Xterminators – S/T 7″


Same label as the uber great The Executives EP. Microwave Radiation can be heard on KBD #5 and leans toward an arty punk edge and is absolutely brilliant. To my surprise the flip Occasional Lay, which all you unlucky bastards who lives in a relation ship can relate to, is top notch too. Straight forward catchy punk rock done the way the yankees do it. And of course they do it better then most. Just ask Peter J.!

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Label: Radio Active
Format: 7″
Microwave Radiation.mp3
Occasional Lay.mp3

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  1. John says:

    One of my favorite punk records ever! Microwave Radiation is so nasty sounding. I don’t know what that “extra” instrument is but it sounds so crazy and unusual. Besides that “extra” instrument, i can’t really see what else makes you label them as “arty” because it sounds like “tradional” punk rock to me! Still, “Microwave Radiation” is “somewhat” weird sounding due to the extra instrument. Anyway, that record is a total monster! I love it! I wonder if they have any unreleased studio recordings?

  2. Jay Thurston says:

    I think someone really loved the Screamers…this is great.

  3. bryan77 says:

    simply brilliant! im so thankful for this band

  4. Joshy A says:

    I’ve always like Microwave Radiation. ‘Occasional Lay’ reminds me of The Weirdos meets The Dils or something. I loved playing Microwave for my friends off of Killed By Death 5. Anyone know of any other releases by these dudes?

  5. Peter J says:

    thAn most if you please

  6. mike says:

    this record freaking slays

  7. Tom G says:

    This was their only release. DT (aka Doug Black), the singer, lives a few blocks from me and I’ve been pals with him for 30+ years. A really good guy, still the same guy he was way back when. Unlike a lot of friends that we both lost, he’s remained healthy and is probably healthier than he was back then. He surfs regularly and we run into each other at the beach. He’ll be jazzed that you posted this. (By the way, thanks for posting it. I don’t even have a copy, I think that there was only 500 pressed…)

    • Don Juan Exit says:

      Are you Tom Griswald by any chance? I lost contact with everybody
      long time ago and I would love to contact the old gang again.

      D.T. and I wrote a bunch of song together

      • paul galindo says:

        juan, not sure if you will ever read this. im a deep fan of your music and have been talking to walter and dt lately. we have been trying to contact you. a live recording of you guys has sprung up of a show jan 25th 1979 at the skeleton club. it sounds great. songs include kill t.v., pest control, vacation in hell, empty talk and of course microwave radiation and occasional lay. also a wire cover. ive been personally trying to contact you to say thanks for the great songs and to find out the make and model of the famous synth that you used. please contact me when ever you have the time. thanks juan!

  8. Kevin Chanel says:

    Yup. Danny Ramirez. Great guy. Total Chula/NC dude, right down to the OP shirt. Hi sister Jackie was a Zeros satellite scenster, in a good way.
    Saw the Xterminators as the opeingin band a ton of times and they ALWAYS delivered. Juan was the epitome of Mexican cool. The shades. Lefty Rickenbacker, stoic stance. Awesome.

    But DT would order whisky sours from the bar. What the fuck was up with THAT? WHo DOES that?!

  9. Mathieu says:

    GREAT single ! Thanks for posting it.

  10. necrovore1984 says:

    Anyone been able to track down the 8mm movie called “Kill TV” that these guys were supposed to be in??

  11. Lou Skum says:

    There is a CD out on Peg Leg records of these guys live. It stands up to anything out today. These guys could have been contenders

  12. Monger says:

    I have this and its great…anyone got a copy of the sleeve?
    also,cant find any info on the live CD..any links?

  13. the single is available to anyone that wants it.I guess the CD too.Later

  14. Monger says:

    still no info on the CD? cant find any links to peg leg records

  15. Richard Chase says:

    What a time machine! I was in this band for a micro-second. I replaced Juan “Exit” Ruiz when he was on some temper tantrum with the band. That is Juan on the synth.

    My great friend Terry Horn had me hook up and I played a couple of shows. By that time, Wally Morocco was the drummer. After that, I moved up to LA with the late, great Evie Bibo. My god, the photos of the 45 sure brings back memories.

  16. Monger says:

    a former member stated no other studio tracks exist

  17. Anonymous says:

    If somebody who knows DT reads this, would you please tell me where
    the hell he is?

  18. Walter Lab/aka/Wally Morroco says:

    It is great to read this enthusiastic appreciation of our two old recordings . It turns out that I have an old cassette tape in need of conversion and probably near it’s archival limit which includes a recording of Kill My TV and what I think are the original recording from which the 45 vinyl was pressed. I am in touch with DT again just the last few weeks and Juan if you want to connect try me on Face Book or call 760. 449. 1123. It would be good to hear from you.

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Thanks for stopping by Walter. Would be very interested to hear the tape and hope you’re converting it. Too bad I don’t live nearby otherwise I would’ve loved to do it. In case you don’t want to send it to Sweden.

  19. Monger says:

    Cant wait to hear that tape!

  20. Jeremy says:

    Great stuff, did not have this. Huge fan of Zeros, Weirdos, actually saw the Dils and Rank & File. Great share, Thx a ton

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