Woozy (Ass)Viper

Got a spam mail from a desperate band that sends out their crappy stuff without checking the content of the blog they´re approaching. So to be fair I here post the whole conversation:

“On 12/22/09 10:25 PM, Woozy Viper wrote:
We are a new rock ‘n’ roll band.
We want you to listen to our music.

You can download our debut album for free here:

Or you can listen on myspace or last fm:

If you like it tell a friend.
Thank you for your time.

Band name:  Woozy Viper
Genre:  Rock&  Roll
Band members:  Luke Meseke, Mitch Meseke
Location: Queens / Brooklyn
From:  Junction City, Kansas

Album name:  Woozy (Ass)Viper
Release date:  11/30/2009
Album length:  36:29
Track listing:
1.  Look Out!
2.  Rent
3.  Come Over
4.  One Of These Days
5.  Whoa Baby
6.  Dirty Rat
7.  Speaking In Tongues
8.  Alright
9.  King Kong
10.  Love Scented Candles
11.  The Switchblade Swing
12.  It’s All Over

Website: www.woozyviper.com


On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Woozy Viper wrote:
> > Fuck you.

Thinking that was creative I had to write ém back and at least say thank you so so I did:

Me: Thank you :)!

Thinking this will ending all the conversation with Woozy (Ass)Viper they wrote me back, yes I feel flattered and important:

On 12/23/09 4:15 PM, Woozy Viper wrote:
> >>
> >> And if you don’t want bands sending you music, then why the fuck does
> >> your site say this,
> >> “If you’re in a band and want to get feauterd here just get in touch!
> >> You’ll find the “contact” link further down.”???

Seeing they have a point there but still don´t seem to get what this blog focus on I wrote ém back:
Me: Sure, but what relevance does your band have to the ones posted on my blog?
Please tell me.

Now the Woozy (Ass)Viper brings out the BIG gun. They really want to make me cry and be sad during the holidays. So they send me this:

You’re stuck up.
Here’s a cover song for you…

I wrote ém back but still haven´t got an answer. But is it TRUE???? Is Punk really DEAD??? Please tell me it ain´t so :(!!

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19,170 Responses to Woozy (Ass)Viper

  1. Woozy (Ass)Viper says:

    I just wanna say that Woozy (Ass)Viper, and everyone into it, are a bunch of talentless nobodies, that are uneducated, and usually smell like Woozy (Ass)Viper. They tend to think that smelling this way is neat-o, because as I noted before, they are simply Woozy (Ass)Viper. Not that anyone besides like maybe 5 Woozy (Ass)Viper care, but a decent Woozy (Ass)Viper album hasn’t been made since 19–wait, there never was one. Eat a dick, cause lord knows you dweebs aren’t getting any pussy.

  2. Young Buck says:

    I want everybody to know that the guy who runs this site is a fucking loser. I posted a comment about 30 minutes ago about how all these dinosaur punks need to shut the fuck up because they’re out of touch and then this loser posts like 50 comments under the name “Woozy (Ass)Viper” pretending to be the band he’s talking shit about! This comment is probably going to get changed or deleted too but I hope someone reads it and sees what a fucking loser this guy is. Get a fucking life hater. 

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Define “loser”. It was Woozy (Ass)Viper aka Spunk who opened his anal pores and let it all spill out. Don´t blame me.

    How come the dinosaur punks are out of touch? Elaborate.

    How does someone “get a life”? Thought you got one as soon as you where born.

  4. Mike Danger says:

    Woozy Viper sucks. Hipstas!

  5. Lethargi says:

    If I wanted to listen to the Statler Bros. I’d listen to the Statler Bros. Fuck this shit.

  6. jimbo says:

    hasil adkins + velvet underground = sounds good to me. haters gon hate

  7. Hell Bent says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting the link to “Woozy Viper”!!! What a great band! I found that all the songs were easy to clap along to, which is a big plus! My grandmother INSISTED I download it to her I-phone immediately so that she could have something uplifting to inspire her while she’s knitting and enjoying golf on the television. Finally something the whole household can enjoy; I’m going to make a donation to their I-tunes account right now!
    Thanks again for the link to this groundbreaking music!

  8. El Dorko says:

    The Crass cover isn’t so bad…

  9. Anonymous says:

    You got trolled.

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