Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates – I Kill Hippies 7″


It’s 1983 and these guys didn’t realize punk was dead? Hardcore? Never heard of. Ha ha ha oh man the sleeve! I want to have it as a huge poster. They’re so mean so PUNK! But what puzzles me and makes me think they’re pulling my leg is the guy holding the kitten. Maybe they’re just taking the shit out of the tuff punk outlook? And of course they KILL HIPPIES! PUNX FOR LIFE NOT THE SYSTEM!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Lowlife
Format: 7″
I Kill Hippies.mp3
Mind Loot.mp3

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  1. Martin says:

    This one really puzzles me. I think I heard it about 2 years ago for the first time and I still have to figure out if I like it or not.
    How many hippies were there left in 83 by the way?

    • charlie says:

      lots in calie and new york I was there as a punk and a skin.

      • jack tragic says:

        you are a hero in my book

        • Alex Voog says:

          You are a hero in MY book Jack. The fucking LIT Club was my second home. We hung out a bit before the shows with you (and Dee…..stroy). I have your cd and “Busted at the LIT” – Thank you Rick Banz where ever you are. A photocopy of I Kill Hippies is on my fridge. PUNKSNOTDEAD!!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The only hippies left where: Ian McKay, Henry Rollins, Ray Cappo, Steve Ignorant and Danzig. I think? Anyone else remember?

  3. Senap says:

    Janne Lucas Persson, Ricky Bruch and Bosse Skoglund?

  4. Senap says:

    I haven’t either figured out what I think ’bout this one. Sounds like FritidsgÃ¥rdspunk to me. Were there any freetimehouses in the US of A?

  5. One thing I know fer sure: This is NOT swedish socialdemocratic almost punk. That it is not!

  6. Jay Thurston says:

    I would get chased by hippies with dogs around 1983…so there were long haired people that hated “punks” that we called “hippies”. Good times indeed.

  7. I got chased by teds in 1983. I feel for you, Jay.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I got chased by raggare by they often thought I was a girl so I got away :).

  9. Martin says:

    I took a closer look at the scan of the label and saw that the lyrics to “I kill hippies” was written by (at that time) the social democratic party secretary Bo Toresson, mainly famous (or infamous) for his bottomless hate of hippies and everything related to them, except for Rävjunk who his was quite fond of for unknown reasons.

    I got chased by Folkpartister in 1983. They are a bunch of motherfuckers!

  10. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok I have a hard time confessing this and I hate myself now for what I once did: I threw egg on Olof Palme when he held a speech in Linkoping/Sweden in 1983 :(.

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    Raggare are a bunch of motherfuckers…and don’t say motherfucker, motherfucker!

  12. You really did, Peter? Hahahahaöhsdkjhsdkhffsaöildhfiölushfliuu<ahluglv

  13. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Yes, but don’t tell anyone :(. We went into Domus(now called Konsum a food corporation started by G.H. von Koch in 1899) and stole some eggs then we ran out of to the entrance where we took shelter behind some elders. Popping up behind their backs throwing our eggs against the middle of Gyllen Torget/Linkoping/Sweden where Palme stood on a trailer speaking. I think we throwed 2 eggs each and then ran like hell away from there.

  14. fred says:

    Used to get seriously chased by carloads of longhairs (we called them “Loadies” at the time) with baseball bats and sticks, this happened multiple times, circa 1980. One time this a badass friend yanked a tree out of the ground and chased these asswipes back to their cars scared sh*tless.

    My favorite day of high school was Anti-Punker day 1980. The school principal even caught a whole karate school in the parking lot with nun-chuks and throwing stars. They grabbed me and a couple of friends and got us together in the principals office with some of the karate guys to mediate. They asked the karate school leader what the problem was. “They have been grabbing friends of mine and shaving their heads.” The principal has one of the “victims” brought into the office and he has hair down to his ass. “Apparently, someone has made a complete ass out of me” Me and friends fall over laughing and can’t stop for a long time! One of the best moments of my life! Newbury Park High School (Near Thousand Oaks) California 1980.

    NPHS Class of 1976: Belinda Carlisle, Lorna Doom, Donna Rhia, all former members of the Germs! All 3 are assumed names.

    • jack tragic says:

      i consider you a trooper, any time yer in c.t. look me up! WE KILL HIPPIES!! take care bro’ jack tragic

      • jack tragic says:

        thanx for the message! do you play an instument? i am trying out some new band members. i live in east hampton c.t. jack tragic….
        leave a phone #

        • larry axe powell says:

          love you man my cell is860 8934374 home 860 8934374 call me im the best bass player ive been listing to the stuff tight and genius

  15. Max says:

    Finally got to hear a track that wasn’t Shell Shock Joe, not bad

  16. dewey decimal says:

    Funny as shit and kinda fun to listen to, but a load of shit, really.

  17. Jay Thurston says:

    Hey Fred, I was from the valley as well, and yes the “loadies”, “hippies” and “jocks”, were always a threat and hated us…those were the days!

  18. fred says:

    Haha, shoot, from Newbury Park, I had to drive half an hour before I even got far enough south to hit the Valley. There were five punks in N.P., five in Westlake, maybe 8 in T.O. At least around 1980 or so.
    Dave Grave was the local hero. He sang for two Moorpark College bands, The Schizos and sometimes he sang for The Rotters.

  19. mrpoopy says:

    Anyone hear that CD they put out around 1990 or so? Always wondered what it sounded like. I’m guessing pretty bad.

  20. Mike says:

    Grew up Near NY city. Jack was a local legend. Simply the best punk around. Jack is still hard core. Still hates the geayful dead and yes hates hippies!

  21. hairy palm says:

    This sucks. Some of the worst songs I have heard from a punk band.

    • jack tragic says:

      i’d love to hear YOUR BAND, WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN JUDGE PUNK? it’s PUNK ROCK you idiot!!!! it’s about playing shit that is’nt on the radio every ten seconds. WHY shit on punk? it was fun!! it was trash!!! it was ANY THING THAT WAS’NT LYNYRD SKYNYRD. our live shows were FUUUUNNNN! you JACKASS!! do you go around criticizing every punk band that ever played a keg party? i did it because it was mine! it was never gonna be on the radio! this was when mtv just started. why shit on some kids just having a good time. you are a wanna be punk. you are the loser, tou are the reason i started playing guitar.

      • Anonymous says:

        That all may be true, JT, but this still sucks. Obviously, you don’t care about actual music or you’d be able to admit that. You crazy Punk, you!

  22. malfeitor says:

    You want to see a band member holding a kitten??? Then look at this-


    Picked up this record because of a thank you to Missing Persons, recorded in 82, and the fact that the A side clocked in under 2 1/2 minutes. Wish I would have looked at their Myspace first. What the fuck??????

  23. Alex says:

    This record is from Connecticut. One of the few great records from the state.

  24. Dex says:

    There were plenty of hippies in Hartford in 1983 and virtually no punks. When the Courant wanted to do a story on punks their two choices were Tragic or me, Trag had the look and the broken home background to back it up. They were truly dumb, just looking for something shocking to say or do, but no surprise considering how boring it was in Hartford at that time. They were really more like metal than punk, all the songs were too long. Hippies was the best song they had in 1983, never heard the later stuff.

    • jack tragic says:

      hi dex, did you grow up on welfare in hartford? why shit on me? who was THE SCENE? NOT ANYONE ELSE! i was raised a block from the lit. KEEP SHITTING> i am still alive decadus, and i thought you and i were friends. i guess the modern look were the hardcore heroes of the day. please write back decudus. lol jt still alive

      • Kevin says:

        I remember the night at the Lit Club when Dex was in the Crawling Smash he was up on stage and thought it was great thay Jack and Cus’ Dave where throwing beer at him, then he found out it was not beer but piss.

        Can still picture it today, funny as a bastard.

  25. Rubbish says:

    kansas city kansas the mid 80’s…
    no hippies,a few hoods/rogues aka longhairs but no problems from those goofs
    had a few redneck and preppy incidents out in the suburbs but they were handled in a teenage punk manner,great fun!

    not great fun and the reason we always carried razors, knives,rocks,hammers,and anything else we could threaten people with the black kids hated us,us being me and my friend the only two “hardcore” 13/14 year olds in a mostly black town (where we lived any how),the “skaters” lived further out and didnt have to deal with gangs (20+!!) of kids chasing them,my friends mom saved us from a certain death one day by somehow coming upon us in a parking lot facing off 20+ motherfuckers getting ready to kick our asses for being white boys in their ‘hood,she was crazy as fuck and hated us too but she pulled a gun on the kids and they took off,she then bitched us out and slapped my friend in the face,thanks…you bitch

    being a punk in the middle of nowhere with no clue as to what was “punk” was great fun(i got a million dollars of broken windows to my name!!!)

    on the post…not bad but not the best,i hate hippies!
    the cover is excellent!

    here is info on my i kill hippies release,not punk in the musical sense but punk in spirit
    i had no idea about this 7”,i kill hippies is a phrase i have used for years,hippies are in general plastic and close minded,fuck’em


    • jack tragic says:

      i wish that i had recorded a harder more vicious version, but i was 16 and it was 1982 .i recorded the real version in 89 on white nigger rising.(crypt records) that version sums it up. “RUBBISH” you really had a hard time, it mirrors the way all punks were treated if they lived in the cities that had’nt seen punks. in n.y. the pueto ricans and blacks in the lower east side used to shoot at the people that played a-7, 2+2 and even cb’s. they actually killed a few of the guys, (and raped, stabbed to death some squatter girls from outta town.) hartford was the worst though, we were jumped, i was stabbed twice, my roadie was murdered- just because of the way he looked. ignorance will never go away. you’re a real punk. when i release the REAL stuff i recorded in the mid 80’s you’ll get one in your mail box. j.t.

  26. …excellent dumbpunk trash from West. Mass. – though they turned into a punk band of the hate rock persuasion in the late ’80’s with the LP “White Nigger Rising” – which is not bad… racist, mysogynistic, and homophobic in the extreme – loud, fast, hard driving punk with songs about drug abuse, welfare, and feminists. The first EP, as well as the more metallish one from ’85, plus the ’89 LP, are all available on one CD, “Coming Down Like A Hammer.” I found one on Amazon for $2. These repugnant fuckers don’t even have a MySpace though.

    • jack tragic says:

      we where and are a hartford/ new york band we played hartford for 2 or 3 yrs then new york for 10 yrs then s.f. for the next phase. if you judge me by wnr then you don’t know jack.

  27. jack tragic says:

    hi, i am jack tragic. say whatever ya’ want, write whatever ya’ want. you are all mamma’s boy rich kids. i grew up in the city. i have been stabbed, spit on, beat on, and addicted to drugs. the music that you shit on came from my heart, are you jealous? show me your material. loser bitches. the c.d. everyone is talking about, was STOLEN from me. not one penny has touched my hands. kieth donaldson and bacchus archives AND dionysus records are going to federal court. IN HARTFORD. you have nothing better to do than shit on ME??? GET A LIFE!! you washed up old HIPPIES! I WROTE IT!! see if you can get a job POO POOING music that is 30 years old. you make me sick. i had the best shows in the 80’s, except for the nerds and hippies that i pummeled- need i say more. GO DIE- AT LEAST I AM STILL A MALE!!!……

    • Jay Thurston says:

      It seems, Jack, that you have been a lot of things in life…as well, as been through a shitload too. I have been to places that you would never step foot in, just to get my fix. So, don’t be acting like you are the only addict that is still alive. I work for a living, still go to “punk” gigs, and still hate hippies. So there. I spit in your face…I know you are loving it!! Hahahaha…cheer up.

      • jack tragic says:

        spit away, mr. done it all. let’s meet. i’d love for you to spit on my face, jay. sickness is not a contest. words are for cowards…anyone can reinvent themselves on the internet. jay thurston says: i am bored, i am a liar, and i want to get a rise out of someone i do not want to know. you seem like an intelligent KID. but, a spitting contest you will not win. i know hell, i’m living it now, not w/ mommy and daddy like some of these other pigs. i did it to me, and everone else, now i am alone. the fact that you probably have a job, car, or live w/ your parents/ old lady or COLLEGE> cheer up…as far as places i would’nt step foot in, it does’nt exist. e-mail me, you seem interesting. hell stepper

        • Anonymous says:

          Oops…it seems as though you took what I had stated to be demeaning toward you or the way you live/lived. I was just letting you know in my own demented way that I have been to some fucked places in my addiction…that is all. I am older than you Jack..I have not lived at home since 1981. I have a wife, a home and two cats now. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but I sure hate hippies and I cuss a fucking lot.

    • Erich says:

      I pray for you! And for you too, Jay.

  28. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Never saw the problem with hippies. They spread love and smoke grass what’s the big deal?

    • Erich says:

      They smoke away my grass, that’s why!!!!! But I still pray for them.

      • Nathan G says:

        It’s the generation gap yeah. And another thing: when hippies went into politics look what happened. Listen to “1967” by Dayglo Abortions or “California Uber Alles” by Dead Kennedys for a detailed explanation.

  29. jack tragic says:

    hi , i’m releasing my c.d of the finished versions of the two unreleased albums on caroline, crypt and roadrunner, they all advanced- i won. hi keith. keep in touch. nice comments. jack m.f. tragic. alive and very READY!!!!

  30. Kevin says:

    Dude I still have that stamp that stamped the Lowlife Production on each of the singles. i send it up when I find it.

  31. Mike says:

    Jack, Listening to Ï kill hippies tonight. you were crazy! But gotta say you had skill! I’m 43 years old now but STILL love your musical talent! Energy, passion, skill. You deserve to be a millionare by now!

  32. anon says:

    jack tragic.. capitol records… the lit club .. it all seems like yesterday .. what ever happened to mike morby & wild kingdom? did they all od on dope or something?

  33. elliott says:

    hey peter cats are punk haha. great band name and great album title. thanks for this.

  34. Kim says:

    I think I saw Mike Morby…today…on the subway platform. My heart flew. Like seeing Elvis. I should have pressed the emergency exit button and jumped off that thing. Verification is needed. Plus, if Mike happens to find this note and read it- I miss YOU! Contact me!

  35. shay says:

    lyrics for mind loot?

  36. Tony says:


    This is Larrys nephew. Lets get together and play.

  37. bear says:

    loved your music then still love it today partied with you jake @ dees good times what is he doing know

  38. bear says:

    sorry jack spelled name wrong loved you at the lit club in hartford agora ballroom made my friday nights

  39. Corpus77 says:


  40. Milky Bazooka says:

    Am I alone in thinking Mindloot somehow sounds similar to the theme song to Heathcliff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxCInOkn6OU ?

  41. jack tragic says:

    jealous? how many songs have you written? how many gigs have you played? did mommy and daddy pay for everything? I THOUGHT SO, LOSER!
    i am holding a cat i amm selling posters to losers. i GIVE THEM TO REAL PUNKS NOT RICH KIDS

  42. jack tragic says:

    hey rich mamma boy, where is the money that you owe my ass for all those records that you pressed ILLEGALLY!!! have you ever heard of copyright infringement. YOU STAND TO LOSE EVER CENT THAT YOU HAVE FOR ILLEGALLY MAKING A PIG’S PROFIT FROM ME AND MY MUSIC!! YOU MAKE ME SICK SEE YOU IN A COURTROOM YOU GREEDY PIGGISH TOY MAN. WHY HIDE? GIMME YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!? I’VE ONLY BEEN TRYING TO CONTACT YOU FOR % YEARS COWARD!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Levi Johnston says:

    I might be violating ebay copyright, but to quote directly from the daily report, 1st quarter: “Jack Tragic’s retardation is up 7.2 points. Corn up 11.2. I Kill Hippies at $1.99, corn $34.50 a bushel.”

  44. sean burns says:

    does anyone know where to find the jack tragic track “cinderella frankenstein” its a fucking amazing track

  45. Rick O'Brien says:

    I did a video of Jack way back for cable access. How’s Dave Death these days?

  46. Big Al says:

    I laugh at all the comments if Jack and the Unfortunates were “Posers”. I hung out with them in the early 80’s and was even at a recording session in early 1984 (have pictures to prove it) after I graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp. We hung out and partied at performances and as friends. This band is in NO WAY a “Poser” band!!!!! They’re the REAL DEAL!!!! They lived the EXTREME life reflected in their music EVERYDAY!!!!! Keep it up Jack!!!


    • Los Feliz Lou says:

      As the subserviant component of the “loose fart” branch of the armed forces known as the Navy, Marines’ tough-guy posturing has always reminded me of the Village People’s “Macho Man.” Nothing’s more poseur than that!

  47. Jon says:

    Glad to know your alive jack and someone remembers the Modern Look.

  48. larry axe powell says:

    call me bitch i want to record

  49. Ryan Hamilton says:

    Hey Larry Axe Powell, any chance you remember a chick named Jeanne Hamilton from connetticut from 1983. If not that’s cool my name is Ryan Arien Hamilton you can find me on slave book I mean face fuck I mean facebook. Lol :)

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