Cheetah Crome Motherfuckers – S/T E.P. 7″


One of the noisiest, shittiest and cheapest records that came out in 1981? Makes many of the later Italian HC/Punk bands sound polished and expensive. So primitive, retarded and obnoxious. Released as a mono recording done in the rehearsal space you know these punkers couldn’t care at all. Actually a four track E.P. but what the last song is called I don’t know. Anyone? Though I’ve read German I’ve a hard time reading what the nazi language on the back sez. Erich? Gunther? Olof? Adolf(any kids named Adolf in Germany these days by the way??), Klaus? any German speaking person is welcome to translate it.

Country: Italy
Year: 1981
Label: Cessofonya
Format: 7″
Four Hundred Fascists.mp3

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  1. rassenschande says:

    The text is about gouverment and cops or so… “Shitty goverment – the money they rob from us – go to the police’s bludgeons….” I’m too lazy to translate it completly beacause it’s hard to read and my englisch sucks.
    However I like this musicwise…
    After WW II has ended there were just very few new born babies called Adolf. I know one guy called Adolf but I think he’s polish. I didn’t ask him why his name is Adolf but I don’t really care. Thanks for the motherfuckers.

  2. fernando says:

    An English translation of the text can be heard as the first track in the ‘Permanent Scar’ demo (“Voice of the blood”). The untitled track is a combo of Bendix Power + Secret Hate.
    The titles in side A are mixed as well (these punks didn’t care about titling and tracklistings either, in almost any of their releases!!), that is, the first one is Tellyson and the second one is 400 Fascists.
    Saludos, Pedro!

  3. Ian says:

    My mind is always blown out of my ass within the first 10 seconds of 400 Fascists (I guess it’s Tellyson) and I can only spend the rest of the song drooling and smashing bones like a crazed future chimp.

    Thanks for posting, and thanks to Fernando for the information.

  4. stinky82 says:

    I heard CCM first time on “World Class Punk” tape, where they have their best song ever. A bootleg of this EP was made cca. 10 years ago, I bought it and I still like it. Late records are bit boring.

  5. Sissy Zweetsok says:

    ah they’re not boring at all.. best song is ‘need a crime’ imo
    dont think they ever wrote lyrics caus the singer (the italo iggy pop?) thought it would hinder his freedom

  6. Martin says:

    Holy Shit,

    I’ve never heard this band before even though I’ve seen the records from time to time. Not at all what I expected to say the least. Fucking intense and amazing production.

  7. Charlie M says:

    At the risk of cross-posting this (increasingly tedious) CCM anecdote all over blogdom (surely a better term than blogosphere?) ………

    Is the full ‘Permanent Scar’ cassette posted anywhere online? I.e. with the extra tracks that were excluded from the COR split LP reissue.

    And, while I haven’t got my copy to hand, I’m sure there is also ambiguity as to whether it’s called “Permanent Scar” or “Permanent Scare”. From memory the cassette is very ambiguous. Or maybe it’s spelt both ways on the fold out? Cover scan here anyway –

    It’s listed on the Web as both in a number of places, however a quick translation of ‘Sfregio permanente’ (one of the tracks on the tape) reads as Permanent Scar so I could be answering my own question here…..But were they being clever and deliberately playing with words?

    On another note…while Googling for cover pics of Permanent Scar(e), I entered “permanent scar” “refuse it” in Image search. Ouch!

    On ANOTHER note…..this is in my top 3 HC albums of all time. Stupendously great – they were the ‘Black Flag of Italy’ to my mind at the time this was recorded.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      I have the CCM/I Refuse It split tape and it will be posted someday :).

      • Charlie M says:

        The ‘Unknown’ track here is also on Permanent Scar and is I think actually two songs merged into one – as it is on the tape. Not sure what the 1st is called but I THINK (haven’t listened to it in years though…) it’s called ‘Secret Hate’.

        • Charlie M says:

          As someone noted elsewhere…the track listing on the cover is fairly opaque!

          • fernando says:

            @Charlie M – As I wrote up here the unlisted track is Bendix Power / Secret Hate (yeah theyre coupled not only in P. Scar but everywhere) and Tellyson is track 1 & 400 Fascist is track 2 in side A.
            The P. Scar tape CCM side you can find in one of the 2 CCM collections at the Blogged and Quartered blog. As for the IRI! side, I’m waiting for someone to post it… Peter? ;)

      • Dirk says:


  8. Monstrous EP. Too lazy at the moment to dig out my own copy and translate the stuff on the backside. Here’s the 2nd, which I like better than this, actually:

  9. Geoff says:

    Track 3 isn’t working for me.

  10. b e h j a n says:

    I know one guy who is named Adolf and was born early 1970´s-that´s just because you asked ( for this ,I have NO OTHER EXPLANATION ,other than his parents/or Grandparents (?) most probably musta (have) be(en) some kind of Nazi`s-I really can´t think of ANY OTHER EXPLANATION FOR THIS ONE… !?!!)
    The 1st CCM 7″e.p. was recorded pretty early in 1981 and does anyone know if it came before or after their weirdo,ZAPPA/CHROME-labelmates UPPER JAW MASK ?
    It´s my fave record of CCM (from Pisa-is that right?) and I was once told by someone in Italy,who said,the CCM recorded in the late 1970´s Punk stuff (very) similar to the DEAD BOYS -anyone out there who has actually heard 1978(?)-1980 CCM recorded material (studio -outtakes, demo´s, show`s)???

    • Charlie M says:

      CCM were from Pisa. I went to the Victor Charlie Club in Pisa in summer of 84 (on a family holiday while my folks climbed the leaning tower….gotta get your priorities right eh?) and saw CCM, Negazione, Porno Patrol and The Rest (both from Berlin). What a bill. It was owned by Antonio – bought with an inheritance from his grandmother I think. Constant problems with neighbours and police led to it eventually being closed down. Very cool place. I’m sure there are pics in that TVOR book that came out a few years back.

      The only other band I kow from that area were Auf’schlag from just down the road in Pietrasanta.

    • Dirk says:

      Were Upper Jaw Mask merely label mates or were they actually members of CCM?

      • MM360 says:

        All members from Upper Jaw Mask (which was a late 70s band and it was not punk) went to form Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers. It’s actually the same band. The also created Cessophonia Records, which released the first 7″ by CCM (400 fascists) and at the same time used some prevously recorded material to publish the only 7″ by Upper Jaw Mask (Whiskers Zak Zero). According to them it was 1981. I actually think it was 1982.

  11. Chuck Foster says:

    Wow, I really like this. It’s almost a precursor to the early AmRep records! And I thought Raw Power were intense! Off to download from Erich (I’m such a blog whore).

  12. big chuff says:

    hey mr. flakes, can you post the East Coast Angels 7″? I think you used to be able to hear on the old low down kids site but not no mo’…. I need to hear this again somehow! Can anyone help?

  13. Jeff says:

    Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers is one of the bands that THAT Cheetah Chrome started after the Dead Boys broke up the first time. He also played/recorded with a group he called the Ghetto Dogs. This is perhaps why it sounds Dead Boys-ish. I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Ghetto Dogs perform at a teeny tiny club called The Mistake beneath the legendary Cleveland Agora. Cheetah was so wasted that night that he actually fell off a six-inch high stage and into the lap of a very shocked girl – AND HE NEVER MISSED A NOTE!!! As if I didn’t think so before this, I realised that Cheetah is one hell of a guitarist. If you can find it, his first single, Still Wanna Die b/w Take Me Home was released in 1979, but good luck trying to find it. Cheetah signed mine.

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    No Cheetah never moved to Italy to start Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers but thanks for the stories Jeff :D.

  15. Jeff says:

    My bad. I got my Cheetah bands mixed up. It wasn’t CCM but the Casualties that he formed. I don’t know if there are any Casualties records available, but I know he did record some stuff in the 90s. I had Dark Carnival (ex-Stooges & Niagara) at the benefit I put on after Stiv died (19 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!) and not only did the Ghetto Dogs perform, but Cheetah did a few Dead Boys tunes with Dark Carnival. Their whole set was recorded and released as a live album in ’92 or ’93 and is well worth checking out IF you can find it.

  16. zach says:

    there is a great re-issue out there. it looks and sounds the exact same. great record.

  17. Anonymous says:

    My useless opinion :
    This the worse CCM record.
    The 2nd EP is one of the best HC record ever though.

  18. Jean-Philippe says:

    Hi everyone! Some infos sez there is a insert with the 2nd press (not the boot) from 1983. Anyone have a scan?? i can send you some rare inserts like the lyrics sheet of RAW POWER ”you are the victim” lp or the CANI 7” (or other like the AVENGERS ”cd presents” booklet, BLITZ ”Voice” merch insert, etc.) Please lemme know!!

  19. Jean-Philippe says:

    Hi! The insert loke like this one :

    i have the boot but it seem an original insert existed like indicated in the description of the link above.

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