Tant Brun – Lordakvall/Swarje 7″


It’s been quite a while since last time I posted something here, but as Peter (The Flakes//Drummer) is buying so many records on Ebay just to post them here, I’m sure you haven’t noticed that I’ve been gone. Hahaha, some of the people who comment on records over at Erich’s site are so funny. Just throw shit at the guys who posts the records you desperately wants to hear. Backstabbing is punk! This 7″ on the other hand is not very punk, but as the guys look almost as attractive on this release as they do on their first 7″ I post it anyway.

I’m sure some of you will be very offended by the 4,26 minutes of saxophone honking mid tempo pop music in Lordakvall as it’s just as provocative as Screwdriver’s early outputs, so share your hate in the comment section. Then listen to the b-side Swarje as it’s a catchy little number, and I think it appeared on one of those later powerpearls compilation, but I can’t remember which one.

If you’ve read The  encyclopedia of Swedish punk you’ll see that Jandreus didn’t do his homework enough on this band as he says that it was not distributed by Bert Karlsson, but take a closer look at the sleeve and you’ll find a small Marianne records logo, just like on their first release.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1981
Label: Sjobo Papp
Format: 7″

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19,170 Responses to Tant Brun – Lordakvall/Swarje 7″

  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Come on backstabbing and talking shit anonymously on the internet is so punk and it sure takes some courage too.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    By the way let´s talk about Tant Brun! Swarje is a fantastic smasher while Lordagkvall sounds like a not so good song by Noice.

  3. Martin says:

    It’s quite funny that there were a bunch of ppl who wanted to hear this one, and now when it’s posted no one even cares enough to comment…
    C’mon Jay, you’ve had something to say about every other record ever posted here, so why not this one as well;)

  4. b e h j a n says:

    Hello-low fox,

    the TANT BRUN IMO should be better replaced by the girls of TANT STRULL´s
    1st 1980´s 2-song 7″ (“Pappars Tont B/W Tomheten) ,which has good female vocals and I guees where an all-girl band , right ?!

    PETER,ON A DIFFERENT NOTE (once again!):
    Do you had the chance to grab a german orIgInAL (or the recent official re-issue on U.S. “Ritch Bitch” Records-reissue ?) of the 7″ by Germany´s *REMOVOOR* (“Toilet Love” B/W “Frogrammer”)?? -with its really cool sleeve? In case you didn´t have got one of ´em ,when circa 17-20x
    minty copies were around? Maybe you were NOT interested but if you have obtained one copy of their 7″ yet :

    so any chances you put it here somday ?

    The U.S. band CLOCKCLEANER recently made a version of REMOVOOR´s
    “Frogrammer”,which I find awe-inspiring (need that brandnew 7″ and hey CLOCKCLEANER :if you read this,why not sending at least 4x copies to the REMOVOOR -guys? Isn´t such thing that a NEW BAND would send copies to the band REMOVOOR,whose song you used w/o permission…)
    Can´t you do this for a long-gone original band -whose song you covered ???- to just send those 4x fucken FREE-COPIES ??!!

    The band (and also I) REALLY expect from your new band -who have covered REMOVOOR´s song “Frogrammer” in an awe-inspiring way,REALLY to send ´em those 4x FREE-copies to the REMO`S at least and that is not much asked for ,is it, I (WE) ASK YOU “CockCleaners”…. !?!?
    So move up your ass and set 4x copies of it onto its way to Germany to the 4x REMO´s (they have a mySpace-site and I have an e.mail/phone #)
    You CLOCKCLEANERS know that the REMO´s, having been on GEMA back then ,could give you a hard thime because not asking first for permission and all stuff,BUT THEY ARE NOT THAT WAY SO FUCKEN SEND THEM COPIESt soonish!!!
    What he (Jo-JO,Bass) want are JUST those 4x copies, so don´t be bitches ….
    BTW,your “FROGRAMMER” version is really really good!!! I encourage everyone to give it a listen if NOT happened yet- ***amazing***

    OOOP(u)SSS, a bit off-track , now …. but the REMO´s are very very kind people so move your ass CLOCKCLEANERS (and then I can provide you with the personal bassplyer´s phone-# and e.mail-address,if you need !)

    Only just fucking do it eventually NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris g says:

    Karlsson? DGAF+Sweden=SweGAF

  6. Tuxie says:

    Lördakvall = 404 file not found :(

  7. Martin says:


    how did that happen? I’ll upload the file again later today.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Lordakvall is up and running now.

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