Koro – S/T E.P. 7″


Just as Erich I kept the Koro sleeve in a NASTY hard PVC sleeve which glued the sleeve to the plastic and could never be removed again. In case I don’t want to ruin the sleeve totally. Not much to complain about since I’m never going to sell it. Luckily the vinyl wasn’t affected as was the case with the b-side of GG Allin-I Hate You, You Hate me. The GG 7″ I could easily replace, but could’ve been a little bit more difficult with the Koro 7″. My copy came without the insert so Erich was kind enough to send me some scans until I got hold of the originals.

The EP came in a box full of candy from Raunch Records out of Texas in 1986. I’ve traded about 25 copies of my band Raped Teenagers EP for a lot of stuff that I just picked out of random or cause I’ve read good reviews of ’em in MRR or Flipside: Mecht Mench, Rights of the Accused, Rebel Truth that I can think of right now and Koro. I took 2 copies of everything so my mate Packe aka The TV Eye // Drummer in Raped could have a copy too. Unfortunately I just got one extra mint one of the Koro. Sorry Pat!

There are so many great USHC 7″ from the period 80-83 so it’s really hard to pick a favorite but Koro is for sure Top 5. I can’t think of a single thing that ain’t perfect here. The production, arrangement, song length, lyrics, bas sound, guitar sound and drum sound. And what a drummer they had! Bill was his name. And as a drummer myself you can easily tell this was the HC 7″ to get inspired by together with Virus X from Articles of Faith. Ok there’s more USHC drummers, I know but when it came to technicality drumming Bill and Virus X are in a league of their own(Rhythm Pigs came later for me).

It has been posted before over and over and here you get it again. One can never get enough of Koro. That is  in case you love high quality Hardcore played with enthusiasm and that don’t fall into the trap of aping Discharge or some other HC band that was hot at the time. Non generic HC NOW!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Self Released
Format: 7″
700 Club.mp3
Selfless Johnny.mp3
It’s O.K.mp3
Dear Sirs.mp3
Acid Casualty.mp3

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  1. Erich says:

    Don’t you think that this is a sign, Peter – the two of us having the exact same problem with one of the rarest HC 7″s there is?

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    It´s a sign. A sign of two ugly men with small dicks falling for each other.

  3. Charlie M says:

    Small Dicks Falling would be a great name for a HC band but not as good as Koro. No idea what it means but this is certainly in my ‘Top 10’ too with Urban Waste, 2nd 7 Seconds EP, Comes 1st LP, Neos 2nd…too much. Faultess, timeless and hermetically perfect…..no less.
    And that 7inchpunk link leads to nasty surprise. I say nasty – I actually quite like it………………mmmmmmmmm


      ha, ya pretty much just outlined what koro means for yourself with “dicks falling”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Indeed – “Genital retraction syndrome, penis panic or penis snatching, called “koro” in Southeast Asia.”
        Penis ‘snatching’? What the…?
        The Penis Snatchers….hmmmm. Great band. Underrated.

  4. Man, I had no idea Koro means “Dicks falling”. What a great name for a band!

  5. Charlie M says:

    Indeed – “Genital retraction syndrome, penis panic or penis snatching, called “koro” in Southeast Asia.”
    Penis ‘snatching’?
    The Penis Snatchers…..hmmmmmmm. Great underrated band.

  6. Koro means “head of the turtle”. I wish I hadn’t followed the wikipedia link. I think I’m going to sell my Koro 7″ now. :-( “Head of the turtle” – c’mon!

    • Charlie M says:

      Even in a specific genital related article there’s a delicious amount of unintended innuendo……top reading.
      Penis Panic – great underrated HC band etc etc

  7. Adamski says:

    An absolutely classic E.P.! I’ve heard rumours, though, that the music was sped up in the studio.

  8. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Heard those rumors too Adamski. I highly doubt it. I could’ve been sped up a little little bit but not much cause the drums get’s a very special character as soon as you sped up the sound and I can’t hear it here. Anyone who can shed a light on this rumor?

    • Sissy Zweetsok says:

      Speeding up only shows if the pitch also goes up, otherwise a 10-20% increase is hardly noticable. Dunno if the rumors are true, but if you compare it to the speed kills album, they are significantly faster on the 7″. Also the singer is being vague about it in the liner notes. Play the album at +2 on your turntable and see what happens ;)
      That aside, who cares how they created one of the best hc records of all time, they could’ve used black hole technology for all I care.

      • Sissy Zweetsok says:

        ah yeah, what I mean is its entirely possible to speed up music without changing the pitch, so the drumsound would remain natural. These days any dodo can do it with a dj cd deck. Back in the days it was more difficult, but not out of the reach of a 1/2 decent studio.

        • Sissy Zweetsok says:

          Ok nerd alert, I tried speeding it up both with and without pitch adjustment and by now I am pretty sure the 7″ is in fect sped up haha

  9. Peter J says:

    USHC sucks!

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Why not try to be a bit more positive? Instead of writing USHC sucks, which we all know you think, you could write:”I love generic HC!”.

      • Peter J says:

        Actually its pretty funny because I think it took me something like 10 years before I understood that this record wasn´t by Japanese band Kuro, which I am not that fond of. During this time I had the opurtunity to buy this extremely rare EP a couple of times for a very reasonable amount but since I thought is was by the asian band I didn´t pick it up. On the other hand, with its currant value I would probably have sold by now anyway. A good record but definatly not worth the outragous prices people put up on Ebay.

  10. Peter J says:

    Sissy: Which FOG??

  11. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Listen to the 700 Club version over at Erichs post of the Speed Kills LP. Speed wise it’s up there with the EP.

  12. ian says:

    wow! this is the business! this really is up there with those ‘essential’ USHC releases from back in the day…was there anything efter this? Completely agree with the drumming – urgent, driving & nicely ‘busy’ in the same way that Luckys drumming is on the first circle jerks LP – stuff to light a fire under you & get yr arms flailing!

  13. hdvns says:

    Sorry about your sleeve. I never did understand why people used those harder plastic sleeves. I cut my hands on them a few times. This is a classy piece of vinyl though. And Raunch was one of the cooler record stores back in the day. SLC punks were some of the more crazed, ha, ha!


    it’s definitely sped up a little. you don’t need to do experiments to figure that out. if you compare the vocals to those of ‘speed kills’ they’re pretty high pitched on this. but yes, who gives a fuck. one of the best.

  15. Jay Thurston says:

    I gave this record away…oh well.

  16. chano says:

    I don’t give a fuck about the sped up sound. This is one of the best hc 7″ of all times!! Much in the vein of early DRI or POISON IDEA “pick your king”. Hectic & snotty & utterly GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  17. Diego says:

    lleno de propagandas el blog, que azco

  18. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Diego but that looks like spanish to me.

  19. Rich D says:

    Definately my top 5 as well. This record is perfect HC from start to finish and better played than most bands could at that point in hardcores evolution. Sick drummer, great arrangements and all the lyrical content of your fav hc bands. I have a mint copy of this I’ve been sitting on for a couple decades. From time to time I unliad stuff when the bills get too high but this one will be the last to go, if ever.

  20. jaymuss says:

    >Koro were from from KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE!!!!

  21. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    DIEgo, since you’re not a real punk rocker I have to remove your comments ha ha ha :D

  22. Pisstard says:

    So fucking good


    I hit pedestrians to this shit

  23. DÄSZ D. says:


    Got to love the short solo during Government.

    By the way, how do i get featured my music here?
    Been having trouble over that.

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