The Buttocks – Vom Derbsten E.P. 7″


This is a re-post from March 27th, 2006 by TV EYE // Drummer. Added more scans and new rips of all ths songs. First posted by TV EYE// Drummer.

The first time this one was posted it made NiteOwl and Peter fall deeply in love with each other and this site just oozed of sexual energy from their conversation, so hopefully a re-post will result in a couple of new marriages, all thanks to this website.

In my opinion The Buttocks is yet another proof that hardcore was a worldwide phenomenon, and a development of punk that happened everywhere simultaneously. If you think hardcore was the Americans own thing, just listen to Kill The Pigs and think again. Or ask Peter J. if it’s hardcore, and if so, is it any good as it’s not American;)
Personally I like all 4 songs, even if Nein nein nein is a personal favorite which is pretty easy to figure out as soon as the insanely driving guitar riff starts the song. What a great riff that is! And the drums kick in just perfect making the guitar riff even greater! I think I’m in love!

Original text by TV Eye // Drummer:
I violated the unwritten law to enter the shop in my hometown that sold punk outfits like t-shirts, badges, leopard-trousers etc etc. If you were a “real” punk you were forbidden to go in there…They also had a small section with vinyls and in the early 80´s i bought 1st MDC-LP, the Zmiv 7-inch and this German classic! I´m glad I broke the rule…

Country: Germany
Year: 1980
Label: Konnekschen
Format: 7″
Law and order
Army life
Kill the pigs.mp3
Nein nein nein.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Buttocks – Vom Derbsten E.P. 7″

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you post all the tracks on this record? Please?

  2. Dr. Mengle says:

    Nein Nein Nein!

  3. Gobbels says:

    Wie geths meinen Doktor?

  4. urs says:

    fuckin great early punk outfit from hamburg,more great bands from there also RAZORS(back in action,I saw there live here 2006 in switzerland in orginal line up,still fuckin great),razzia,slime,coroners,torpedo moskau,ect.

  5. NiteOwl says:


  6. NiteOwl says:

    So you expect me to donate when you don’t even post all the tracks??? This site can shut down for all I care!!!

  7. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Hey NiteOwl what is your problem? Why the hostility? Have someone asked you to come here?

    Where do you see a donate button? How much have you donated to other sites. You seem like a bitter begger that whant everything for free.

  8. NiteOwl says:

    I kicked down twenty bucks to Strange Reaction and twenty bucks to 7inch Punk. I’m an avid kbd music collector who gets a little carried away. Send me a list and I’ll buy a bunch of this tunes off you.

  9. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ok NiteOwl aka septicnecro real name Adam Wilson! have higly supscions that you want all the tracks so you can make bootlegs and selling them off at eBay. That is NOT cool when you let people BID on things that you’re having as CDRs. It could be somewhat ok if you sold them for like $5.00 and CLEARLY described that they’re boot and stop pretending they’re “fan club” issues. So you rip off all the mp3s like the Zero Boys tape from Strange Reaction like this one:

    Be truthfull to people and stop this behaviour NOW!

  10. NiteOwl says:

    You’re such an asshole!! You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!!! Do better research next time and I know the Zero Boys, you dumbass!!!
    Fuck you and this website!!

  11. NiteOwl says:

    You think you’re the KBD police??? Go fuck yourself!!!!

  12. NiteOwl says:

    The Flakes // Drummer Says:

    April 27th, 2006 at 3:34 pm
    And let’s say I post all the tracks how much would you donate? Just so I know if it’s worth the time to please you. Are you willing to buy the rest of the tracks? Let me know and we can sort something out.

    If I would have known you were gonna pull some bullshit like this, I wouldn’t have given you my email address. You’re a back stabbing scumbag!!!

  13. NiteOwl says:

    The last paragraph is what I stated, btw!

  14. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    If I don’t know what I’m talking about then why don’t you explain what I might have thought wrong of you? Back stabbing scumbag? Well I throw out assumptions since you’ve been such an ass over here complaining and moaning.

    You can say hello to Paul Mahren from me. I’m Peter Swedenhammar who drummed for Raped Teenagers.

  15. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    And by the way I don’t THINK I am the KBD police I KNOW I am the KBD police.

  16. NiteOwl says:

    So you’re saying you’re the KBD police? Well, that’s real nice that the pigs are still watching over. Thanks for throwing me under the bus!!

  17. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Why don’t you try to explain yourself then? If you think you’ve done nothing wrong then I’m all ears. But IF my assumptions are right then you are the proof that we still need the pigs. Oink oink.

    You can email me:

  18. dylan says:

    nite owl go home. what a fucking whiner.

  19. NiteOwl says:

    Hey Dylan! I am going home and you don’t have to tell me! FUCK OFF!!! IF YOUR ASS WAS ON FIRE I WOULDN’T EVEN PISS ON IT!!!

  20. dylan says:

    still whining, i see.

  21. DeNNis says:

    NiteOwl frustrated behaviour reminds me of a child who caught stealing cookies. check out all the “re-issues” the guy’ve been selling. “got this from a a mailorder can’t remeber” ha ha what a fucking joke:

    Well done Peter! we don’t need scumbags.

  22. false metal says:

    4864547627 Convicted/Crewd/5051/Half Skull CD hardcore punk kbd
    4864547221 Reactors/Modern Warfare/Lost Cause/Alcoholics kbd punk
    4863962758 Execute/Inferno/SOD/Wretched/Negazione CD kbd hardcore
    4864326524 Patriots/Target Of Demand/Pig Children/Grim kbd punk
    4863964422 Chaos Z/Daily Terror/Punkenstein/Skeptix/OHL kbd punk
    4863966052 Lama – 4×7 CD kbd punk hardcore finland kbd punk
    4863968924 Mornington Crescent-11 song tape CD kbd hardcore punk
    4864330152 Wards-Ripped Off In Boston CD punk kbd hardcore
    4864334943 COPulation CD hardcore punk black flag kbd
    4864340032 F-k Ups/Plain Jane/Teenage PhDs/Urban Assault kbd punk
    4864332667 Meathouse CD kbd hardcore punk
    4864337424 DDT/Mecht Mensch/Koro/C.I.A. CD hardcore punk kbd
    4864548620 Terminal Mind/Offenders/Sluts/Wards CD punk kbd
    4869176287 Wards-Ripped Off In Boston CD punk kbd hardcore
    4868638402 Civil Dissident/Gepopel/OHL/Confuse CD kbd hardcore
    4868640776 Collabos/Reich Orgasm/Decibelios Oi! kbd skinhead punk
    4868642256 C.I.A./76% Uncertain/Reflex From Pain/Youth Korps kbd
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    4868646796 DDT/Mecht Mensch/Koro/CIA CD kbd hardcore punk
    4868647412 Rotten To The Core/Undead/Mob/Abused CD kbd hardcore
    4868647902 Convicted/Crewd/5051/Half Skull CD kbd punk hardcore
    4868648964 No Core/Why Are We Here CD kbd hardcore punk COC thrash
    4868649788 Who Cares Comp CD kbd beach punk hardcore cheifs
    4868651422 Reactors/Modern Warfare/Lost Cause/Alcoholics kbd punk
    4868652241 F-k Ups/Plain Jane/Teenage PhDs/Urban Assault kbd punk
    4868653665 Meathouse Tape CD kbd punk hardcore minutemen JFA
    4868654563 Accused/Rejectors/RPA/Cheaters CD kbd hardcore punk
    4868655359 Eddie & The Subtitles – Discography CD kbd punk
    4868656783 N.O.T.A. – Discography CD kbd hardcore punk

    that’s just the stuff from the last 30 days :(

  23. Niteowl says:

    I’m just giving you all my humble opinion!

  24. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Your opinions seems to be well grounded and well though out ;).

  25. dhw says:

    Hey Niteowl, don’t go away mad! JUST GO AWAY!!!

  26. Renik says:

    Solch eine erstklassische deutsche Schallplatte. Auf Englisch-such a superb record from Deutschland. Truly classic German punk. The whole record is good. One of the tunes one may recognize from Bloodstains Across Germany #2.

  27. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Great memories :)! AnalOwl please come back!

  28. Erich says:

    I can’t wait for Peter J.s comments!

    Funny: Last week, I wanted to post Buttocks’ follow-up EP – until I realized that the vinyl had mysteriously cracked. Now I have a split single of sorts. :-(

  29. fred says:

    Um, you 4-ners can keep hardcore, take credit for hardcore, and run with it all you want. Only later-day punk collectors want to hear army drill sargents tell them to not drink, smoke, and “u-no”. That said, I have always dug the Buttocks!

  30. sir hake says:

    ja mick buttock war die seeligste stimme in punk bis heute ohne konkurenz hamburgs beste autentischte band wo gibt aller das is nu ma die tatsache das war 1980 ohne getüddel hart ehrlich laut fuck hamburger schule alles pabnasen gegen die buttocks in tiefer verneigung für eine tolle zeit prost da draußen in fernen land punks not dead.sir hake

  31. sir hake says:

    weg mit alfred und der bande punk rock is der herr im lande

  32. hake says:

    weg mit alfred und der bande punk rock is der herr im lande

  33. sir hake says:

    thank you for micks voice

  34. The title for this EP is not “Kill the pigs” but “Vom Derbsten”, whatever that means.

  35. Joshy A says:

    Man, I could see why people would pay for the bootlegs. This record burns!

  36. Joshy A says:

    By the way, is there any message boards anyone knows of where we can trade our records and brag about what we got? I’m looking for a place to spend too much time.

  37. Stephan from Hamburg says:

    What a great honor to find our mighty and beloved Buttocks here! The posted E.P. is their second, known as “Vom Derbsten”.
    Maybe you also should post their first same-titled E.P. It´s very funny because it´s sung in english – and people say, their english is very poor… .

    If you don´t have a copy, I would send it in as .mp3 and .jpg, just let me know!

  38. Jay Thurston says:

    This is no fun without AnalOwl…next record please.

  39. b e h j a n says:

    Erich,I think Stephane (from Hamburg) was playing in BUTTOCKS.

    • Erich says:

      That would make sense and make it understandable ;-)
      I tried to glue the broken copy of the other Buttocks 7″ I have, but the pops are just too damn loud.

  40. Peter J says:

    This is crappy Euro-hardcore as lousy as it can get. Thank god I have a nice collection of USHC-singles to give a spinn tonight.

  41. Kount Jizznack says:

    Good stuff to listen to while travelling through Deutschland. I like it.

  42. schrottvogel says:

    Sadly, after 33 years, german punk legend PVC has finally announced their last concert! If you happen to be in Berlin this Friday, be sure to be there.

    You can read more about it ab my new blog:

    (including a LOVELY rare PVC demo track from 1979 for downloading :)

  43. Buttcheese says:

    The Buttocks! GREAT name for a band, great record. Even better than my very own track Punk Bocker recorded in 1999 and never released (boo hoo) still thats probably a blessing to humanity. And if anyones interested a bocker is a tramp or bum as they say in the USA. I come from a village called Derby in England which is little more than a pimple on the arse of the world!

  44. alex says:

    The Buttocks is an very old Punk Band from Hamburg Germany anno 1977.
    This Group has made my way to Punkrock. I love them very much. they are the greatest…….
    The Song BGS GSG is called from the fucking Police :Hängt die Bullen auf und röstet ihre Schwänze>>depends on the cops and toasting their cocks…….yeah man.

  45. Wanne says:

    Has anyone already realized that BUTTOCKS’ “Nein Nein Nein” is VERY similar to the song “Bottles” from NEON, which had come out earlier??? Almost a cover version, though still a great song I grew up with!!!

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