Johnny Concrete – Come With E.P. 7″


Johnny, Johnny and Bubbles can also be heard on the fantastic Paere Punk,one of my top ten comps ever, compilation that Erich posted awhile ago. There the songs where performed by Johnny Concretes other band Dream Police, which Johnny claims to be the best band as heard in Concrete. Five tracks and all them top notch and very diverse from the monotone Johnny, Johnny to the equal monotone but with added out of tune guitar Cheap Trick.

I heard that when Kim Larsen of  Denmark’s Gasoline died Johnny Concrete morphed into a look alike that have tricked the danes for almost 19 years now. It’s the hash and bohemian life style of theirs that makes them easy to fool I guess.

Country: Denmark
Year: 1980
Label: Dandelion
Format: 7″
Johnny, Johnny.mp3
Jeg ved (hvor du er).mp3
Cheap Trick.mp3

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  1. Anonymous says:

    kim larsen isnt dead….but you would wish he was…

  2. Wonderful EP! And unfortunately one that I never cared to pick up when it was easier and cheaper to get – then the KBD hype drove prices up through the roof, didn’t it? Thanks for posting!!!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Don’t know what this usually goes for since I’ve had it since the old days. Anyone else got a clue? Don’t pop up that often either or…?

  3. Martin says:

    I’ve seen it on Ebay a few times, and I would say that it’s still moderately priced. It was sold for about $50 a few weeks ago, so compared to lots of other stuff posted here it’s still quite “cheap”.

  4. Over the top wall of crunch guitar sound, I forgot how fukkin raw it was…… gonna put on the ep as soon as I get home from work and crank up the volume til my neighbors scream in pain!

    Btw, I´ve always wondered about the lyrics, is it: “pengar pengar pengar” or…. what??

  5. Martin says:

    Concrete is hilarious, and one of the fastest boogie songs I’ve heard in a very long time.
    I’ve heard this record before, but somehow missed how great it actually is. Thanks for the post and up the punx!

  6. Merton says:

    Hi Peter!! What about Jeff Hill Band?

  7. Johnny habit says:

    is it per bjurman on the cover?

  8. wilddevilman says:

    great record, thanks for sharing

  9. Tuxie says:

    What are they singing in the chorus of Jeg ved (hvor du er)? “Pingu Pingu Pingu!”?

  10. Money (penge!) makes the world go round….
    We did what we could but Michael´s guitar
    just wouldn´t stay in tune….!

  11. JJJ says:

    Hi Peter (you’re my favourite poster out here on kbd and I’m a kbd/bloodstains addict)

    Talking of Johnnys, do you have Johnny Demon And The Devils 7″ ???
    Really would like to get my hands on a good rip of this one !!!

    Cheers from beerlgium !!!

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