Subverts – Independent Study E.P. 7″


Subverts from Chicago can also be heard on the infamous Busted At Oz compilation together with such fine acts as Naked Raygun and Effigies. Although Subverts is in compare with the more known Chicago bands they haven’t gotten the attention they deserve I think. Mainly cause this EP is their lone vinyl effort maybe? Though it’s mid tempo quirky punk it got a clear HC feel to it with a great snotty atonal vocalist. By the way it’s not often you find a “Pay no more then bla bla” on an american punk sleeve. So of course I didn’t pay more then 3 dollar for it. Download now! Do I have anything else to say? Nope. Great. Short post again. Thank god for that. You’re welcome.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Clandestine
Format: 7″
Man For The Job.mp3
Radiation Nation.mp3
TV Personality.mp3
Can’t Control Myself.mp3

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  1. roger says:

    what a fucking fantastic piece of plastic. thanks a bunch.

  2. b e h j a n says:

    I think all 4x songs were comped on KBD (type) Sampler´s- speaks for its greatness and with the 2x songs on that “Busted At OZ” Sampler and possible good studio-outtake´s,an official re-issue would make sense.
    ” VOLUME 2 ” book´s note of a re-issue on AUTUMN Rec´s in September 1981…must be wrong – right ?!?

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Never seen the Autumn Rec. relese either. Anyone?

      • Mike Crown says:

        Never happened. Autumn wanted to sign us, we weren’t interested. That’s why it’s called Independent Study – other than actually pressing the vinyl, we did everything ourselves. There were 1000 copies. About half went out through Rough Trade, the rest were sold or bartered on tour. The Busted at Oz tapes are tied up with legal bullshit. We have some other recordings we are working on getting released.

  3. Sissy Zweetsok says:

    Hey behjan is that you from germany? remember back in the days feel lucky spunk :) ? how are you?

    yeah nice little ep still turns up relatively cheap, seems a bit underrated by the hype trust fund crowd

  4. Levi Johnston says:

    As it’s a Chicago band, I thought Tony would make this a (pleasantly) verbose post. This is a perfectly fine record, though maybe better left for the jukebox at the L&L Tavern.

    Where’s the Swedish stuff lately?

  5. ian says:

    This is great – quirky, jerky & snotty – the way I like it!

  6. b e h j a n says:

    Sissy Zweetsok,are you from Holland (Leiden)? Nice pseudonym!
    Please get back to me as I have no e.mail of you. Thanks!
    I can be reached at: behjan (at)
    SUBVERTS: the note in “VOLUME 2” book that after its initial release it “has been re-issued by AUTUMN Rec´s” is 100% wrong, right ?!!

  7. Gantry says:

    A little more info from what I’ve gathered on them -The Subverts weren’t as well known as a lot of their Busted at Oz companions for a couple reasons:

    1) They didn’t last nearly as long as Raygun/Effigies or start as early as Silver Abuse. That and the one record they released wasn’t part of the two earliest genuine (as in not one-off, or for a single band) “Chicago punk” labels, Autumn & Ruthless.

    2) While they were definitely part of the Chicago scene, they were originally from Dekalb (little over an hour West) and were more well known out there.

    Almost certain that Autumn didn’t re-release this record, the label didn’t last that long and perhaps that was one of the slated AU-4 & AU-5 releases that either never came out or are EXTREMELY rare. All I know about the label is on my Chicago Punk Wiki:

    Thanks again for putting this up, never heard it in its entirety.

  8. Martin says:

    Man for the job is really great! Nice EP all in all.

  9. T S-words says:

    One of my favorite punk records ever. Like the Endtables, they had a cool, distinctive sound.

    Thanks Gantry for the info; I’ve always wanted to know more about them and hope someone unearths more. Wonder if full sets were recorded for “Busted at Oz.”

    • Gantry says:

      I would think that the entire sets were recorded, a guy named Dem Hopkins owned Club Oz and was seriously considering re-releasing it or putting the record up online. Not sure what happened to that though.

      There are also some live performances (including The Subverts) from Oz on the FANTASTIC documentary about the early history of Chicago punk, You Weren’t There. I think there are plans for a DVD, but check out the trailer:

  10. gert says:

    i don’t get how you manage to dig up the greatest record after another. and your rips… is just superb. best site for an old punk like me there is. period.

  11. JFK took my baby away says:

    Fuck man, this shit totally rules! More more more more more etc etc

  12. hairy palm says:

    Thanks for this. Can’t Control myself kicks ass, as the others.

  13. TomesoR says:

    Subverts are reforming to play a show August 22nd at the Abbey Pub in Chicago, along with Blatant Dissent, Ring 13, happy hunting and Otis Ball and the Chains. First time in over 20 years for most of these bands – don’t miss it! Tickets here:

  14. cumstain says:

    pfahler/rusk blew the drummer

  15. Dfactor says:

    Wow! Never thought I’d hear this again – I saw Subverts play a bunch back then, mostly in DeKalb/Sycamore, but also in Chicago. Then summer ’83 I was in a band ‘Days of Rage’ and we grabbed Subverts drummer Mike to play a bit with us. Today, I rock out still at Anyway, this is great to hear again. Thx.

  16. Dem Hopkins / OZ says:

    I need to get in touch with the Subverts and would appreictae any help with a contact for them.

    An historic event will take place in October 2010 and I want them to be a part of it.


    • HecubusRex says:

      Did you get in touch with them? I saw them play last year with Blatant Dissent and would love to see them again at RF with a few less sound issues… Look up “Dekalb Rocks” on Facebook and someone on there should be able to get ahold of them if you haven’t already.

      • Mike Crown says:

        Yes, Dem got with us. The “event” was a Busted at Oz album reunion to kick off Riot Fest 2010. Subverts reunited, along with original lineup Naked Raygun, Silver Abuse, and “Strikeunder Experience” (Steve Bjorklund along with John Haggerty and Vic and Dave from AoF). Great show, great night. We are working on a re-issue of this record along with some bonus material so stay tuned.

        • T S-words says:

          Any developments, or other ways to hear “bonus tracks.” As I commented 5 years ago (!), yours is a record I’ve enjoyed more than most, and for a long time.

  17. sadie says:

    thanks for the download man. i’ve been looking everywhere for this.wish i had it on vinyl though

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