Zymoticz – (Eddie’s) Random Bombing/I’m A Plastic/Break The Radio E.P. 7″

Was way too long since I posted a new record. Here’s one from 1999. Only 10 years old!! Japans Zymoticz played punk like it was 1980 again and they do it like they mean it. Eddie’s Random Bombing with Dai’s wonderful back up vocals that wouldn’t sound as good if it was sung by an english speaking person who could actually pronounce the words correct. Fantastic. They released a couple of other 7inches that are quiet hard to come by so I ain’t got a clue how they sound after this. EnjOi!

Country: Japan
Year: 1999
Label: Answer
Format: 7″
(Eddie’s) Random Bombing.mp3
I’m A Plastic.mp3
Break The Radio.mp3

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4 Responses to Zymoticz – (Eddie’s) Random Bombing/I’m A Plastic/Break The Radio E.P. 7″

  1. Roger says:

    Didn’t know this band.


  2. Nice choice for a posting of a “new” record! I bought a copy of this when it came out but missed their other 7″ which is a real bugger to find (the “Watch The Worm/I Get To Be Hell” 45 from 2002).

  3. antifahooligan says:

    Wow! Never heard of or heard this band. Great stuff…similar to Flesheaters with a hint of Rezillos…I like it! Thanks

  4. Mamie says:

    thanks for posting a fucking great one!!
    i love theese songs !!
    i have never heard of them,even though i’m a japanese!!
    i guess that they’ve been palying at some veneues in Nagoya, Japan.

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