The Sods – No Pictures/Plaything 7″


Once again I haven’t posted much in a long time, so to make it up to you I give you this classic organ driven sing along master piece. No Pictures is of course one of the greatest songs ever written, propelled by one of the catchiest organ riffs ever and fantastic drum fills in the vein of Suicide Commandos, but way sloppier. Extremely charming and a song that’s impossible to get out of your head once you’ve heard it.

I’m quite sure I first heard it at an indiepop club here in Gothenburg early in the 21st century, and since then I’ve come to realize that it is regarded a floor filler and played at indie clubs all over the globe. Not too surprising when you think about the punky roots of indiepop, and the scene today with lots of kids worshipping Desperate Bicycles, Girls At Our Best,TVP, Buzzcocks etc in a scene totally dedicated to the ethos of DIY.

Did that scare you off? I’ve got this feeling that mentioning indiepop in a post here will make some readers feel a bit sick and prepare themselves for some mean comments even before they download the record. Hopefully there will be some comments as mean as Kevin Jones’ very Rotten inspired snarling “Rrrr’s” that is all over this fantastic piece of Brittish plastic.

For some more info on the Sods, check out this pretty recent interview with the above mentioned singer Kevin done by the lovely folks at punk77. If anyone here got a spare copy of their second 7″ Mopey Grope I’m more than willing to buy it. And for those of you who prefer CD’s there’s a compilation of everything this band recorded called The Sods Make Me Sick released by Handsignal Recordings that I think is well worth picking up.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Stortbeat
Format: 7″
No Pictures.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Sods – No Pictures/Plaything 7″

  1. Senap says:

    A trrrrue classic!

  2. Charlie M says:

    A-side’s great!
    Rotten-isms are terrible though!

  3. Quizmasterchris says:

    Were these guys from Ireland or N Ireland? I think I recall reading that somewhere…

  4. Yeah, the Rotten imitation is a bit too much. Apart from that: Great!!!

  5. mh says:

    The came from Harlow, England
    Not to be confused with the Danish Sods of course who also had a brief “career” in England

  6. Clinton Chapman says:

    I atteneded a Stortbeat re-union gig to coincide with the release of the double CD Stortbeat retrospective release, with bands like Newtown Neurotics, Gangsters, the Sods and many more playing. I was unfamiliar with the Sods at that point, but their performance soon made me familar with them-they were the hardest bunch of old guys and having since picked up their second 7″, they were close to the mark, even some 30 years after the fact. They were very impressive, having not played since the late 70’s or something. I was truly shocked, and impressed, like someone had hid them in a time capsule and unleashed them 30 years on.

  7. Clinton Chapman says:

    I attended even. Typo’s. Damn. The gig was at the famed Harlow Square to boot, the same venue that housed those little gigs all those years ago.

  8. Levi Johnston says:

    This is pretty great, but isn’t DIY indiepop code for having to do-it-yourself in a gay bathhouse?

  9. Sissy Zweetsok says:

    woa great stuff! that little break at 1:49 reminds me of some great tunes of the saints

  10. rich says:

    A local classic! I also highly recommended this beauty, which has been sitting on ebay for years now (not me selling, i got me own copy!). Part of the whole Stortbeat/Airplay alliance… a steal considering it’s never been auctioned with the incredibly rare picture sleeve within that time.
    Thanks for all the great posts over the years, Peter :)

  11. rich says:

    what I meant to say is, I also ‘highly recommend’… argh, you puinks get the idea

  12. lun says:

    gando ky bachy

  13. Woodbine says:

    Very top band. More about them and Harlow bands at

    There is also this on You Tube where Deviant Amps back Sods singer Kev and sometime Sods drummer Mickey Howard on a take of Makes Me Sick taken from the launch of Harlow Bands Family Tree and Archive site in Feb 2009. Mickey plays guitar on this version. Deviant Sods can be seen at


  14. Aleks says:

    I love this record!!!!!!

  15. Chano says:

    Very good. Better than the second, IMO, despite the Rotten “influence”…. The A side is a minor classic.

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