for 1979. The story behind the band is pretty intense too, like how the one member was kidnapped by raggare and another member (or the same one?) was violently murdered a few years later. I also see that you’re selling the Nasty Boys EP- I have never heard that one, how good is it? Er, you can wait to answer that question until the auction is over so as not to turn off any potential bidders (har har).

  12. Urrke T says:

    I saw HS Art live in Gävle (Hantverkarsalen/Folkets Hus) back in the day 1980 ;-) The bassplayer/singer had a Sex Pistols badge on his guitarstrap which I told him I fancied, and he instantly gave it to me with the words “I don´t care too much for them really, so you have it instead” ;-) I STILL have it in my vaults. Lasse Forsberg, the HS-drummer is today fronting the band Lida Pin.

  13. Urrke T says:

    If you´re dying to get this magnificent EP, then dig deep in your bankaccount and go to: http://www.tradera.com/HS-Art-Skryt-pryl-80-Svensk-punk-80-auktion_210811_126103212
    Good luck (it´s not me who sells it if you wonder btw ;-)

  14. Nathan G says:

    Jag Vill Inte!!!!!

  15. Kanonplatta. En klar favorit.


    We (Bizex-B) played with them in 1981 supporting Lustans Lakejer. But by then this band had changed its name to Rudolf Melchior Band or something along those lines.

    And hello there, Urrke T!
    A former member of Bizex-B.
    And several other bands.

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