Disco Zombies – Here Come The Buts/Mary Millington 7″


The third and last release from The Disco Zombies shows a new, minimal direction for the band (and once again killer art work), and might just fit here right after Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons. Here come the buts don’t really do it for me as it drags on for too long, but the b-side song about the Great rock n’ roll swindle celebrity Mary Millington sure does as it’s way catchier. I think good old Mary was in a few other movies as well, but I’m sure all you older UK blokes here remember her best from the Sex Pistols cash-in flick, right?

A short post about long songs for people with short attention span.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Dining out
Format: 7″
Here come the buts.mp3
Mary Millington.mp3

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23 Responses to Disco Zombies – Here Come The Buts/Mary Millington 7″

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the new post. Although you can feel it was coming close to the end of the line for these lads, it is still not too bad. It felt as though they were losing interest. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    YOu keep deleting my comments…hmmm

  3. Ed Howard says:

    It’s funny, I feel like you’ve got the descriptions of the songs exactly backwards. The b-side is a bit draggy, but that a-side is great, love that insistent beat and the fuzzed-out guitar waves.

    Regardless, nice post, thanks a lot. I was just listening to the other Disco Zombies stuff earlier today and thinking it’d be great to hear some more from them; perfect timing!

  4. steve says:

    Me like all three Disco Zombies singles. This might be my least favourite, but it’s still damn fine.

  5. Martin says:

    Hi Ed,

    I didn’t realize that Mary Millington was actually longer than Here come the buts until I ripped the record, so in my opinion my descriptions are the correct one ;)

  6. hungry joe says:

    well that#s no match to their previous releases… is it?

  7. stanlet 0db says:

    It is a really really good record – far better than “Drums over London” – dare I say …

  8. Anonymous says:

    The guitar in Mary Millington reminds me of Wall of Voodoo…

  9. loudrockmusic says:

    I’d say they’d be super hard pressed to beat either of the other two singles. Huzzah!

  10. fil says:

    Mary is most remembered for being in Dirty Mags more than anything else in the uk…
    Always find the Disco Zombies overrated.

  11. b e h j a n says:

    After a song like “Drums Over London” ,they set the high-water mark for a brilliant 1970´s Punk song quite high,so that they only could lose with any of the other songs they recorded. The band,btw,according to the “45 REVOLUTIONS” encyclopedia ,had real bad luck with their record-labels,as all of their 3x 7″s came out with a long delay.
    In the late 1980´s,German´s TRUE Punks EA 80 played a show a few miles away from my hometown in a rural place´s Youth-Centre and made a GREAT re-make of “Drums Over London” on-stage. Not many (German) bands would be able to make such a great remake of that D.Z. classic- IMO.

  12. richard jordan says:

    I saw Disco Zombies in 77 with Andy singing(before Dave joined)other bands playing that night were Merv septic and the discharge,Teenage Spots,Dead Fly Syndrome,The Biggots,Foamettes,The Blaizers(dave Hendersons band)Robin Banks and the Payrolls featuring The Wads and The Wallettes and Raw Deal.Dave reviewed it in Leicesters fanzine Leicesters Biggot.The music scene in Leicester was pretty good at that time.Other bands to come thru included The Pokers,Clockwork Soldiers,Wendy Tunes,Jeannie Phoenix and The X Men,and later Abandoned Babies,The Sinatras,Bomb Party and il ya Volkswagens.

  13. andy ross says:


  14. Chris says:

    Check out the Newmatics- http://www.myspace.com/thenewmatics – who were the the pinnacle of that scene in Leicester.
    Still hoping that Robin banks and the Payrolls will ‘resurface’ Robins brilliant concept album including titles like titles like Cul-de-sac, Street, Roads etc :)

  15. Nathan.G says:

    Insanely brilliant records by these guys!! Also, this and the other 7″s plus some other tracks are getting released on a 12″ later this month!!!


  16. Robin Banks says:

    I don’t remember doing a song called ‘Roads’ – there was one called ‘Avenue’ though.

    • Ashley Biles says:


      Never did Roads, it was Streets back then.

      Why don’t we reform and knock up a song called Closed Roads in honour of the Olympics. Bang in some social commentry on the privatisation of the Olympic Park, and a reference to those ground to air missiles that are there to protect London, protect London from G4S I guess. I know a business over in Hackney Wick that has a flat roof overlooking the Olympic Business Park. Bill would let us have it for free. Ready to go.

      Any chance of getting Gaz on board, there has to be room for the brass section.

      Sod it, too much excitement for one afternoon. I fancy a cup of tea.

      The drummer would porobably bring along his fifty strong Samba/Sun Ra marching band. The only problem would be the audience. Whatever happened to those two guys who put paperbags on their heads for our gigs, the ‘Fan Club’?

      Sod it, too much excitement for one afternoon. I fancy a cup of tea.


      One third of the Wads

  17. Steve britton says:

    Great days lots of fun – remember fabulous gig at Phoenix Theatre, Leicester. We knew what the “Streets” were like and the “cul-de-sac” that is (people think I come from) “Surrey”
    Third of a Wad
    Sad to hear of Matt’s final Drum Roll.

  18. Steve N says:

    Hi Steve Nelson here. I was in The Biggots with Ian Tonks and Nick Davies…can’t remember the drummer shamed to say. Just recently filmed The Chase and Bradley Walsh gives the band a name check if that bit gets shown. Incredibly fond memories of Leicester Poly and the music scene there. The Biggots weren’t the most proficient band technically but false modesty aside we had some kick ass songs….Buried Alive being our most “famous” one.

    Great regret that we have no record of the music…I had a cassette tape of a rehearsal in my digs but that has disappeared. These days we would record it on high quality on a laptop or similar…then it meant hundreds of pounds and a recording studio.

    Absolutely gutted to discover Mat had died when I was googling him recently. Most charismatic guy I ever knew. Anyway all the best to everyone…remember all the names on here. Happy Days.

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