Blood Visions in Stockholm tonight

It’s happening tonight. Debaser/Slussen/Stockholm/Sweden.

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  1. I think the highlight of this video was the overweight bass player with his curly mop of hair and short sleeve plaid shirt. I kept staring at him instead of Jay, and he stole the spotlight if you ask me. And what’s up with dual flying V guitars? That totally distracted me too. Those are not punk guitars.

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    My my my…are we retro??? I happen to enjoy Jay Reatard, and I play it to piss my wife off, as she hates it. She says, “the band sounds like they are in college and have never heard a punk song in their entire lives”…hahahahaha.

  3. onychotillomaniac says:

    I agree with the above comments! Jay wears basketball shoes on stage! Everybody knows that punks wear combat boots! And their music doesn’t even sound like The Exploited, so how can they call themselves punk anyway? And that long hair!

  4. mike robinson says:

    Crime used flying v’s,one of the early guitar players for Avengers used them.punk enough now. Now bc rich,those are not punk’tars.

  5. Horrible retro garbage. Give that guitar back to the Metalheads!!!

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    The thing with Jay Reatard is that he doesn´t sound retro at all. He manage to add a twist to his hyper active rock n roll songs. The show was awesome by the way. One of the best bands I´ve seen in 15 years.

  7. Ya, I second that- the “Blood Visions” LP is NOT “retro”. Give it a spin, Erich. It is in fact one of the most original sounding “new” punk records I’ve heard in a long time- it’s very inventive stuff that is not just some youngster copying late 70’s KBD songs note for note. Of course you could find some licks that remind you of so-and-so from the late 70’s or whatever, but whatever cuz it’s unique. Jay has a long track record of making creative stuff- check out the 1st Lost Sounds 4-song EP circa 2001- the track “Plastic Skin” is particularly awesome (and made my Top 250 song list on my blog BTW). The now mostly-defunct Eet U Smakelijk blog ( posted it a few years back- the files are still available here tho:

    For some reason Crime looked cool using flying V’s but most other punk bands have not been able to pull it off. “BC Rich” guitars- LOL! Now those things really crack me up! That would have to be the most non-punk guitars.

  8. No sorry, I hate that kind of retro crap. It’s retro, nothing else.

  9. mike robinson says:

    Jay-tard had a blackmetal band with Evil Army(best thrash band in america) called Winter Coffin. I think theres a myspace song or two. Also one fun part of Lost Sounds was catching all sorts of stuff lifted from Emperor records.

  10. Phineas says:

    I’ve liked Jay Reatard for a while now. Really crunchy loud pop stuff. I know it’s not quite power pop but it’s so damn peppy. Plus the chorus of Fading Away is pretty awesome; “time may heal wounds, but I will kill you…”

  11. eVa bruAn says:

    jay reatard solo zzzzzzzzzzzz reatards,really cool. get that,erich!

  12. Thomas says:

    2 da bass player -> It’s 2009, can’t you afford a fXXXin’ haircut…

  13. GTony says:

    Rest In Peace Jay.

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Read about it yesterday night. Started with a thread at Terminal Boredom blog. Did a google search and found several sources confirming his death. Sad very sad. One of the few interesting persons around these day in my opinion. A tribute post will come later on.

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