Badboll – Badboll Lever! E.P. 7″


Have you seen my beach ball? It’s this big!

This is the second and last release from Badboll, recorded in Iemaj’s studio and released on Parlophone thanks to Janne Andersson from Four Mandarines/ Mandarines etc who grew up in the same part of Stockholm as these guys. If you compare the look of the members on this record compared to the way looked in 1979 you can see that the white swan grew into an ugly duckling. Thankfully they could write catchy tunes to attract the opposite sex as they didn’t get an answer from Per Gessle about where to find groupies. And as the band was on a major label they got asked to open (landscapes) with Ulf Lundell who asked them what their lyrics were about, to which they honestly answered; Nothing. Not true of course as a band who’s got a song called (Hon kom inte tillbaka, fast jag bakat en) appelkaka (she didn’t come back although I’ve baked her an apple cake) had a lot of important things to educate their audience about. On the last song Sexobjekt the singer asks his girl why she only sees him as a sex object when he just wanna be friends. The poor guy just want to talk about mathematics with her, while she mumbles in his ear about wild erotics. maybe he misunderstood her when she talked about 69?

Country: Sweden
Label: Parlophone
Format: 7″
Badboll lever!.mp3
(Hon kom inte tillbaka, fast jag bakat en) appelkaka.mp3

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12 Responses to Badboll – Badboll Lever! E.P. 7″

  1. Monger says:


  2. Jay Thurston says:

    Fucking horrible! Okay…”Radio” is not that bad.

  3. Erich says:

    I like your beach ball, Martin! Extremely hot!!! Unfortunately, that cannot be said about this 7″.

  4. Peter J says:

    Excellent EP! However, it wasn´t recorded in Åsa, was it? Martin? Or is the joke on me?

    I guess you really have to understand swedish to appreciate the magic of “Hon kom inte tillbaka fast jag bakat en äppelkaka”.

  5. Erich says:

    The lyrics might be nice – the music is horribly superficial. Martin: You still need to buy new audio cables, methinks. Your rips have this humming sound before the music starts. That most likely comes from cheap cables.

  6. Knackelibrankel Fnatt says:

    Otroligt bra.
    Känns som ovanstående kommenterare inte riktigt fattat vad detta handlar om.. tråkiga typer med tråkiga uppfattningar hur rockmusik ska låta, allt ska vara enligt samma mall.

    Badboll lever – stor svensk popsingel!

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