Kevin Short & His Privates – Punk Strut 7″


The name and the title of this 7″ made me believe that it was a novelty record by a non-punk band trying to cash in on the sprit of 76, but from what I’ve managed to  find about them on the net (which is basicly some blog comments from mr Short himself) the band was actually quite the opposite. According to him they were a real band, and the man himself is still a punk and getting ready to do his comeback this year. I guess I believe it when I see it, but it could actually be quite fun if the rumors are true. Not too many 50+ unknown punks have made their comeback this year, for better or worse. If it don’t happen we can still strut around to this record as it’s pretty damn awesome, and in my opinion both songs are equally great, and reminds me a bit of Jilted John, but tougher.

The a-side appeared on KBD #100 that I’ve never seen as far as I can remember, but it seems to have a bunch of stuff on it that I would love to hear, so feel free to rip it or upload it if you got it.

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: EMI
Format: 7″
Punk strut.mp3
Short cut.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Kevin Short & His Privates – Punk Strut 7″

  1. Erich says:

    This must be the shittiest record ever released in great britain. :-(

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Short Cut is great while Punk Strut is totally AWESOME! Thanks for the upload Martin.

  3. Ian says:

    This is a good one!

  4. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Excellent record!

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Pie in the face punk! Excellent!

  6. Fubsy says:

    This is fucking awesome…as long as you don’t take it very seriously

  7. arne says:

    Nice post! I’ll try to post KBD#100 on within the next few days.

  8. Peter J says:

    I dunno Martin, you dont have to be a real punk to appreciate punk music and this is somewhat similar to the Zeppo and the Zepp Zepps single. Being released on a label (at the time) like EMI for sure means someone is waiting for a cash-in but I think this cool punk rock from the heart! On the other hand; a title like “Punk strut”….

  9. sir hake says:

    this is a great record for the time i think this was 1978 is a long long long time you now my english is very bad excuse please son 3.

  10. Senap says:

    Fett läskig singel! Bought it at Waidele back in the daze for 3 kr (30 pence).
    I like the cover though.

  11. Peter J says:

    för svenska kisar så är den ute på tradera nu

  12. toki wartooth says:

    this lasted 10 seconds after i riped it, terrable.

  13. Tom says:

    Any release with the line “There’s safety in numbers, there’s safety in pins” can’t be bad.

    I never heard of this before, but it’s not too bad. I hope Kevin has a good comeback!

  14. Dirk says:

    Don’t you just love band names like this? Doesn’t this vinyl start smelling bad after 30 years?

  15. Michael says:

    this rules, do they have anymore music around?

  16. DDB says:

    I am not a punk fan but can assure you that this guy does really exist, I hope he does well with his comback project…….. x

  17. b e h j a n says:

    that stunt you can hear during 0:19 to 0:20 on “PuNk Strut” made our man to compile it on KBD vol.100,i guess.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Go Kevin! Great fun

  19. Anonymous says:

    I know kevin but not his privates!

    (seriosly though i do :)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Whatever! Both sides are awesomely played. Once they start they go go go. if they r still playing lets hear more more more

  21. tania says:

    i wish you all luck, kevin…

  22. Anonymous says:

    epic music, loving shortcut :D and looking forward to seeing how the musics changed after 30 years, keep it up kevin mate

  23. Jim says:

    It’s shit but it’s good shit.

  24. tania says:

    was lucky to listen to the new stuff- really good!

  25. boots! says:

    this is great!!! now to go strut!

  26. Zulu says:

    I know for a fact that Kevin Short is making his punk film at the moment.

    Watch this space………………….

  27. richard says:

    film defo being made i am the tall guy with the fake mohican cant miss me i should be in the main fight scene in the film it was so funny , where any of you guys in it angels/punks?

    • Nix says:

      Hi….just seen the titles for the film….If you guys are in the fight scene….then I must know of you …I’m the punk girl with the white Anarchy cut off. :-). really good fun.

  28. punk 1 says:

    Yeh – I heard something was happening. Found this YouTube lnk too. So its happening

  29. Mike says:

    I was just about to post that link^^ hahaha

  30. Punk 2 says:

    seen the you tube – looks good fun – when’s it out?

  31. Punk 1 says:

    oh – just found website too

  32. Steve says:

    Does any one have the lyrics for both songs? If so email me at thanks.

  33. elliott says:

    hahahahahaha. good stuff. yeah do the punk strut. love it. lighthearted punk is cool sometimes. not gonna see that movy though. i don’t like movys unless they’re documentarys. i don’t like actors that’s all it comes down too.

  34. Mike says:

    I like it! I believe it is a pure punk. Excellent singing and playing. Good job Kevin! I’m looking forward to see the upcoming film.

  35. Actually I’m a 50+ ex-punk who never made it but I haven’t had to make a comeback as I’ve never stopped performing.

    Love this blog. Well done!

  36. Zulu says:

    hello alex this was the weirdest was looking for punk stuff for lynda and found you VULCAN

  37. anarkistattak says:

    reminds me of the song “im a punk” by australian dj? doug…. mulray?? great comedy punk songs

  38. punk 1 says:

    Heard the film won an award in the states – when’s it coming out over here? And when is the new music coming out?

  39. Victor Immature says:

    Definitely one of THEE 3 best punk 7″s EVER released – the other two being Horrorcomic ‘I Dont Mind’ and Neville Wanker’s ‘Boys On The Dole’.

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