Mercenaries – S/T E.P. 7″


Ok, fuckers. You didn’t dig the last record so I guess straight up punk is the only thing you stereotyped guys need. So Mercenaries will make your boring and pointless saturday more fun. Three tracks of extremely high quality high octane Punk Rock out of the capital of gayness: San Francisco. On guitar and vocals we find no other then Focke Wulf!! Remember him?

Regarding the last post Tingel Tangel the most laughable comment has to be “Synth Punk? That’s an oxymoron.” wonder if the guy heard of Screamers? Guess X-Ray Spex wasn’t punk either cause they used saxophone. Saxophone Punk? That’s an oxymoron. What’s not oxymoronic is punx paired with ignorance, genericism and all sorts of stereotyped thinking that’s for sure.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
Mercenaries For Hire.mp3
Martial Law.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Mercenaries – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Mike Ether says:

    great record by a terrific band!!
    cheers mate!

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    You’re welcome Mike!

  3. LHOOQtius says:

    This is awesome. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 10 years, and yet I had to hear about these guys on the Internet. I guess the SF Punks don’t care about the old stuff, since nobody introduced me to this when I moved here. So sad.

    And this is Gay Pride weekend here in the capital of gayness, with a 20th anniversary of New York’s Stonewall Riots being a focus for many involved. And if the Stonewall Riots weren’t punk, what is?

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    What a coincidence :). In Stockholm it’s Gay Pride week in August.

  5. Monger says:

    Damn solid record!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great record. Thanks Peter…I hope you will take me up on the offer of giving me that last crappy record so I may blow it up?? I will be waiting by the mail…

    • Anonymous says:

      Tingel Tangel…KABOOM!!!!! Hahahahahaha. The wife and I had such a wonderful time yesterday. It was as if we went to Sweden. That’s right. We spent the day shopping in IKEA!!! What a fucking store that is. They even sell Swedish fucking meatballs there…what more can a guy ask for??? I, personally, think that IKEA furniture reminds me of the furniture in “A Clockwork Orange”…but the wife loves it. I am now a part of Sweden. Fy fan va bra!!! We have a house full of Sweden now…

  7. b e h j a n says:

    one does not necessarily expect this 7″ to appear on a blog…cool move B-)
    It was in one 1990 cat´l. of “Throbbing Lobster” (where else ?!)
    A record easily skipped over and it suggests the band did not want to become super-stars,either -haha
    “Martial Law” sticks to my head
    Mid-tempo Punkrock without significiant high´s/down´s -as said above:
    “a (damn) solid record”

  8. Scott/San Diego says:

    Never ever heard of this scorcher before. Fucking fantastic to say the least. And your rips dude…so crisp and punchy. How the hell do you do it????? And it’s “only” 256kbps. Douh!

  9. Martin says:

    This is really great! Love the bass on Mercinaries for hire. Brand new record and band for me. You rule Peter!

  10. anonymous says:

    I carry the proud distinction of having slept with two of the three members of this band.

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