Skrewdriver – You’re So Dumb 7″


I bet my third nut that comments will come in accusing this band to be nazis. Most of you know they wheren’t. Until Ian Stuart decided to start up a band in 1981(?) which also was named Skrewdriver but shouldn’t be associated with the first incarnation of this really great Punk Rock band. I’ve read descriptions of Street Punk. So silly. Street Punk ha ha. What is that? Homeless punx playing on the street for free beer and Ben Sherman clothes? So let’s dedicate You’re So Dumb to all the Street Punk bands and Better Off Crazy to my third nut.

Country: UK
Year: 1977
Label: Chiswick
Format: 7″
You’re So Dumb.mp3
Better Off Crazy.mp3

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  1. Chuck Foster says:

    I decided to download this after reading the hilarious string of comments and, hey, I really like it! It’s good punk rock, just like Burzum is good black metal.

    Politics be damned – I love my Brainbombs records!

    Off to download the mini-LP from Erich!

  2. herman says:

    no doubts about ian stewart being involved into the british neo-nazi movement at that time.
    and of course you can go on about being a good record and shit.
    why not posting white power 7″ or the chiswick lp as well then?
    on my opinion, you can leave that out and still drive the car, you can afford.
    it’s always the matter of attention & publicity you want to give to some people.
    and racism is definitely not a matter of taste.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      The AWESOME All Skrewed Up has been posted by Erich. Download it. Apparently Herman you´re dumber then Ian was. Where´s the racist message in the first incarnation of Skrewdriver? Please tell me cause I totally missed it.

      • Anonymous says:

        being dumber or not is – of course- completely besides the point.
        knowing the backround of mr. ian st. and actually giving this band a platform is the matter.
        and , being a grown up and all that, you should choose for yourself.
        still thinking, that there are way enough bands you can listen to and talking about, without mentioning even the history of this racist pigs.
        they were making their point pretty clear, so what’s the use on
        constructing a hype around them?
        they are history and in this particular point, it’s perfect like it is.
        and, as a grown up, you should do and listen to, what and to who ever you want to – this is definitely not the point, as you should know.

        • herman says:

          ups, forgot to fill in the name, as you said, not smart, but that’s still besides the point.

          • The Flakes // Drummer says:

            “they were making their point pretty clear” what point did the original Skrewdriver make?

            So just cause one of the members later on formed a racist nazi band you can´t enjoy what he did before when the band was just like any other punk rock band?

            What about the Germs and Darby? What about Siouxie and her anti jewish lyric in the early days? She changed her mind and that made her safe to listen too? The list can go on. To me the world is kind of grey.

          • Chuck Foster says:

            The only “message” I get from early Skrewdriver is “I’m poor and English and I wanna play in my rock’n’roll band.”

            I don’t agree with most of Varg Vikernes’ ideas, but I also don’t agree with all of what Crass, Jello Biafra, Public Enemy, Ice Cube or NWA said either and they’re all favorites of mine.

            Hell, I’d listen to super-Christian music if it was any good.

            The only band I fully agree with is Brainbombs, and that’s because they have the genius and brutality, taste and power to be right!

  3. And I mean – a band with the name Raped Teenagers. How can you support that?! Hahahaha

  4. one of my favorite 7″s.. i could of bought it too once.. waited too long. it was sold when i went to look for it at the record store.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Although i dont agree with the politics i like most Skrewdriver (both the early apolitical and later political) stuff but this is their 2 best songs ever. Awesome 7 inch. Chiswick era Skrewdriver has gotta be some of the best punk rock there is in my opinion. Dead honest and tough as fuck. I wish i owned it!

  6. Erik says:

    Skrewdriver was good before and after their skinhead image. I only wish they had developed this image first, as they were best then. ‘Hail the New Dawn’ is one of the best songs ever written. These guys are not racist pigs, they are brave lads who stood up for what they believed in despite all the criticism. There is a big difference between spreading a message to preserve the white race, and going out hanging nigs from trees wearing a stupid white costume. They were not redneck kkk members, they were proud white kids. Proud whites are rare these days because we are told it is bad to be proud of who you are, but these kids are brave and honorable. Hail victory.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Have you read ANY of their lyrics? Seriously you seem to be too ignorant or plain dumb to argue with.

    • Sidney Beers says:

      What a bullshit!
      The founder of Blood & Honour was no racist pig?HAHAHAHA!!!
      When people got nothing else to be proud of they start to be proud of their race ore their country.
      Fuck fascists.
      Fuck racists.
      Fuck proud white bastards.
      And most of all, Erik:FUCK YOU!

  7. Charlie M says:

    Who called the later version of Skrewdriver ‘racist pigs’? That’s outrageous and SOOOOOO unfair. They were ‘neo-Nazi thugs’ which is totally different and I won’t hear another bad word etc etc etc…………..

  8. fil says:

    Was this 7″ before renowned racist Radio 2 Dj Mark Radcliffe played Drums in Skrewdriver?

    Get with it Herman, you really need tutoring to know the difference between this bands different era’s?

  9. Buttcheese says:

    I’m So Dumb, THIS ROCKS!!!

  10. elliott says:

    hahahahahaha. i love skrewdriver. what’s this about darby being a fascist? how do you know he was? aw doesn’t matter germs fuckin rock. believe me i have family in small town texas. i know about racism. and hell even late skrewdrive had some good music. stupid lyrics but so do a lot of bands. great 7 peter. thanks. and jay’s comments were awesomely funny. well the reactions were.

  11. Urrke T says:

    Sigh…. 77 Skrewdriver were rocking. They were on Chiswick along with among them Motörhead. And Lemmy always fancied a nice swastika here and there. Nobody ever had any major issues with that?
    Hitler was as we all know secretely gay & so were probably also Darby Crash. And Sid Vicious…
    After the “skrewed up” LP this band was over and done.

    • Grk! says:

      Erm, I think you’ll find there has been press controversy over Lemmy wearing iron crosses & Hakkenkreuzen, as well as his collecting Nazi memorabilia. He’s certainly no white separatist tho’. He argued with Ian Stuart some time in the early ’80s over the latter’s anti-immigrant stance. As he said back in 1986, “There’s only two kinds of people in the world, good people & bastards. Nothing else comes into it.” Oh, and Hitler’s supposed secret samesex attraction is most likely bullcrap. The arguments for it are unreliable speculation, especially from this cheddarhead: – it’s much more likely Stuart was a closet than “Uncle Adolf” was.

      Anyway, ’70s Skrwdrvr is still bloody decent punk rock. Cheers, Peter!

  12. Andy says:

    Early Hitler wasn’t racist either…Early Hitler rocks!

  13. Urrke T says:

    He did really wonderful pieces of art.

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  15. Drew Kukura says:

    Knowing this band’s latter incarnation and what a few of it’s members stood for, I could never like their early stuff. No one just becomes a nazi, there has to be preexisting hatred. This is just average sounding music anyways.

  16. mat says:

    I still remember Skrewdriver version #1. We guys used to like that band. Alas, I will never be able to listen to them again without prejudice. Ian ruined it for me and for many others and that’s forever. I also think he was a total dick to capitalize on the fame of his former band by using its name. Imagine you had been a member in that band and you’d have to explain to everybody at any time that this was not the nazi band Skrewdriver but another band which was also called Skrewdriver, although it was led by the same man, blablabla, etc. To get an idea, craft yourself a nice old-school Skrewdriver T-Shirt and go to a punk show. You can even write “You’re so dumb” or “Antisocial” on it. Good luck ;)

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