Friction – Crazy Dream E.P. 7″

Wow another post with a band that’s not from the land of the fat. If there’s a scene I wish I knew a little bit more about it’s the late 70’s early 80’s japanese punk rock. I’ve posted Frictions I Can Tell 7″ a long time ago. And I believe this is their debut? An EP filled with XTCish/Gang of Fourish bass driven beats topped with a little bit of snotty punk. On Kagayakit the bass is so thick it makes me sick. Yes, I almost puke. A 9″ sleeve just to fuck with the storage of it is not too bad either. 

Here’s a nice clip of the young lads:

Country: Japan
Year: 1979
Label: Pass
Format: 7″
Crazy Dream.mp3

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  1. fred says:

    Hey I know this is a stupid way to find out, but lemme ask here:

    Has anyone seen blog posts of Keats Rides a Harley or the Smoke Seven Sudden Death comp? I just noticed that I don’t have MP3s of those, and this USB turntable I bought doesn’t work…. Thanks Clyde!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I have the Sudden Death comp. on Smoke Seven and sooner or later it will be posted. Yes, you guessed it! The blog is my online archive.

  2. Martin says:

    Peter, you’ve sure been on a roll with the posts when I’m working my ass off in school. I wish I was sick so I could post something as well.

  3. Oh fuck, the bubbling noises make ME sick. Sounds punkier – EXCELLENT!! The bass sound is top, wish I had this on vinyl. Must sound HELLISH ojn my stereo. Could you send it over, Peter? 20$? And super nice artwork!!!!

    PS: The bubbles sound, hahahaha – this keeps happening to me again and again, hahahaha. It’s a mac widget called Aquarium or something that sometimes runs in the background with sound. Hahaha – makes EVERY band sound totally progressive.

  4. bs says:

    yeah this record is great!
    hadn’t seen the artwork or the video before…
    good stuff as usual.

  5. malfeitor says:

    If you know little about Japanese punk then I know nothing. This rocks. Of course I’ve never even heard of half the stuff you post. What’s with the big sleeves??? Was that a trend I missed??? I don’t have many but I have to fight the urge to trim them down. It’s like those DVDs that come in bullshit collector tins.

  6. T S-words says:

    Again, something from out of the blue that is great! Your blog makes my life better. Thanks, and peace.

  7. Monger says:

    The video clip is from the movie “Tokyo Rockers” which is more or less the decline of eastern civilization..the footage of SS has to be seen to be believed,,also Lizard,8 1/2,mirrors as well as the invetible clinkers.I have a nice copy on DVD if anyone wants to swap
    as far as Friction goes,this single,the 2nd and the first LP are winners…theres also a “live 79″ 10” i have never heard,but i do have some live tapes from the 78,79 seasons and they are pretty damn good…the 2nd LP “Skin Deep” was transitional into artiness…and we all know about the guitarists “now i wanna be your dogggg” 7″ on Gozira..but i dont know anyone who actually has it!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Ahh I have “Tokyo Rockers” laying around on my external harddrive. Haven’t checked it out yet. Silly me. Thanks for additional info Monger. I’ve been hunting that 10″ without any luck.

  8. Anonymous says:

    love the site. Would be awesome if you had a section where you have all the killed by death/ related comps up, to compliment the comphellation page.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      If I had those comps. it would be fun. But what you really have to do is check the comphellnaation page and if you find a band just do a search here or at Erichs page to see if it’s been posted.

  9. Artifix Greg says:

    I was able to finally get this slab last year after years of looking. Tough to find. Supposedly the first pressing came in two colored sleeves. The blue is the more common and there is a yellow sleeve (same artwork) that is much scarcer. Be careful of the almost identical reissue made in Japan in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. It has only a small newer date printed on the inside of the sleeve or something like. I have not seen the reissue, but when doing research upon buying my copy I stumbled across the info somewhere in cyberspace.

    I agree that Tokyo Rockers is amazing. Worth seeing by anyone seriously into world punk. The soundtrack is rare, but worth the effort. The SS had a live bootleg LP of a 1979 show that came out about ten years ago. Those still creep up on eBay from time to time.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Yeah the yellow sleeve is a tuff one. I’ve seen the reissues on eBay from time to time. The sellers have been kind enough to inform you that’s the case too.

  10. I’d love to see Tokyo Rockers.

  11. Monger says:

    theres also a CD of the SS on alchemy that tacks on an even earlier show from i think 1978…id have to dig it out…the tokyo rockers soundtrack LP is fair…none of the music is in the film,alternate tracks…the one to find is the Tokyo New Wave comp from 79…dont let the “new wave” tag fool you..some rough and tumble,down and dirty punk rock there! Also theres a CD of all the Mirrors stuff…I have both 7″ers and they are great,i think the rest of the CD is live,havent heard it…theres also a Stalin/ Mirrors connection too…i think Stalin shared a member and if im not mistaken or drunk again (both common) Stalin recorded a song off the Mirrors 1st 45…i need to have a japunk night here again
    Erich,where you want me to send the DVD?

  12. fred says:

    again, wrong place for this, but somebody… please… FREE CHRISGOESROCK!!

    loogin forward to someone posting those comps, guess Keats Rides A Harley has been out on CD with tons of extra tracks.

    Friction’s “Pistol”, that’s something else, that intro is so cool…

  13. clayton s says:

    Someone mentioned the Friction reissue 7″ above: Does anyone know if Pass did an exact replica reissue of Tsunematsu Masatoshi’s “Do You Wanna Be My Doggg!?”?? I got my copy for a more than reasonable price which is why I ask.

    • ratig says:

      Clayton, yes T.Masatoshi 7s has been reissued in around 2001, it was same period of the reissue of Crazy Dream EP (blue cover only). As you mentioned, it is an exact replica. Original copies of T.Masatoshi’s 7s is one of the most rare Jappunk records. I have never seen original copy in record shops in Tokyo for long long time. The reissue can be found here in Tokyo around usd15 – 20.

      • Monger says:

        wasnt that originally on Gozira?

        • ratig says:

          Yes, it was originally released on Gozira records in ’78. The single was Gozira’s 3rd release, and 300 copies only. I’m not sure how many for the reissue. I think the reissue was done by Pass back in 2001, but the vinyl has Gozira records’ label same as original release.

  14. jackrudie says:

    As far as I remember both drummer and especially Reck (b/voc) used to play in early incarnation of the Contortions for a short while. I even have a recording from an early Contortions gig which is supposed to have them both in the line up of the band. Then they came back from NYC and formed Friction with Masatoshi, I think.

    • Monger says:

      Reck was in Teenage Jesus and the jerks.He was also in another japanese band,whos name escapes me,who have a horribly rare 12″ from 75..couldnt tell you what it sounded like,but it was reissued a few years back,and i fucked it off.Tokyo New Wave was also reissued on red vinyl,and well worth seeking out!

  15. clayton s says:

    Reck’s old band was 3/3 or “San bun no Sun” or something like that (sure I butchered that name)… but yeah, 3/3. Not as clean and punchy as Friction, but not a bad listen at all.

  16. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Lot’s of tasty info coming in here :)! Really appreciate it.

  17. Monger says:

    Oh,one more thing…crazy dream on the LP is nowhere near as good as this version! its more slower and arty,if thats the word to use

  18. fernando says:

    Oops, it’s been a while since I don’t comment here… Dont know why, since this blog is in my top 5, sorry. Well, thanks for this post, I had this from 7inch if I remember well but the rips here make a difference! Thanks for the excellent scans too
    @Flakes // Drummer, I said that hi! to Jordi, it brought him memories, he told me about Identity & Prank… Oh, and yes, Marathon studios were still around in ’92, the other day I found that Ultimo Resorte’s ‘Post mortem’ LP was remixed there that year…

  19. clayton s says:

    do you have the Boys Boys 7″ on Pass??? It’s gotta be one of the most underrated punky records on the label. The b-side is especially amazing. I’d try to post it if I knew how…

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      No I don’t have the Boys Boys 7″. I’ve heard it and wasn’t too impressed but I guess I need to give it a second chance. So far it’s only Martin/The Faintest Ideas // Drummer who post here. Martin take care of most of the swedish stuff and I do the rest. We have so many records to post right now so we won’t take in other persons at the moment. But who knows? Maybe in a year or two we need more people.

  20. Nathan G says:

    Awesome tunes! Were all these Nipponese bands arty farty?

  21. Mike Danger says:

    I just ran into a 78 demo of crazy dream on SS. by the way, Friction fuckin RIPS

  22. Rafael says:

    Muito bom esse album.

  23. Mike Danger says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find a way to watch Tokyo Rockers for years! If anybody can help please send me an email. Thank you

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