Comics are fun

Added a new category to the link list: Comics. Be sure to check out the amazing Dennis Worden´s website.

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  1. Charlie M says:

    Good call. I’ve wanted to check Worden’s stuff out since I saw a review of Stickboy in Forced Exposure 20 odd years ago. Comics were a whole other addictive area of life to immerse yourself in as if vinyl wasn’t enough so I avoided it.
    FE nearly turned me though…….what a great and never-equalled mag that was.

  2. garychching says:

    Great idea, check out this great strip – Pup

    and also this video presentaiton from Scott McCloud is well worth a watch.

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Sorry Gary, your comment got stuck among the spam.

  4. Levi Johnston says:

    I look forward to the comics posts but comics have achieved such an unfortunate bourgeois respectability that it’s hard to distinguish, say, Fantagraphics’ aesthetic from that of the New Yorker. In fact today Pettibone and Panter fit in better with Manhattan’s Upper West Side than they do with LA punk rock.

    I would be especially interested in comics from Sweden.

  5. Buttcheese says:

    2000AD from UK (circs 1979 – 1984) was comix at its finest. It got a bit crappy and respectable after that!

  6. Hey, thanks for the plug and the link! Took me awhile to notice it.
    And more thanks for posting all the records and your fantastic website! My comics go all the way back to 1981, so they are as old as some of the records.

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