The Essentials – Fast Music In A Slow Town E.P. 7″


The Essentials related bands: The Eat and The Reactions. Calls for quality? Yepp. Man that link them together: Pete Moss(drums) who started to unearth some great Florida acts on the net a couple of years ago. Check out his site.

So what do we have on this golden little record? Turn Off Your Radio is pure punk/powerepop madness the way I like it. Super catchy with a great hate the radio lyric that where nearly as obligatory as the hate disco, Reagan, war, mom, dad, sister, brother etc lyrics. With I Don’t Get they prove that HC had nearly gotten down to Florida in 1982. Oh well here comes Johnny. A cheesy rock n roll tune that I can’t stand. But it doesn’t matter that much cause with the last track, It’s Essential, they’re back on track with another super catchy punk tune. Fuck, this is a hell of a great record!! It saved my saturday now it’s going to save yours.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Safety Net
Format: 7″
Turn Off Your Radio.mp3
I Don’t Get.mp3
It’s Essential.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Essentials – Fast Music In A Slow Town E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Absolutely incredible! Stay ill and keep the posts coming.

    When Peter is sick, the music is great,
    All these awesome records, I can tolerate…stay ill, Peter, stay ill.

  2. miss shampoo says:

    what i was looking for!!


  3. phlegm says:

    this is great. what’s the connection between them and the eat?

  4. Martin says:

    I don’t get it is truly great and one of the best new songs I’ve heard this week.

  5. phil stingray says:

    original lead guitarist for the essientials- what’s- up everone/-still playing @ carier guitar their can only be one? hope to hear from ya. ‘hope your doing welll i.d put my website but the music on there is crap. all boring covermusic to make money, would like to venture out & play with c.z. again

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