The Jumpers – S/T E.P. 7″


Hahahah, the guy with  glasses at the far right looks like my great-aunt! And the guy on the left side is almost as pretty as well! Did they just get one shot when they did their Beatles jump for the cover shot, or was this the best one? If so, I would love to see the other shots from the same session.

These guys came from the same neighbourhood as the amazing Von Gam, but that’s where the simularities ends. This is ska-flavoured mod pop that hopefully will get some comments from Japanese collectors. I will not say that it’s one of the best records from Sweden (for once), but it’s still quite catchy, especially My girl that’s got an infectious guitar and bass line.

And one last question for the girls, does your father know, that you’re running with boys in the night?

Country: Sweden
Label: Dront
Format: 7″
But I can’t see things so easy.mp3
My girl.mp3
Hang around me babe.mp3
You are a criminal guy.mp3

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10 Responses to The Jumpers – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    I really think that most Swedish records needs to be posted just cause of documentation. But boy Martin! This has to be some of the worst shit posted here ha ha :D.

  2. Senap says:

    Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing? In this case I choose to hear nothing…. And Peter nailed it already with his last sentence btw… :D

  3. Monger says:


  4. Jay Thurston says:

    Victory!!! Finally everyone is on the same page as me. Welcome aboard maties! This record is worse than the last one posted…do they get any worse?? I sure fucking hope not. Can we just melt these shit records down and make something useful out them??

  5. Peter J says:

    Why why why, but why??

  6. Martin says:

    Anyone who wants to hear their demo? It’s even better with more ska influences. Glad you guys liked this one.

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Please post it Martin. I´m sure I would LOVE to hear it. Such a great band. Makes me wanna jump every time I hear them(with a rope round my neck).

  8. elliott says:

    it’s actually really good martin. hahaha reminds me of all the posts on my blog that zach didn’t like and so i’d remind him of the post whenever i could by saying this is even better than x band! am i the only one who likes this?

  9. zach says:

    haha this is bad.

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