Mandarines – S/T E.P. 7″


Four Mandarines became two and shortened their name to just Mandarines, and became as sweet as a sun ripe mandarin. And what could fit any better for Valentines day than some sweet and juicy power pop?

Three nice pop songs and one piano driven long and slow ballad for those of you who loves to slow dance and remember your pre teenage years when you were waiting to ask the cutest girl in class for the last dance before the disco closed. She turned you down? Aah, how sad! You became a punk rocker after that and don’t want to hear pop music? Aah, too bad as this record is all about the melodies and almost singing in tune all the time.

Am I the only one who hears some similarities from Mamma Mia for about a second in the vocal melody to You’re telling lies? By the way, that’s the forth time ABBA’s been brought up in a post at this site, so I think that makes them just as much punk as Bombanfall, or perhaps even more.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1978
Label: EMI
Format: 7″
Trust You.mp3
Lose Your Love.mp3
You’re Telling Lies.mp3
When I Do I Will Die.mp3

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  1. Senap says:

    “When I do I will die” sounds like a song performed by Pete Shelley’s less talented Swedish cousin. And the other 3 tunes gives me an urge to, as we say in Gothenburg, “hoppa in i rutan Ã¥ slÃ¥ ner dom jävlarna!”. In other words pretty boring stuff. Post some HC now Martin. ;O)

  2. Blaine says:

    listening to “you’re telling lies” right now. So good.

  3. Blaine says:

    k, now “loser your love”. So good.

  4. Blaine says:

    don’t trust me though

  5. Oh yes, I love this one! Had it for nearly 25 years now and it makes me smile every time I put it on. Just like Bombanfall, young man.

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    There´s only two problems with this 7″: Lose you love and You´re telling lies. When I do i will die is totally in par with Buzzcocks. Awesome. Scary how Shelley like he sounds.

  7. Lovely compilation ep of some unknown bands from Manchester and New York. If I remember correctly it was handed out at the Social Democratic Party Congress in ´78.

  8. hairy palm says:

    This is pure ABBA punk version

  9. hairy palm says:

    thanks for this man. I just listened to When I Do one hundred times.

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    “When I do, I will die” is a fucking classic tune! Thanks

  11. Spider Lane says:

    Am i the only one who thinks the only “bad” track on this one is “When I Do…”? I love Lies and Lose Your Love, Trust You is kinda eh….but still good. The Last track just doesn’t have the hooks, i guess. Can anyone direct me towards some more bands like The Mandarines, Shivvers, etc?


  12. Martin says:

    I really like “You’re telling lies” as well Lane, so you’re not alone.

  13. martin says:

    For those of you who want this there’s a boot of it on red vinyl available cheap at some distros. I’ve seen it at Lost & Found in Germany and at Hot Stuff in Sweden (who have dirt cheap copies of the Flakes 7″ as well).

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Flakes would be nothing without the singer the rest of the guys are replaceable.

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I like how this post turns out to a Flakes thread.

  16. SICKNICK! says:

    Yeah on the last song,
    the guy sounds hilariously
    similar to pete shelley! haha

  17. jan says:


    I am the guy who played guitar on these songs back in the day.
    Just wanted to google my old band for various reasons and came across this page.
    Thanx for listening and the kind-ish comments..;)
    Not much love at the time but this will do nicely now.

  18. zach says:

    sweet jesus. this is fantastic. got to get my hands on the boot. thanks!

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