Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates – I Kill Hippies 7″


It’s 1983 and these guys didn’t realize punk was dead? Hardcore? Never heard of. Ha ha ha oh man the sleeve! I want to have it as a huge poster. They’re so mean so PUNK! But what puzzles me and makes me think they’re pulling my leg is the guy holding the kitten. Maybe they’re just taking the shit out of the tuff punk outlook? And of course they KILL HIPPIES! PUNX FOR LIFE NOT THE SYSTEM!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Lowlife
Format: 7″
I Kill Hippies.mp3
Mind Loot.mp3

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  1. W.R. Baker says:

    Wow, just ran across this blog and it all came rushing back into my head. I was there.. Jacks house on prospect, Dave at the HOD, Larry smelling like raspberry doughnut filling, shooting bottle rockets at Dee’s porch, Melch in rich boy world. WTF? Out on Long Island, pressing the single. Oh yes my brethren, I now remember…

  2. K al says:

    Jack was a true punk, defined.

    He lived like a pig, acted like a street punk, intimidated others and was over all talentless.

    I remember him as a want to be, his odd inturperting of punk was a joke.

    I laugh at a few of the comments left by his trolls and idolizers, same mindset as this forgetable loser band of Hartford flunkies, are they leaving these comments while using the prison recreation room computers?

    To call this garbage punk is like calling a sandwich a steak.

    Im laughing at the replies left by Jack himself, so poetic, like his stupid music.

    Hoping ole Jack is never back, let this sleeping dog lye, its old now and cant be taught new tricks…………”come jack, get a cookie” for your stupid 30 year old retarded record “good boy jack, calm down, good boy”

    Jack is one of Hartfords music nightmares, one you hope to forget, where ever it is now, it should stay.

    He must be pushing 60, still a dirty boy, junkie loser who thinks his big break is just around the corner at the intersections of Want To Be and Has Been Blvd. just across from Washed Up Ave.

    • Mace R Abrams says:

      K Al,
      It looks like he intimidated you quite well. You sound like a disgruntled poser who Jack probably turned down when you begged to play in his band or someone who didn’t have the talent or spine to put your own music out there.

      As far as being called lowlifes or prison inmates go you couldn’t be further from the truth. You have one time members of Jack Tragic and the Unfortunates who are highly educated and successful. I’m one of them. You have another that is a successful engineer and another who is a financial success in NYC. For myself, I tour with some of the biggest music acts and stages to have ever been on this planet.

      Jack made music that didn’t sound like a carbon copy of anyone else’s. His songs were fun and the audience always had a great time. Jack treated the people around him like family no matter where where they were from and not once in the two years I played with Jack Tragic did he ever disrespect me or other band members.

      I’m so sorry you are all butthurt over it but quit being the real punk and hiding behind a computer screen. Why don’t you tell us what you were doing back then other then perhaps crying about how we let your girlfriend backstage and not you.

    • Jack Tragic says:


  3. Rosalind says:

    Thanks Mace Abrams,
    Roz here who once upon a time was an unfortunate” lead singer ” Jack’s bird from London who ended up marrying the manger W.R Baker , K al was a rich asshole who showed Jack with new Electric guitars and money to press the 45 ,he so wanted in , the only thing he got in was the black & white photo on the cover of ” I Kill Hippie’s ” there’s only two guy’s in that photo that was in the band JACK in the middle & LARRY the bass player standing behind Jack’s left shoulder , we were PUNK TO THE CORE ! Got payed for gigs sometimes with crates of beer , we had a great time , practising in the basement of a bakery playing with the jam doughnut machine , K al hasn’t a clue about Jack , he’s no were near 60 & im still called Rockin Roz & still rockin it out in London so from a punk turned buddhist , I’m sending out the L.O.V.E & LIGHT , with great foundness of wonderful memories, the good old days Roz Baker oh yeah your spot on Mace , Melch rich shithead from N.Y.C if Jack had let him in the band well that would have been calling a sandwich a steak LOL XXX AKA FB Roz little hippy xxx

  4. Aaron G says:

    Mace R Abrams. Yes I know the financial success ,he’s living in our town in Cornwall England, he’s a very clever bloke but still carries a punky attitude. I came here to see if I could find his real name because he’s only ever been know as Melch to us. Maybe this is you Melch?

  5. Michelle says:

    Yeah we were there pretty much from the beginning, me and Lisa F. We were just talking about you. Where are you now Jack? Dave? Melch? et all

  6. Annie Ramone says:

    This thread is funny as f*#k. I’m preparing to be insulted.

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