The Factory – Smile 7″


I know I’ve been away far too long. You know the weather is extremely important for most of us Swedes and when it gets sunny we go nuts. We just have to be outside and “passa pÃ¥”(carpe diem) as we say. So to be fair to all of you I choose to come back with a bang. And I have to thank Tony/Punk Business Manager cause with out him I’m sure to have missed this KILLER 7inch. Tony posted World Gone Mad awhile ago and after hearing I just knew I had to get a copy myself. World Gone Mad is the more aggressive/punkier track but Smile is awesome too. Can’t choose a favorite. Both tracks just blows me away every time. Tony is a very knowledgeable man and when even he don’t have much to share about Factory you can’t expect much from me either. Some lines that really grabs me lyric wise:”Mainstream music for main stream minds. A polluted stream – Stagnant lines.” makes me think of all the wonderful mainstream powerpop I adore.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Kick In The Eye
Format: 7″
World Gone Mad.mp3

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  1. Jay Thurston says:

    Smack!!!!!!!!!! It just felt like a sucker punch to the jaw….thanks for this gem, Peter. Awesome record.

  2. Senap says:

    Wow Peter!!! What a wonderful post!! Brilliant!!
    Btw….Was this gem made before or after “Efter Plugget”? ;D

    • Jay Thurston says:

      What the fuck is an “efter plugget?” Hahahahaha…

      • Senap says:

        “Efter Plugget” was a discorockhit by a swedish band callad Factory.
        In the late 70’s I think…

        • The Flakes // Drummer says:

          Ha ha I think this one came after “Efter plugget” when they’ve moved to the US to make it. “Efter plugget” and swedish Factory in general is great by the way.

  3. rijkse says:

    great record, but what’s on the cover!

  4. dewey decimal says:

    Great post. Especially love the B-side, but both are good. Do you have the Terminal Mind or Recipients 7 inchers outta Texas? If so, would love to see them posted. Cheers to the good Swedish weather.

  5. Hey, thanks for the kind words about me in your posting Peter (and for plugging my fledgling blog)! Your from-the-vinyl rips of the Factory 7″ sound so crisp and clear compared to my rips (which were not from an original vinyl copy unfortunately). It is very nice to see the insert, labels and the back of the sleeve, too, so thanks for posting those too. I did a little digging around on the information superhighway and it turns out that the drummer, Mark Hodson, ended up in Saccharine Trust in 1984, a few years after this great 7″ came out– I think he played drums on their “Surviving You Always” 12″ that came out around that time. “World Gone Mad” is still my favorite track, tho, on this 7″, hands down. [Dewey Decimal- I have rips of both the Terminal Mind EP and Recipients 7″- the Recipients single is rather good but IMHO the Terminal Mind EP is pretty dull, wanna-be punk with annoying vocals. But maybe that’s just me.]

  6. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    As always Tony, thanks for all the info. I´ve heard the TM EP and remember it to be rather good. Maybe my memory fails me. But please please post the Recipients 7″ since I would love hear it too.

  7. OK, I will put the Recipients 7″ in my posting queue- I don’t know much about the band so it will probably be a quick, short posting unless I start babbling about something totally unrelated ;) We all have our own tastes but, man, I have never been a fan of that Terminal Mind EP ever since I first heard it about 11 years ago. It was a total letdown because I had looked forward to hearing it for a good 3-4 years before that and was real excited when someone taped it for me but then, *blah*, and I was left feeling sad, frustrated and lonely, LOL.

  8. Oeb MadSkull says:

    Nice 2 tracker! Thanx again!

  9. shermstixx says:

    yeah, this is a good one. I like world gone mad better, but man… you’ve urned me on to some awesome records. thanks alot. ; )

  10. Hey, it’s Dennis LeBlanc from The Factory. Cool seeing people enjoying our work. That was a long time ago! Stumbled on this blog post, thought I would pop in and say thanks! Mark Hodson, (actually the bassist) did play with Saccharine Trust. He owns a bar in Amsterdam now, relocating there a few years ago. I still have a few copies of the 7 inch available for sale. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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