Tripple Cripple – Rensar stan E.P. 7″


Here’s another one of those “funny” Swedish punk releases, but unlike Nobby Tafjutt band, this one actually have a few great songs.  My favourite song used to be Born to fuck after hearing it on KBD #51, but lately I’ve grown to favourize Baby I don’t mind as it’s a great power pop smasher. I think it was featured on Powerpearls #10 as that comp took the artwork from this 7″. Funbo City Rockers is a pretty decent boogie punk rocker while the rest of the songs are pretty so-so in my book. Probably pretty fun for the band at the time, but not really that fun today.

So, even if I don’t like all of the songs, I have to say that I love the photos of the band! Killer pix, especially the ones on the poster where the band seems to be playing live at a school library. The photo of the singer singing in a  very long microphone is almost as cool as the gigantic mic the singer from Horrorcomic poses with on the cover to their second 7″.

The black on the sleeve is actually not as faded as it appears on my scan, but my shitty scanner fucked it up multiple times so this was the best I could do. And yes, this one has been posted by Paul over at Girls From Tahiti before, but here you get all the scans as always, so I thought it was worth posting even if most of you guys probably probably have downloaded it already. And Paul, it’s been way too long since you posted something new!

Year: 1981
Label: Quasimodo
Format: 7″
Funbo City rockers.mp3
High heels ‘n leather.mp3
Pengarna eller trosorna!.mp3
Born to fuck.mp3
Baby I don’t mind.mp3

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11 Responses to Tripple Cripple – Rensar stan E.P. 7″

  1. Levi Johnston says:

    I’m much older than these clowns and I’m still searching for a virgin, too. Like my records, the women I find are usually used. No fan of comedy-core am I, but this record is still pretty great. I like the misspelling of “Tripple,” though since I am confined to a wheelchair, I would have preferred if the band were called Tripple Nipple. I am sure people as mentally handicapped as Jay or others with disabilities (the obvious fan base for “dis” bands) will agree with me.

    • Jay Thurston says:

      The correct terminology is “mentally challenged”, you bastard!!! As for liking this band…blech! I am not a big fan of this. Levi, you should be grateful for the tore up pussy you get…hahahaha.

  2. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Not too shabby. Funbo City Rockers, I Don’t Mind and the killer track above all Born to Fuck makes up for a good enough record definitely worth a post. Thanks Martin for letting us all finally hear this rare ity bity yellow polka dot bikini as Hitler said.

    • Martin says:

      Sank juu Peter. Not worth the $230 or something like that the G+ (!!!!!) copy was sold for at Ebay not too long ago. I’m not a mint collector in any way, but $230 for a scratched copy is just way too much for me, no matter how rare the record is.

  3. elliott says:

    great record but nobby tafjut is way better. i only wish that record came out of both speakers! this is still good though. thanks.

  4. Folkmelodi says:

    Hitler was a great guy, so is this record

  5. I guess the advertisment on this site read each post and try to figure out what add to use. In theis case “wheelchair parts and repair”. Ha ha

  6. C D S says:

    Does the cover fold over or is it 2 pieces front and back?

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