Gyppo – S/T 7″


A classic UK punker done by a non punker. You get it. It has to be great. Many of the greatest singles where made by punk scam bands like: Helen Keller, Freestone, The Asteroids(?) and many more. High Rise Love is played with such a ferocity(a word that has to be the new “killer”, “destroys” in the punk blogsphere. So I jump on the bandwagon.) it´s hard to believe these guys didn´t dig what they played. I hope they liked it cause they pull it off with such a great feeling.

Free Enterprise is said to sound like the  regular band which happens to be the Gerry Rafferty Band(thanks Mario/45 Revolutions. Buy it!). Surprisingly enough I happen to dig the tune. It´s a great pop song with a nice arrangement and punk lyrics about being a poor boy. Recorded in the second half of 1977 and only released as promo/demo copies in 1979.

Country: UK
Year: 1977/1979
Label: UA
Format: 7″
High Rise Love.mp3
Free Enterprise.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    This is really bad. I mean, this is reallllllly bad. I think this is the worst record ever posted. Horrible stuff.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Jay, now I have to call your mom and tell her you´ve been a naughty boy!

  3. Martin says:

    Brand new record to me, and I really like the a-side. The b-side reminds me a bit of Madness.
    Records like this makes me wonder if the punk cash-ins of today will be yesterdays kbd bands. 20 – 30 years from now bloggers will post rare Good Charlotte cd-singles and get raving comments.

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I was thinking of Madness too when listening to Free Enterprise. Guess it’s the off beat and piano.

    Good Charlotte and Sneaky Pinks will be the KBDs in 30 years.

  5. Martin says:

    “Good Charlotte and Sneaky Pinks will be the KBDs in 30 years.”
    And then I can finally brag about how I accidentally saw Good Charlotte play (or rather mime and pretend to play) at Frölunda Torg a few years ago. Please let the next 30 years go fast…

    I can’t help but wonder which bands will be considered social democratic almost-punk in the future. The Sounds? Mando Diao? Anders Lundin? VrÃ¥la Vägglist? Any suggestions Erich?

  6. Martin says:

    I sure wish I had some of those great and now incredibly rare GC records, but so far I haven’t been able to afford any of them the few times I’ve seen them. I sure wish I picked up some copies at Frölunda Torg when I was young, but back then I didn’t understand how great and important GC were. They were a great live act though as you can see and HEAR on this amazing live clip from Stockholm 2007

    I just want to point out that I saw them at least 2 years before this show when they were incredibly punk and D.I.Y. I know that some of you will say that they always were true to their D.I.Y. punk background (just like U2), which they were (of course), but back in 2005 they were still incredibly raw and rough in their miming. Still so sad that I didn’t pick up their records back then.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Awesome! One comment about the greatness of this record.

  8. Martin says:

    By the way, Jay’s list of the worst record posted here is about to be enough to fill an etire kbd compilation. Should we hit our bags together Peter and press a Killed by Jay LP?

  9. How about “Feel lucky Jay”?

  10. Jay Thurston says:

    That was rather disturbing, Erich and Martin. This is a really bad record…trust me on this one. IT IS REALLY, REALLY, BAD!!!!

  11. Jay Thurston says:

    You too, Peter, that was truly disturbing.

  12. Charlie M says:

    Uh? This is a truly GREAT novelty punk record! And really not bad as a ‘punk’ record in it’s own right. Nearly up there with the greatest Alberto’s pisstake punk tracks – ‘Fuck You’, ‘Kill’ etc
    Its a given – time is a great healer (and all that crap) and bands we ‘hated’ (or derided as laughably bad) in our youth are now all assimilated into the canon of uncritically lauded ‘greats’ – hence why The Exploited, Anti Nowhere League, early Fits + countless others etc. are treated as just a part of punk history nowadays – seperated form the context of the time their records came out. Perhaps rightly?
    But also….great records derided for being uncool or wrongly motivated… they get the same time-healing love they’re due my friends!
    Waffle aside…if this had a cover with 4 spotty oiks on it this would be jizzed over regular-proper-like! It’s got spirit, intensity and a great riff. If some dorks made it as a joke…who cares? It gives me bone. Serious.

  13. behjan says:

    Heard “High Rise Love” the first time on one of the two volumes of the highly under-rated “LOW DOWN KIDS COMPANION” LP and despite that there is no account for taste,I couldn´t imagine someone to dislike this song…
    Finally I was able to listen to its flip-side for the first time -here : Not bad.
    Expected a comment by Steve/LDK on this one as he musta be one of the very few I know of, to have (also) the “much Punkier” Test-Tone drone on the flip (the stock-copies have that one ,if I am right ?!).
    He could explain as how the DEMO-copy of some infamous (sleeve-less) UK 7″… is “easier to obtain” than a STOCK-copy of the same (this GYPPO) record…
    Anyway, those guys who recorded “HRL” should have gotten a whole day in the studio to record similar songs…

  14. Indeed says:

    This is not bad. Free enterprise is the better slice, but god dammit why is there an eigth of this box cut off, I have to guess that I’m writing everything correctly. Anyways, I will compromise on one thing, there is some stuff on 45revs that isn’t that great at all, but there are some tasty burgers floating around in there, like Sleepwalkin’ by John L. Rigby and the Alwoodley Jets. The name reminds me of a xylophone, and it’s not punk at all – the song, that is – but it’s got a good chorus and I have to say, it has kept me from committing suicide and panicking when I’m-a-carousing with the first graders and I’ve locked my keys in my car.
    But as for this Free Enterprise, I think the little snare trembles make the music cool, and the lyrics and the big breasted oppressed holland girl melody is kinda cool. The year justifies that it’s cooler than good charlotte, they don’t deserve to be capitalized. In fact, The Story of Ping, it’s a children’s book about an asian duck and he gets punished I think, I can’t remember, that was written or published in 77, so you know, it all makes sense. Skunkpussies? Ew.

    • Hayley says:

      I’ve recently uploaded a recording of one of the Alwoodley Jets’ songs, titled “Crash n’ Burn” onto Youtube.. It’s good, I recommend you check it out. :)

  15. Indeed says:

    I’ve only been to the sight once, a little dl binge. This one’s been my favorite forever, I had every post up the day it was posted until september, then I had to come back and get it on this very slow computer. It’s for homework only, but they don’t know about my fingerpaintings..

  16. Indeed says:

    ANd by site I mean 45revs

  17. Indeed says:

    And by ‘This’ I mean kbd.

  18. Charlie M says:

    Free Enterprise could almost be an outtake from a Graham Coxon LP…..if he’d done a collab with Madness………..

  19. Paul C says:

    I love both sides of this! High Rise Love reminds me of Not The Nine O’Clock News doing Gob On You. Free Enterprise sounds like the Small Faces or The Band doing Toast.

  20. Hayley says:

    For those of you who remember The Alwoodley Jets and “Viva’s”. I have uploaded a recording of Crash n’ Burn” onto YouTube. You will find this by simply searching the title of the song with its artist or by going onto my YouTube account’s uploads – my account is named “Haylomatic”

    Thanks and enjoy. =)

  21. rob maskell says:

    I’m interested as where the recording of crash and burn by the alwoodly jets is from, if its the single its the first time I’ve heard it in 30 years.

  22. Jean-françois says:

    Hi Bob, the AJ’s old french bassist speaking. Such a beautiful thing may be internet sometimes !
    Nice to read your name. Glad to see you and John here. How about a world tour ?

  23. Nathan.G says:

    The A-side is a classic in it’s class in my humble opinion.

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