School Jerks – S/T E.P. 7″


If it wasn’t that the swastika was so closely related to nazism or that I’m such a sissy I would easily get a big fat swastika tattoo on my chest. Along with the Apple logo and the Nike swoosh the swastika is one of the most powerful and most good looking symbols/logos I can think of. The Crass logo don’t even come close here. And dude spot the swastika on the sleeve! Awesome!

From Ontario/Canada comes School Jerks who where kind enough to send me their fantastic debut 7″. Sounds like the early 80’s. You’ve heard it before. But they do have such a great feeling for it and I can’t clearly say that they try rip a certain band off though it has that early CA feel to it. Would love if the kids could just give a fuck about their influences and throw in a synth or a banjo in here. But still… it’s a great platter and you’ll get it here: School Jerks at Myspace.

Country: Canada
Year: 2008
Label: Riff Raff
Format: 7″
Nothing Else.mp3
Passed Out.mp3

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19,170 Responses to School Jerks – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Jay Thurston says:

    I love the lyrics to “Stray”…I could not have said it better!!

  2. Erich says:

    The new conservatives’ soundtrack to boredom. Disposable.

  3. Levi Johnston says:

    As the back-to-the-land movement seems to be growing increasingly fashionable (at least with bearded men and women), I think this record would appeal even more to neo-Nueva Germanians. A lame magazine from the School Jerks’ town did a video report on the one-time Aryan community not too long ago. Evidently Canadians are attracted to such things.

  4. Diego says:

    que mierda que un blog punk tenga tanta propaganda de multinacionales.
    no entiendo para qué ganar dinero con un blog que tiene contenido punk. Demuestra ser inconsecuente quien lo lleva, una lástima.

  5. roc says:

    nice to hear what the kids are doing these days. I agree with you. This could use some banjo.

  6. stevie ray says:

    Nah, the swastika isn’t that cool. It’s either some right wing fascist symbol, or some new age hippy symbol.
    You should get the KOA campgrounds logo instead, it’s way better.

  7. Rosco P says:

    amdi petersens arme comes to mind

    • Levi Johnston says:

      Not to praise School Jerkoffs, but this might be the case if the Danes had a skater as great as Deerman of the Dark Woods–or, say, Bill Danforth, who I think Violent Ramp/Skrewdriver has already claimed.

  8. Jay Thurston says:

    I have changed my mind…I think the lyrics on the A side are much superior than the B side. Great sentimental lyrics for sure.

  9. Punk_Rock_Dad says:

    Yeah, I played the Germs for my son. This is what happens ( I guess ) when you don’t make it, ya know…IRONIC.
    F- music
    N/A- cover
    A new low.

  10. old guy says:

    i’m old and i do not approve of this.

  11. necrovore1984 says:

    Haha. Great! I’d say this sound sooo much like the Solger 7″.

  12. zach says:

    yeah i’m from ontario/canada. these guys are sick.

  13. zach says:

    they have a new 7″ out. it’s pretty good too.

  14. Dr-Detroit says:

    Love this 7″
    they will do a split tape with our group

    check it up

  15. zach says:

    i recently bought a Toronto hardcore zine called Pains #5. it has an interview with the band. here is a link to the band talking about what these songs are about:

    if anybody wants me to scan the full interview just say so. i also uploaded their second 7″ here:

  16. elliott says:

    for some reason i didn’t think very much of them when you first posted this. it took zach of hardcore punk reviews and the radio show equalizing x distort to bring my mind back to these guys. i have the demo somewhere. good shit. thanks peter. heard an interview with them. nice dudes.

  17. anarkistattak says:

    awful, the toronto scene is one of the worst. all trendy hardcore.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Like in Sweden with all these dis and dat bands.

    • zach says:

      yet you like anit-cimex? Toronto scene is great. sadly one of the best bands in it are calling it a quits, Brutal Knights. no way is BK trendy hardcore. School Jerks are a great band too and are releasing a new 7″ anytime now.

  18. zach says:

    their new 7″ is out on Cowabunga. 100 on clear vinyl and they are down to 7 left of the clear vinyl left. so if you’re into the limited colour stuff, jump on it quicktime. if not, i’m sure they have many black vinyl ones left. while you’re at it, pick up the new Slobs record. they are a great band too.

    Cowabunga Records:

  19. Sean says:

    They’ve got 3 45’s and an LP. All 4 releases are fuckin’ killer. Another great similar group is Culture Kids from San Francisco featuring Charlie from Charlie and The Moonhearts:

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